Recruiting Roundup: February 10th, 2014

Dylan Burkhardt

imageThe latest on Michigan basketball commitments and recruiting targets from across the country including news, scouting tidbits, video highlights and more.

Ricky Doyle

Doyle is averaging 25 points and nine rebounds per game in his senior season. His last five performances have been 35 points, 17 points, 24 points, 27 points and 30 points.

DJ Wilson

Capital Christian is 21-3 on the season and Wilson is averaging 13 points and five rebounds per game. He had 21 points in a 72-63 win over Mesa Verde and 21 points in an 89-52 win over Lindhurst last week.

Kameron Chatman

Chatman scored 20 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in a recent loss to Issaquah, but his Columbia Christian team is widely considered to be the state title favorites.

Austin Hatch

Hatch knocked down another triple and is 2-of-2 on the season.

2015 Offers

Jalen Coleman

Coleman visited Notre Dame on Saturday with his family. Coleman had 24 points in a recent 65-57 La Lumiere win.

Jalen Brunson

Brunson drew a big crowd on Friday night. Tom Izzo was watching him, Illinois brought its entire staff and Indiana also checked in on the Chicagoland point guard. Here’s footage of Brunson dropping 39 points.

Joe Henrickson writes that while Illinois was once out of the running, they made a statement on Friday.

When it comes to Jalen Brunson’s recruitment, Illinois made a statement Friday night with head coach John Groce and all three of his assistants making the trek to Lincolnshire to take in Stevenson’s showdown with Zion-Benton. While it’s true the door was previously shut, a college coaching staff isn’t going to make that type of play in the middle of its season unless,  A) the recruit is an extremely high priority, and B) in this case, the door has been slightly pushed back open again.

This much we know: the dialogue and communication between Illinois and Brunson has been re-established, which is a far cry from where this recruitment was a few weeks ago.  Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo and an assistant were on hand for Brunson’s game, along with an assistant from Indiana. Michigan has been deeply entrenched and Kansas heavily involved with the junior star.

Luke Kennard

Kennard scored 41 points in a win over Bellbrook. Watch footage of the victory below:

2015 Targets

Eric Davis

Davis plans to visit Michigan for a game soon.

Saginaw Arthur Hill coach Greg McMath is keeping tabs on Davis’ recruitment so Eric can focus on basketball. “Michigan State, Illinois, Kansas and NC State have offered.” McMath said. “Michigan, Missouri, Duke Florida and Syracuse are all showing interest.” Davis has been to a few college games this winter on unofficial visits but is not planning too many more. “I know I am going to go to a Michigan game.” Eric said. “Other than that I was at the Michigan State vs. Ohio State game and that was real cool, but mostly I am focused on my high school season.”

Davis had 23 points in a 73-52 win over Bay City Western on Friday night.

Evan Boudreaux

Michigan continues to pursue class of 2015 combo forward Evan Boudreaux. The 6-foot-8 Lake Forest native is averaging 24 points and 14 rebounds per game. Here’s an extended highlight video of Boudreaux’s season to date.

Michigan has been keeping in steady contact with Boudreaux and plans to watch one of his games soon.

Matt McQuaid

McQuaid had 18 points in a 57-53 win over the No. 3 team in Texas, South Grand Prairie. We profiled McQuaid’s growing Michigan interest here. 52e3520dd9d49.preview-300[1]

Henry Ellenson

Ellenson visited Northwestern and Wisconsin over the weekend.  Ellenson had 16 points in a 19 point win on Tuesday and recently racked up a career high 39 points and 21 rebounds in a 90-70 win over Big Rivers.

Carlton Bragg

Bragg is still hearing from Michigan and the Wolverines have been making a push. Bragg is currently sidelined with a broken toe.

PJ Dozier

Dozier suffered a torn ACL before the season started, but his recruitment is still hot. North Carolina, Kansas, Ohio State, Clemson, South Carolina, Michigan and Indiana continue to be some of the primary schools involved with the five-star.

2016 Targets

Derryck Thornton Jr.

Derryck Thornton Jr., one of Michigan’s top point guard targets, has played well with Findlay Prep this season. Watch footage in the embedded media player below.

Cassius Winston

Winston had 17 points in a 63-58 upset loss to De La Salle. Here are some winter highlights of Winston in action.

  • gobluemd16

    Yup, Jalen Brunson. Just love his game. As I’ve said, he is my first pick of all of our possible recruits.

    • bballkdp

      It all comes down to what the coaches want and who they recruit. I trust all the coaches. Michigan can’t rely on the 2016 class if they dont land a PG in 2015. Who is to say any of the 2016 PG kids will even come to Michigan??? What if they all pick another school and they end up with some 2 star kid like a Spike or a Stu Douglas for example…I’m sorry but that doesnt get it done. Brunson is highly thought of for a reason, plus he’s from the Chicagoland. Since he’s close going to try to make it to a game or 2 by end of season

  • Chris De Sana

    Brunsen looks like a longer Trey Burke with his ability to get into the paint and finish at the rim.

    • Mattski

      Not sure we need to neg each other when we simply disagree. . .

  • guestavo

    Evan Bodreaux looks like Max Beilfeldt.

    Brunson coming here would set us back a couple of years (do we really need more laterally deficient short guards?) More Dozier, Kennard, Davis, Coleman and McQuaid, please. Also, McQuaid’s top 50 teammate Grandstaff has been begging for your attention, Beilein.

    Ellenson and Bragg are pipe dreams.

    • So landing one of the top 3 point guards in the class would ‘set us back a couple of years’?

      Some of you guys have lost it.

      • guestavo

        He is a great player but how does he fit? Do we need another PG when we have two on our roster that will be around? Can anyone say what they’ve liked what they have seen from our Walton/Spike backcourt? He is skilled on offense but after the past couple of games, should we really be clamoring for guys with bad foot speed and lateral quickness? Plus, we’re in on so many great 2016 PGs…

        • DoubES

          If the proclivity of our PGs to develop rapidly and leave early is any indication, yes we need a PG in the 2015 class. If you wait until 2016, Walton would need to be around for his senior year if you want to avoid having a freshman as the only PG on the roster.

          Also, Walton will likely become excellent in time. He is a freshman so he obviously needs some time for seasoning. Waiting until 2016 increases the likelihood of again having to rely on a young PG, which is a cycle I would love to stop.

          • guestavo

            Go to and go look up the number of 6 foot PGs who left early and got drafted. Walton is a 4 year player. People seemingly think we’re “PG U” when there isn’t any kind of sample size to support that…

          • David DeMember

            …Just as rare as freshman point guards who win championships. This is college, not the NBA, we run a 4 guard offense. Plus, Beilien likes to have 2 PGs on the floor at the same time, that’s essentially the basis of his offense. There’s a solid chance Levert and Stauskus are both gone after next year if not earlier.

          • guestavo

            We’ve only run 2 PG offense routinely at one point and that was with one of UMs greatest players ever in Trey Burke along with Spike. We’ve seen the disaster that Walton and Spike are when they play together. So if Levert and Stauskas are leaving why not replace them with comboguards and big wings? Why trade size and versatility for a short PG?

          • David DeMember

            Levert and Stauskus are playing secondary PG consistently and initiating plays and offense all the time. Stauskus is now being guarded by point guards. And btw, to say we’re not “PG U” yet may be partially right, but we’re well on our way. What do you want out of a PG more than anything else? Low turnover rate, which we have consistently done for a while now. I’m gonna trust the HOF caliber coach here, thanks for the opinion though.

          • guestavo

            You just typed up a bunch of drivel that countered none of my points. You responded to something I wrote, not sure why you’d think I care if you don’t like my opinion?

          • David DeMember

            Haters gonna hate I guess. It seems like you popped up on these boards this season with an insatiable need to be “right” about opinions… Are you really drew sharp with a pseudonym? ;) #weareallonthesameteamholmes #goblue

          • guestavo

            How can you right about an opinion? Riddle me that? I give my opinion and if it doesn’t follow your group think then too bad.

          • bballkdp

            MICHIGAN DOESNT NEED a NBA POINT GUARD if you get the skill guys to build around him guestavo. By the time Jalen Brunson gets to any campus to any college…Freshman POINT GUARDS like Walton will be a junior, Spike will be a senior…Who else is there??? NO ONE. Yeah caris can play some point here and there but he will also be a point guard. Point Guard is almost like QB, you almost want one coming in about every year if not, every other year. Brunson would take over the PG duties after Walton leaves.

          • bballkdp

            that meant to say Caris will also be a junior and be almost out the door!

          • guestavo

            A year is enough for a PG to learn a system. The PGs in 2016 are better in a stronger class. How would we fine minutes for a freshman PG when we will have Spike-Walton-Chatman-Caris all running PnR?

          • Webbdog

            Thing is we will have Kam Chatman running the PG position. If Brunson wanted to come I would not turn him away, But I would prefer Derryck Thornton Jr., Josh and Justin Jackson!!!

    • brooklyn_guy

      Evan Bodreaux looks like Mike Brusewitz (sic?), a guy who was a damn good B1G player for four years. I will grant you that you can’t build a team full of MBs; that’s what Wisconsin seems to do and that’s one reason why their in-league success doesn’t translate to the NCAA’s. But give me one or two of those guys all day long.

      If you want to make the argument that Bodreaux doesn’t fit the way the team is being constructed for the next 4-5 years, that’s fine. But you’ll have a hard time convincing people that he is the second coming of Max Beilfeldt. Beilfeldt was a flyer, whereas Bodreaux is being heavily recruited. He will find success somewhere.

      • guestavo

        I like Beilfeldt. That was not meant as a bad comment with Donnal and Doyle on the roster along with WIlson and Chatman.

  • Chezaroo

    Trust the coaches, please! I’m sure they know what kind of players fit their system better than any of us. Aren’t you?

    • guestavo

      “Appeal to authority” Furthermore, I actually think highly of every recruit we are going after, outside of Brunson. I can’t figure out the infatuation given our current roster makeup.

      • Mattski

        It’s his height that concerns you? Clearly, a lot of people think Brunson has appeal.

        • guestavo

          His height, his lack of lateral quickness, no foot speed, no mention of defensive intensity, lack of position versatility, redundancy on our roster…

          • brooklyn_guy

            The only one of your criticisms that really concerns me is roster redundancy, and that has a way of working itself out. JB has shown himself to be quite proficient at coaching to the talents and limitations of his players. If a guy of Brunson’s caliber wants to come, you take him.

          • guestavo

            So after watching our guys get continually beat off the bounce and late on close outs, you don’t think lateral quickness and length isn’t important?

          • brooklyn_guy

            I didn’t say that at all. I think everyone here will agree that JB’s teams leave a lot to desire defensively. However, look at the guys on the current team who are getting beat; Levert and Robinson are just as culpable as Spike and Walton. In other words, length and athleticism aren’t exactly distinguishing the good defenders from the bad on this team.

            Look, I’m not proposing that UM should ignore long and athletic guys. JB has a system that works, and from a recruiting standpoint that system relies on finding skilled, team-oriented guys first and athletes second. Are you proposing that JB should back off Brunson, a consensus top 50 guy who really seems to like UM, in favor of a longer, more athletic guy who is less likely to come?

          • guestavo

            LeVert and Robinson have far fewer games where they mess up defensively than Spike or Walton or Nik or Irvin. Their DRTG bares that out to be true.

            No, I assume we have a chance with all the top 50 wings we are after but Brunson is the only one I hear about us making any movement with which is sad because he may be the least needed given what may leave for the NBA.

          • brooklyn_guy

            I’m at least with you on the topic of wing recruiting — I’m really hoping we can get at least one of Kennard, McQuaid, or Grandstaff so one of the guys has some length.That leads me to why I won’t write off Brunson so easily — it’s tough to say UM leads for any of the wings so if they can get an elite player, even a smallish PG, I say go for it.

            I think we somewhat agree that an ideal class would include a SG like Coleman, a wing (one of the guys listed above), and a big. As much as I like Brunson I agree that a PG would be a better take in ’16 to eliminate the potential logjam there (I think Walton is a 4Y guy). In the end, though, (a) JB knows best and (b) you take elite players if you can get them.

  • Ed Sasso

    Not sure if this is on the umhoops radar as yet but class of 2016 6’4″ PG Jamal Murray, MVP of the Jordan Brand Classic International game last year, is getting Michigan attention… His AAU coach (also Tyler Ennis’ father & coach) says this: “He is a Top-5 player and will prove it this summer,.. (he) has all the attributes that Tyler had in terms of running a team, his offense, he shoots it well… Syracuse, Illinois and Michigan are the ones calling the most.” The article explains why hoop heads outside of Ontario may not know of him yet… Go Blue!

  • Dr_ZC

    I, for one, am glad that JB and the coaches recruit the way they have been, because for sure, they have an eye for talent, and I don’t. Even though 5 players can be on the court at the same time, the coach knows what is needed to have in the sidelines. Of course, some players will not be happy, and that might lead to attrition. It is all part of the game. For example, If McGary stays (nobody has a crystal ball), we will have him, Donnal, Hortford and Max for sure. We have recruited Doyle and Wilson, who will demand time at the 4 or 5. We have a similar logjam among the wing players. But I would expect that as long as there are scholarships to give, JB will go after the talent he sees, and will not pass on a 5 star prospect, because *I* think he is to slow, he has no lateral speed, _insert_your_own_gripe, etc.

  • mikey_mac

    Austin Hatch with the 100% 3PT FG% on the season!