Game 27: Michigan at Purdue Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt
Michigan vs Purdue_11

Michigan looks to move one game closer to its first outright Big Ten Championship since 1986 tonight as it heads on the road to face the Purdue Boilermakers.

Eric Collins and Stephen Bardo will handle broadcasting duties for the Big Ten Network, with tip off scheduled for 7 p.m. Join in the open thread before, during and after the game.

Pre-Game Reading

  • Cory

    My god that pass…..So many things could have gone wrong there.

    • kam

      ya i think it was supposed to be the play tho. spike set a screen

      • Mattski

        With Hammons out, assuming that Purdue would be keying on Stauskas.

        • countourzealous

          Levert has legit vision too.

    • MGoTweeter

      Yea I actually was not a fan of where that play was going. Such a difficult pass along with having to catch it goin away from the basket.

      • kam

        they were not expecting it though haha high risk high reward

    • Mattski

      Still don’t know how he even corralled it.

    • countourzealous

      Yet they didn’t! Mwahaha.

  • Mattski

    Glad that my daughter is old enough that she doesn’t burst into tears anymore when I go screaming around the house after these wins. Small favors.

    • JimC

      Yeah, I swear too much so the wife goes upstairs.

  • arsenal926

    @rickbozich: Only thing that could be worse for Purdue is if the Boilers had been beaten by Rick Mount’s son.

  • Cory

    This could be the game that propels Robinson to a huge March.

    • guestavo

      Should have given some of those 13 shot misses by Stauskas to GR3

      • MGoTweeter

        Not gonna get in a battle with you over this bc your hate for stauskas is obvious to everyone. While I agree that GRIII should have gotten more looks today because he was playing well, stauskas was gettin great shots. They just did not fall. He usually finishes at the rim better than anyone besides the bigs/GRIII and he missed. Still You have to take your chances with him finishing those since no one else was going to get those quality shots. Levert was totally shut down today off the dribble. GRIII is incapable of creating his own shot if he needs more than one dribble and Walton couldn’t play well enough to stay on the floor. So stauskas had to take those shots.

        • guestavo

          You told me it was just a game or two.. .going on a month now…

          Also, he doesn’t finish at the rim better than anyone

          • MGoTweeter

            Lol. Only you could look at those numbers and say that. So levert is slightly higher and the only other guys better are bigs and GRIII. Zac Irvin’s two dunks don’t really count. Plus stauskas is still 8 percent higher in effective field goal percentage.

            Beyond all that, stauskas has to shoot. Just like I defended levert when he was awful early in the year and dribbling michigan out of possessions, I will defend stauskas now. Bc the facts are michigan needs his offense to win and that means he has to have te ball and create shots for himself and others.

          • guestavo

            Nik definitely has to produce but adjusting is a huge part of the game. We need his passing to function as a team, of course, but we also have to realize when other guys are feeling it. It wasn’t his best game and their could have been more balance is all I’m saying. That’s ignoring defense…

          • Webbdog

            Youre THE ONLY who see the game As I see it!! What are the others Watching???

        • Brent Knoll

          How could anyone hate Stauskas?! He is the man! Even when he had a couple games where he struggled at least he didn’t force alot if shots like most guys would do to get it going, instead he made plays fire his teammates!

  • Guest
  • johnny9308

    Great win!!! Go blue. Hey good game, everybody played good. Freshman keep your heads up. It wasnt your night. Remember y’all frosh have save this season too

    • Mith

      Everybody played good? Not true at all. A miracle to get out with a W.

  • guestavo
  • Ben

    They were trying get a shot around the rim knowing they wouldn’t be able to foul. It was a weird way to do it but it worked.

  • sshow

    I was updating a friend on the game as he was on a plane with his phone dying. His phone died with 35secs in OT with us down one. Go Blue!

  • gobluemd16

    LOL at the people saying game over that I responded to and said they wanted to turn it off. Too bad many of us don’t quit on this team, they just needed to hit shots. That was a championship effort. Caris and Nik playing poorly, we got killed in the first half, but fought tooth and nail to come back and then win in OT. Got the win despite not playing our best, so awesome

  • jakerblue

    I don’t know if it’s just me being a homer, but I feel like even with all the fouls called on Purdue it sure seems like they got away with a ton that should have been called

  • jakerblue

    It’s amazing he was able to split the two defenders

  • jakelam2116

    Didn’t make it in the open thread tonight until now. Just want to say wow. Everything about that play was improbable. Was Lavert a QB at some point during his childhood? And what a tough finish by Robinson. Watch it frame by frame. Pretty nuts.

  • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

    Reminds of that one play against Kansas. That ridiculously athletic and weird angle layup that was so key to keeping the deficit to one possession.

    Guy is a stud athlete.

  • harmon98

    Gutsy win. GRIII dagger. J Mo was a beast tonight.