Tuesday Bullets: NBA Draft, McGary’s back, 5-star planning visit

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Coach

    Of course Nik is getting attention from NBA. Numbers are very good. Consider how many ways he compares favorably with Manu Ginobili. He will have to improve on defense, but he has shown a willingness to work.

  • jkuofm27

    Is it possible all three stay? I don’t think they would want to, because of PT, but this is just such a deep draft. Stauskus has off the charts offensive skills, but he would get killed guarding NBA 2’s and 3’s right now. GRIII has the athleticism, but I don’t know that he has put all the pieces of the puzzle together yet on how he can best utilize those athletic weapons in a game. McGary has NBA readiness based on body, but if he is seen as a late first rounder to early second rounder I would assume he comes back to prove otherwise.

    • mazs

      and yet again (like last year with Timmy), we get the refrain that the players we love aren’t ready for the NBA. Suddenly everyone in the NBA is Durant or James. Not only is it self-serving (in the ‘wouldn’t be great for Michigan if they came back”), but it suggests that the scouts, coaches and GMs in the NBA don’t know how to assess talent. And in this particular case, none of our 3 stars are apparently worthy. Isn’t that convenient! I am comfortable that all 3 will get excellent advice (from Beilein among others) as to their readiness and likely draft position. Plus the possibility of injury if they return (like Mitch) may well play on their minds.

      • guestavo

        Very well said. I don’t know how people expect us to have a great year this year and not have people leave early?

        • kam

          People leaving early means we are playing well!

        • DingoBlue

          Ditto. If you aren’t expecting early entries when you’re having success, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Focus instead on the offseason improvements of the players who are very likely to come back (Irvin, Walton, LeVert, Donnal w/ one full year of str. and conditioning).

      • jkuofm27

        I appreciate the illogical rant, but Tim Hardaway was our best defender last year and according to his own head coach the only thing keeping him from more minutes is his defense. If he wasn’t ready defensively then neither is Stauskus. I just was asking a question to spark conversation, but evidently the boards have been taken over by moron fanatics as opposed to logical discussions and actual facts. See you guys at the game on Thursday “real fans.”

        • kam

          jeez calm down with the name calling

        • guestavo

          Tim wasn’t our best defender last year.

          • kam

            JB said he was.. He was our best wing defender..

          • guestavo

            Wing defender, sure. Defender, no. Individual defense in the NBA is the exception. Team Defense > can mask most players.

        • Dye

          His defense is pretty terrible. Partially, that’s scheme-related (check out Zach Lowe’s piece on the Knicks team D). His athleticism and length, which can be masked at the college level are not longer an advantage. For all that awful defense, he’s been a top 5 rookie.

          And as of now, Stauskas has better offensive skills. And if placed on a team with a better defensive philosophy, he could probably succeed at a similar level.

    • maquih

      Stauskas is ready for the NBA right now. He’s not going to start right away but as a rookie he’ll do fine. GRIII is also ready to go, he could start on weak NBA team. McGary is the one I think is most likely to do one more year, especially if he doesn’t come back at all this season.

  • Mattski

    That was an epic collapse down the stretch by Iowa. Can’t recall ever seeing a team just go 0 for almost anything during the last 15-plus of a game. Scary. Have to put that on coaching a little, no?

    • kam

      what more can the coach really do? they missed sooo many open shots.. They also missed like 20 Fts. thats on the players

      • KRN

        Simple. Use one of the FOUR timeouts you saved up until the last 5 seconds of overtime when the game was already put away to set up a play to get a FG.

        • Mattski

          Exactly. Get their attention.

    • ChathaM

      People here were citing pro-MSU officiating after Saturday’s game, and I was critical of that. But tonight, after the blatant Appling travel went uncalled (effectively a 4 point trip for MSU that should have resulted in nothing) and the clear backcourt violation that went unnoticed in OT, I’m starting to wonder.

      • Ben Sheler

        I think a lot of has to do with Izzo being a master at working the refs and media in his favor. He is just so good at it and he knows it. Can’t blame him though, it works and is within the rules.

  • Chezaroo

    Hard to believe this MSU team can win a tough road game at this juncture with Harris scoring just nine points! He only took nine shots and didn’t connect from three. What a difference from his last game. We may look back on this game as the one that was the harbinger for keeping them in the race. Things could have disintegrated quickly with another loss. As for Iowa, their perceived depth is overrated IMO, all it does is keep their “best” players from building a reliable defined rotation. Won’t be surprised at all to see them end up with 5-6 conference losses.

  • Indiana_Matt

    RIP Dave Strack. He’s way before my time but 2 Final Fours garners my respect.


    • Indiana_Matt

      Johnny Orr recently, too. I hope Frieder, Fisher, Ellerbe and Amaker are all in good health.