Notes, quotes from John Beilein on Big Ten teleconference


Michigan vs Iowa_21John Beilein joined other Big Ten coaches on the Big Ten coaches teleconference on Monday to recap his team’s loss to Iowa and look ahead to a tough matchup against Ohio State on Tuesday. You can read the full transcript of the call below.

Opening statement: “I was really impressed with the Iowa team we saw on Saturday. They really played the game the way it should be played. I thought they were hitting on all cylinders. And now we turn around, again on short rest, and go to Ohio State and play a team that is a terrific basketball team, terrific coaching staff, and a road game that’s tough. We just got to bounce back and do what we can do to stay in that Ohio State game better than we did at Iowa so we have a chance to win at the end.”

  • On Zak Irvin: “It’s an incredible, unique trait to have to be a high school player — every player at this level is certainly a great high school player — and then come in and have to sit and not be a starter and then come over and play like you’re a starter after sitting cold for a few minutes. He has done a great job of coming off the bench and doing a terrific job of filling in for us and helping us score points. I don’t know where we would have been at Iowa without him.”
  • On possibly switching up lineups: “No, I don’t think so. Whether the minutes will change two of three minutes at a time, it could happen just because of foul trouble, or guys are tired, or people aren’t playing well. But I don’t think there’s any consideration of changing any rotation. We’re 9-2 in the league and 17-6 overall. We just have to continue to find ways to get better and stop the offense — it is really hard to run offense when you don’t get stops. That’s where our offensive challenge is. We have to get stops so we can get out and run.”
  • On Ohio State: “Well they’ve always been a very good defensive team. They got a ton of experience. This is a team that was as close to the Final Four as we were last year. Deshaun Thomas is the only guy missing on that team. This is a team that is loaded up. They’re great. They have a great plan. Their defense is as good as anyone’s in the country and it’s difficult to beat this team anywhere, let alone in Columbus.”
  • kam

    Let’s just face it.. Irvin will never start over Glenn

    • guestavo

      Not this year but hopefully we use the 66 more so we can get more minutes out of him.

      • Mattski

        Alright, I missed the first half the other day–this is a tall lineup averaging that height? Fill me in!

        • guestavo

          Beilein put in a lineup of LeVert- Stauskas- Irvin-Robinson-Morgan and we started to make a run…

          • Mattski

            Yes, why not? Seems obvious in retrospect.

      • rlcBlue

        I’m not sure we want to use the 66 too much in Columbus. The Bucknuts are so good at pressuring the ball and so bad at half court offense that the one thing we absolutely MUST NOT DO is to turn the ball over at the top of the key, at half court, in the back court, on the inbounds… We’ve got to make them earn their baskets.

        • Chris De Sana

          There are positive and negatives in regards to using the 66 line up against OSU.

          Negative yes we lose an experienced ball handler.

          Positive is a 6ft 6 player can see over the defense and maybe throw the ball over the top as well. Which could also lead to mis-matches in the offensive zone as well.
          It will be interesting to watch the chess match unfold regarding match ups.

  • Chris

    Um Ohio St wasn’t as close to the Final Four as Michigan, because Michigan was actually in the Final Four.

  • Mattski

    “That’s where our offensive challenge is. We have to get stops so we can get out and run.” There’s a certain improvisational flow that informs the whole enterprise when they can sometimes get out on the run. . .