Draft Watch: Stock updates for Michigan’s sophomores

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan vs Iowa_18Four of Michigan’s five sophomores are officially on the NBA Draft radar – yes, even Caris LeVert has started to earn mention as a future pro. Here’s the latest on Nik Stauskas, Caris LeVert, Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III’s NBA Draft stock after a turbulent couple of weeks for the Wolverines.

Nik Stauskas moving toward lottery

Nik Stauskas continues to climb up NBA Mock Draft boards and is even in the top 15 according to some analysts.

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman has Stauskas projected as the No. 12 pick – ahead of names like Marcus Smart and Gary Harris – to the Bucks.

Flip Saunders could use a lights-out shooter, and Stauskas is one of the best in the country. However, he’s more than just a shooter, as he has proven this season. He has size, is athletic and is extremely adept at reading ball-scree

Goodman’s ESPN colleague Chad Ford has Stauskas in the No. 16 spot on his latest big board, updated on Tuesday, but notes that some scouts have cooled on Stauskas a bit over the last couple weeks.

DraftExpress projects Stauskas at No. 19 while NBADraft.net isn’t buying the hype, slotting the 6-foot-6 wing at No. 33.

Stauskas has a complete offensive repertoire and is earning praise as a safe pick. It’s hard to imagine his offensive skill set not translating to the next level, even if his athleticism lags behind some other prospects.

Caris LeVert on 2015 radar

Caris LeVert hasn’t generated much draft buzz to this point, but his improvement as a sophomore has opened some eyes.

DraftExpress and NBADraft.net both have LeVert projected in the 2015 Draft. NBADraft.net’s 2015 Mock Draft has LeVert slotted as a late first round pick at No. 24 while Draft Express projects LeVert in the second round at No. 47.

There’s obviously a lot of basketball to be played – Nik Stauskas wasn’t on many mock drafts before this season, now he’s a projected lottery pick – but scouts have to like LeVert’s youth (he’s almost a year younger than the typical sophomore) and his improvement over the last year.

Mixed reviews on Robinson, McGary

Michigan’s top two draft prospects heading into the season have had disappointing years for various reasons.

Glenn Robinson III is going through the second major drought of his sophomore season. He’s using a lot more possessions and is still pretty efficient, but he’s struggled in big moments and is only shooting 29% on threes.

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman still likes Robinson at the end of the first round.

The son of the “Big Dog” is frustratingly inconsistent, but he’s still blessed with tremendous athleticism. If there’s a team that can afford to roll the dice and has a guy who can help get Robinson to play hard every night, it’s Miami and LeBron James.

Most other outlets have dropped Robinson to the second round. He’s not on Chad Ford’s big board and is ranked 37th in his top 100.NBADraft.net doesn’t have Robinson on its 2014 or 2015 mock draft, and Draft Express slots Robinson at No. 35.

Mitch McGary has started light rehab, but has essentially missed the entire season. What does that mean for his draft stock? Results are all over the board:

He’s not on Jeff Goodman or Chad Ford’s latest first round mock drafts and he’s ranked 40th on Ford’s top-100. He’s projected in the 2015 Draft by NBADraft.net – in the second round. DraftExpress still projects him in the 2014 Draft at No. 31 – the first pick of the second round.

  • bballkdp

    They all need to come back and be more consistent!!!

    • kam

      You want them back.. They dont NEED to come back.. Nik could easily leave

    • Mattski

      They all need to stay through their senior years and bring us several championships!!!

  • kam

    i think 2 of the 3 stay. dont know who tho haha clearly Caris stays

    • Ben Sheler

      If we can just get one we will be very good next year. Two and we may be top 5 in the country preseason?

      • kam

        i agree with this! 1 comes back top 10.. 2 would be top 5 IMO

        • guestavo

          Even if all 3 came back, I’m not sure we are preseason top 5 but it’d be close…

          • kam

            what? i think they would easy

          • gobluemd16

            Are you serious? We are top 10-15 now and would only be losing JMo, while gaining Mitch, in addition to every player having another year of experience.

          • kam

            plus Chatman Doyle and wilson!

          • guestavo

            Arizona, UK, Kansas, Wisconsin, Syracuse, San Diego St, Duke will all have great cases

          • kam

            wisky and SDU have no chance of being ahead of us if all 3 come back.

          • guestavo

            Arizona (clear #1 imo) and Duke are clearly above us..

            San Diego St loses Xavier Thames (NPOY candidate) but brings in a 5 star and 3 top 100 players. I have them before us…

            Syracuse, Kansas and UK are in the same boat as us in seeing who declares…

            Wisconsin returns everyone and will be our stiffest competition in the B1G

            So we could be anywhere from 4th to 7th IF we return all 3 players, most importantly Mitch then tossup between Nik and Glenn

          • gobluemd16

            Wisconsin loses Brust and potentially Dekker too; Kansas will undoubtedly lose Embiid and Wiggins at the very least, one or two others possibly, too; Syracuse loses their best player (Fair) and likely Ennis; Kentucky can lose much of their starting lineup, Randle and Young at the least; we’d be ahead of SDSU most likely; probably Arizona and Duke ahead of us, I agree there. The qualifier for this entire discussion was being top 5 if all three of our sophomores returned. I don’t think there is any question if that were to happen.

          • guestavo

            You can’t expect all of those guys to leave and none of our guys to leave. Even still, the talent they have on the bench, on most of the teams I listed, dwarfs ours and they bring in better classes on average.

            Wisconsin- Dekker’s stock fell lower than Robinson. Good chance he is back.

            Kansas- Tons of talk Emblid will stay, if he doesn’t, they get top 5 player Myles Turner to go along with top 5 Kelly Oubre and Cliff Alexander.

            Syracuse- Gets Dajuan Coleman back from injury and some key transfers. Get top 40 guard Kaleb Joseph (about where MCW and Ennis were ranked) and 5 star Chris McCollough. Ennis is not a lock to leave, either.

            Kentucky- Lose Randle and Young. Return Harrison twins, Will Cauley Stein, Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee and Poythress and add Booker, Ullis, Towns and Lyles.

            It’s still pretty questionable….

  • MLaw

    Nik wants the NBA so bad, that I think he is gone almost regardless from this point. He’s shown enough to get a solid First Round grade from the committee even if particular scouts/teams don’t love him.

    GR3 is a tricky case and one that might be determined predominantly by his tournament box scores. Teams fell in love with Mitch last year over the course of about 10-15 games. With 10-15 games left this season, GR3 could make some noise and creep back into the lower 20’s. Coming back gives him another chance at consistency, but he would have to show much more skill to be at the same level he is this year.

    Mitch has to come back. Please?

    • kam

      i agree with u. i think as gone as Nik is a first rounder he’s gone, but glenn is veryyyy tricky.

  • kam

    Sooo basically Nik is mostly lottery and top 20. i cant imagine glenn leaving if he’s mid to late 2nd round but not sure. Mitch i have no clue

  • guestavo

    Nik is most likely gone. I think Glenn and Mitch are a package deal and hopefully they stay. Of course, I wouldn’t mind Glenn turning it on the rest of the way and leading us deep in the tournament and declaring.

    • Champswest

      Why are many of you calling Glenn and Mitch a package deal? Did they sign some kind of pact? Is this because they both decided to come back for this year, so they will always decide to do the same thing?

      • guestavo

        Best friends and it’s been said that they wanted to come in and leave together.

  • Indiana_Matt

    4 of 5 players from the 2012 high school class have a good chance of being drafted at some point. Wow. Spike is the Ray Jackson of this group.

  • bballkdp

    As a Michigan fan yes I want them back! You don’t need to go pro just because you can and barely play in NBA. Look at Manny Harris, could Nik beat him and have more time then he has received in the NBA. I’m just saying all these guys Nik included can come back to college and Improve their game and have Better NBA careers. So yes they all could easily leave. Not sure but I dont think any of them have the $$$ issue either.

    • kam

      i agree but u can always improve your game in the pros while making a lot of money.

    • guestavo

      Manny got hurt before the Cavs were suppose to resign him.. he will stick on a roster as soon as next year, when teams are under the cap..

    • Dyenimator

      You don’t know anything about their money situation. Stop.

      • bballkdp

        Ok. Watch Stauskas youtube videos…look at the house, family has money.

  • Coop

    All of these gentlemen could use another year, Mitch needs to improve his backTo the basket game, Glenn cannot dribble nor does he have the heart for the NBA, and Nick needs to get stronger, and he needs to improve his defense, NBA is based on one on one skill set can you guys think of the 2 guards he would get murdered by in the NBA

    • kam

      This whole glenn doesn’t have heart thing is becoming unfair.. How do we know he doesn’t have heart? maybe he just doesn’t have an all american skill set.. Its becoming a little silly everyone saying “glenn doesn’t have heart” just because he doesn’t yell and scream.

    • guestavo

      No, only the top 10-20 players in the league need one on one skillsets, everyone else plays off the ball..

  • coop

    kam, heart has nothing to do with yelling and screaming, heart on a basketball court consist of being determined, don’t want to lose mentality, i can kill who’s ever in front of me game…something the kid is missing

  • Jimm

    Where’s Spike?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • jakelam2116

    If I had to predict now…
    GONE: Nik
    BACK: GRob, McGary (package deal)

    *If Robinson gets his act together down the stretch, though, and is mentioned by any of the “experts” as a first-rounder, I’d say he and McGary join Nik.

    • Champswest

      Way to hedge your bold prediction.

  • mikey_mac

    The only thing hurting GR3’s stock, IMO, is his lousy 3PT%. It was too low last year, now it’s even worse, and not really improving. If he was at 35%+ right now, I think he would be consensus first-round still.