Michigan to wear ‘Made in March’ Adidas uniforms

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will wear a special edition Adidas uniform this March featuring ‘Wolverines’ on the front of the jersey.

Full release below with photo gallery after the jump.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The University of Michigan men’s basketball team and adidas unveiled today (Thursday, March 6) the Made in March Uniform System for the 2014 basketball postseason. The collection was created to provide the Wolverines with adidas’ most advanced uniform system and basketball apparel technology so they can take on the challenges and intense play of March.

To evoke team unity and spirit, Made in March uniforms feature the Wolverines team name across the chest, while the school’s “Go Blue” rally cry is printed on the inside collar of each jersey.

Made in March uniforms feature a functional perforated print pattern along the leg of the stretch woven short to enhance breathability and ventilation, keeping players cool as the clock winds down. Adidas’ quick-drying jersey technology found in current NBA uniforms along with ClimaCool zones on the chest, back and side move heat and moisture away from the body to keep the jersey light and dry as players sweat.

The Made in March Uniform System debuts on-court beginning with conference tournament play, and fans can grab their Made in March gear at adidas.com, at the M Den or mden.com.

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  • Narf


  • It’s really not a bad look, but I think Wolverines is too long for the front. I also am not a fan of wearing the same uniform as every other Adidas school.

    • Narf

      Every other adidas school is gonna wear a maize/blue jersey with ‘Wolverines’ on the front? That’s gonna get confusing.

      • It’s the same template.

        • Indiana_Matt

          Completely agree about the template look. I actually like the shorts a bit better than our current ones. Just wish the block M was on both sides.

        • Narf

          o rly?

    • captincork

      Wolverines is a pretty long word, it would look pretty mashed up if it was made to fit in a smaller space.

  • deSal

    too stingy with the font. I think that’s the case with the regular uni’s as well. ‘WOLVERINES’ > ‘wolverines’

  • UMHoopsFan

    Pretty much like the current ones except for the “Wolverines” and no stripes, right? I kind of like the clean look, although it’s weird with anything but “Michigan” on the unis. As long as it’s pretty much what the guys have been wearing, I’m okay with it.

  • captincork

    Putting “Wolverines” on the front is strange to me. For the amount of money DB has spent on branding over the last few years the word “Wolverine” hasn’t shown up anywhere, although I haven’t been on campus to know for sure. It seems strange that for the amount of free publicity the tournaments bring that we would go away from what we have been spending millions to promote.

    • Indiana_Matt

      Good point. And as others have said, the word is simply too long for the space provided. But overall, I like these a little better than what we currently wear. Mostly because the shorts look better.

      • captincork

        Yeah, the fade on the shorts is slightly nicer but it does look like two different short designs are posted. Aside from the obvious omision of the block M it also looks like the fade come from the front more in the picture with all of the teams.

        edit: The block M is probably on the right short. Still the fade starting point looks different.

  • brooklyn_guy

    I actually like these quite a bit. As others have said, they are similar to the current jerseys but without the striping on the sides, creating a cleaner look. I definitely prefer “Michigan” to “Wolverines” across the front, however.

    Honestly, when I saw that Adidas had designed new unis for March I felt an immediate sense of dread. The product, however, is better than I expected, particularly relative to some of the abominations Adidas has produced for the football team.

  • Mattski

    Could be lots worse; agree that the shorts may be an improvement, and that “Wolverines” doesn’t quite cut it. I guess the trick from a marketing perspective is coming up with something that doesn’t offend but is different enough that collectors and fans with ready cash feel required to obtain it.

  • Don

    If it said Michigan and had the big block M on both sides of the shorts, I’d like them more than the regular unis. I do wish we were “above” using an adidas template…think we probably deserve a unique look. All in all, I hope this is for the B1G tourney only like last year’s.

  • jakerblue

    I think it’s pretty funny that in the pic with all the teams it has two schools from Indiana that won’t be making it to the dance

  • kam

    They’re alright.

  • DingoBlue

    As with most other posters. I like the look and style of them, just not feeling the “Wolverines” on the front. I would think it would be more “unifying” to the team if they were saying “Michigan” instead.

    • kam

      I’m just curious. what makes the word “michigan” more unifying than “wolverines” The team name is Michigan Wolverines. Everyone on the team is a wolverine.. a Michigan Wolverine. also i think they put wolverines because its supposed to be unique and different than the others

      • DingoBlue

        First, this is really subjective, but when those players put on those uniforms and step onto the court on the national stage, they are representatives of the University of Michigan as an institution. That includes all the faculty, students, and alumni associated with that institution. I think it’s more unifying for those people when watching their representatives on the court to see the institution they are a part of front and center on each player’s chest. Not the name of an animal that we don’t even have a mascot for.

        This is also just something that is different with Michigan versus other schools. When I think of MSU sports, I think “Spartans” first, “Sparty” second, and “MSU” third. With Michigan (as an alumnus) I think “Michigan” first, “Go Blue” second, and “Wolverines” a distant third. Again, this is probably subjective, but Dave Brandon has done such a great job at implanting “The Brand” of Michigan everywhere in the athletics department, that suddenly labeling the players as “Wolverines” seems out of left field.

        • jemblue

          And we never use “Wolverines” on anything official – whether it’s the uniforms or the sideline of the court or the end zones of the football stadium, or our fight song, it’s always been only “Michigan.”

  • beingklauskinski

    garbanzo beans if you ask me

  • UMHoopsFan

    Question: does this mean no white jerseys for the postseason, only maize (for home)? I wouldn’t mind that.

  • JVS

    1. It beats Camo, 2. I wish Adidas actually sold the decent quality versions that they wear to the public. These 90$ versions are priced like they are high quality, but are really very poor if its the same as the premiers they made for Mitch/Glenn this year, 3. Why would they make one for Mitch to sell through Mden retail, and not for Nik. Lets see B1G player of the year or the guy who hasn’t played 10 games this year and won’t play in March? 4. I miss Nike

    • Adam

      The numbers are chosen before the season. Mitch and GR3 were the guys who spurned the NBA draft to come back. They were no brainers to have jerseys printed. That said, I have seen Stauskas jerseys being sold and I actually have one.

      • JVS

        As do i, and something I think they could have considered if they wanted to. (they also have made Irvin jersey’s mid season so they seem to have the ability to alter or add to the preseason choices)

  • Coach

    Meh… How do you answer, “Who’s your team?” Do you say, “Wolverines?” Of course not. “Meeeee-sheeee-gan.” Marketers run amok.

    • gobluemd16

      Exactly. Looks like we will be wearing these for the BTT and NCAA’s.. I don’t like it at all.

  • Dean

    Everyone here is too caught up with tradition. Not one person has given a good reason why wolverines should not be on the jersey.

    • gobluemd16

      Regardless of what it says, I don’t think it looks good. Font is too small and the word itself is too long

  • A2JD

    I’ve seen worse, like last year’s Bleed-Outs. Still, I wish Brand-on! & Adidas would revert to some better-looking unis of the past like the Fab 5-era or the Glen Rice-era. Bring back Maize at least.

  • catwomanrx

    I just hope they don’t rip as easily as the past jerseys.