Game 21: Michigan at Indiana Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

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Scott Mapes

Michigan heads to Bloomington this afternoon to do something it hasn’t done much in the last quarter-century: leave Assembly Hall with a victory. The Wolverines can remain in first place and start to make up for last year’s disappointing losses against the Hoosiers.

Tip off is scheduled for 1 p.m. on CBS with Ian Eagle and Bill Raftery on the call. Join in the discussion below before, during and after the game

Pre-Game Reading:

  • MGoTweeter

    Well michigan was bound to have a poor shooting day at some point in B1G play. Plenty of chances for guys to make plays and they just didnt. Missed a bunch of bunnies in the second half and gave up at least seven points at the free throw line. Execution was not great today but players still gotta make the plays that are there at some point. Today they didnt. Take a breath, regroup, and start a new win

  • Alex

    All right we knew this was going to happen. Just too bad Iowa couldn’t take care of MSU last week. Good game to Indiana but we’ve got to learn from the tape. Have to get better and take care of Nebraska in a few days. It’s a long season and this was just one battle there will be plenty more in the coming weeks and hopefully months. I will take our current Big Ten record.

  • mstein23

    Burns me to lose to this coach and team, but we didn’t have it today, and didn’t counter their game plan on Nik very well. And Yogi was out if his mind. Gotta get up for Nebraska.

  • Joel_C

    Indiana just played themselves back onto the bubble I think

  • Dr_ZC

    Basically this was a wake up call for Nik. I just do not get it. Was he ill? He never demanded the ball, and he was totally lost in the court.

    • KG

      everyone has been riding Nik’s jock lately. He just came back down to earth. happens to everyone.

      • Joel_C

        Yeah as long as it doesn’t become another trend of not showing up in big road games like last year – got @Iowa and at @Ohio St coming up

  • Davester

    It’d have been nice if Georgetown was somehow a B1G team post-realignment this weekend.

  • tgio24

    I predicted this loss today as it was bound to happen. I was hoping we could get through IU and Nebraska with that tough stretch coming up. Now if we want to win the BIG10 were gonna have to win some TOUGH TOUGH road games.

  • guestavo

    Honestly, the loss doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact it’s against Indiana.

    • tgio24

      agreed..after last year I wanted some revenge but they have given us some tough losses lately

  • Dr_ZC

    I just do not buy the excuse that Indiana denied Nick the Ball. Sure, they can deny the pass and the handoff, but all it takes is a screen and a desire to have the ball in your hands when the chips are down, like it happened at Madison and East Lansing. We were stillin the game with less than 3 min. Execution was nonexistent. Everybody played as expected, bit Nik took a tumble.

    • MGoTweeter

      Late game nik got the ball plenty and didnt make plays. Michigan takes what the defense gives it and Indiana gave michigan plenty of opportunities outside of nik. Guys have to take better advantage.

      • kam

        Thats what I’m saying. Nik touched the ball and either passed it back or tried to drive and didn’t go anywhere.. it wasn’t like he never touched it

      • Dr_ZC

        He never looked at the basket to make a shot. With a screen he could shoot over Yogi easy. Instead, he took a bomb late at the game. I o not want to say that yogi’s success destroyed him, but he was pretty much wasted all game long.

  • guestavo

    Also, I know people want to say Walton “has arrived” but he has a ways to go defensively. Why can’t he get into the paint and kick it out like Caris?

    • kam

      Caris gets into the paint at will. He needs to keep improving on finding the open people.. He sometimes takes bad shots, but at least he attacks

  • kam

    Joe Rexrode ‏@joerexrode 8m

    MSU and U-M tied for first now.

    Crean move to put Yogi Ferrell on Nik Stauskas was a great one. Forget size, you need quickness to stop him.

    • guestavo

      BS. Gary Harris is every bit as quick and Nik lit him up. Just a bad game.

      • kam

        gary isn’t as quick as yogi..

    • Dr_ZC

      Well, it is all about recognition. Crean took a bad gamble, and he was lucky Nik did not have it. Yogi took away the driving to the basket, but heck, recognize that Nik has a 6 foot guard on him. Take him out with a screen, and let Nik settle to his 3 all game long. Then the game opens up, like every other game Michigan played in big 10.

      • Mattski

        Yeah, I’m still a little mistified. Not sure that “face guarding” is enough of an explanation. Also wonder why we could not get Nik driving to the hoop, picking up fouls if he could get the jumper going. Looking forward to the breakdown.

  • rumseyhouse

    Very disheartening performance today. Could have stolen a victory from a Indiana team that we are clearly better than. Instead we decided to play lazy defense throughout most of the game and it looked like half the team was hungover. It doesn’t take talent to be a solid defensive team, it just takes hard work and unfortunately that is something this team does not seem capable of (with the exception of a few players). If this team wants to take the next step, defensive performances like today are not acceptable. It would be nice if Beilein had the guts to hold some of his players accountable for their effort (or lack thereof) but I think we all know that won’t happen. When’s the last time he chewed out a player? It’d be nice if he would start with GRIII. What a waste of God-given athletic talent he is. It’s clear more than anything that GRIII is “afraid” of the moment and doesn’t have what it takes to be a star. Can’t wait ’til he goes pro next year and we can finally cut ties with him.

    • Mattski

      Harsh. It’s gonna give you pleasure to see him go, huh? Send us your highlight reel so that we can compare.

  • Webbdog

    Has Stauskas attempted to play a Lick of Defense yet?? You cant play defense with your hands at your side. What?? Do you think Sticking your face out at the guy is somehow suppose to stop him from doing what he wants??

  • TimgColo

    Missed opportunity, all that it is. This weekend foes to show all around the big ten, if you don’t show up with A game you’re gonna lose. Still think we have solid shot at 13-5 for conference season.

  • PV Mike

    Maybe players wet themselves today knowing Larry Bird was in the stands watching them. Some of the players are right in the Pacers late first round wheel house.

    • PacersDrew

      The Pacers traded that pick to the Suns.