Michigan 80, Michigan State 75

Dylan Burkhardt


Photo by Dustin Johnston

Michigan tops Michigan State in East Lansing and moves into sole possession of first place in the Big Ten. Full coverage from East Lansing to follow. For now, celebrate below.

  • Cliff Pappe

    Beautiful win. I thought we’d come out of these past 3 games with 1 win. JB proves again he is one of the greatest coaches. He has the team playing great and in 1st place in the conference. I certainly want to see GR3 do more. He just doesn’t look like he is with it right now.

  • MGoTweeter

    Huge win on the road and against those second half refs. Really happy for those guys. I was as down in the first half as I have been all year but these guys played terrific in the second half. Lotta room to improve still considering GRIII, the bigs, and Irvin all struggled.

    • Dr_ZC

      Refs were truly annoying. They needed glasses. So many missed BLATANT calls.

      • ColinNer

        Bo Boroski in particular. Apparently he doesn’t believe in timeouts.

        • MGoTweeter

          That is the one call above all others that I don’t get. As a ref you can’t get a better angle to see a play and spike called timeout as many times as you can over the course of a second before appling put exactly one hand on the ball. Yet he ignored the timeout call and called a jump ball thanks to a reach in by appling

        • Adam

          Or fouls right before that timeout! Like the one that sent Albrecht to the floor in the first place…

  • zach

    73% of the offense from FT’s & 3’s. wow.
    also: I wonder when the last time UM made 25 FT’s in a game?

  • Dr_ZC

    This game was about the maturation of Walton. Welcome aboard Derrick.

    • kam

      I’d like to see him keep doing it. I don’t thinks he’s fully arrived but he’s certainly almost there!

    • jemblue

      I love it. I hope they enjoy those “YOU FIRED” shirts they made for just this game.

  • Tony DeMaria

    Minnesota, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Nebraska are 0-4 at home against Michigan and 39-1 against everyone else (only UNC beating MSU)

  • Richmond_Eric

    Great win, unbelievable week! GR3 like the others is a consummate team player and I am sure he is happy the team won. Michigan continues to amaze me with their team ethos amongst extreme talent that is being coached up. As an example, Zak Irvin looks happy with his role, knowing that his time will come.
    Great team character demonstrated tonight. Funny how the announcers elude to MSU missing two key players while (somewhat) ignoring the fact the UM is without its preseason AP All American.
    How about DW Jr.?Makes his free throws, continues to grow! What a team, I love watching them play.

  • kam

    Great game! Nik played well. Derrick played great.. Caris bounced back with 17. Spike played solid. Irvin and Glenn really struggled. But it seems like that every game. 2-3 players play great.As long as we can get 2-3 scoring options we will be tough to guard

    • Indiana_Matt

      Agree. Not going to have everyone playing great every game. But if we have a couple guys really on… we’re very tough.

    • arsenal926

      Not that Burke is bad option to rely on, but it seems like they’ve reached a point where there are so many scorers on this team that Michigan can have 2-3 players have a bad night and still overcome it.

  • Alex

    Thank you really struggling to speak right now. This team overcame a lot and just showed so much guts. You’ve made me and a lot of other people so proud. Way to go and Go Blue thank you so much.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    damn it feels good to wear the maize n blue…huge W…Walton with a breakout game at the right time :)
    still a long way 2 go but we have a young talented team that gets better & better each game they play

  • Mattski

    As glorious a three-game stretch as any team has put together in 24 years. . . and Beilein has done this by plucking one fantastic and lightly regarded player after another from the ranks; you can’t say enough.

    • Mattski

      regular season stretch, I should probably say. . .

  • Champswest

    Some of us have been dogging Walton for his late game free throws, but he was money tonight. Great win. Great last 8 days.

  • Ben Sheler

    Still have the kenpom update to look forward to later

  • Chazer

    Great win…..yea, I think JB and staff can coach a little!

    Great job fellas!

    DWJ on his way!

  • Indiana_Matt

    The rematch will be very interesting as they should be back to full strength by then. Can’t wait. I want to beat them with all their guys.

  • TimgColo

    Great game, had to watch in the bubble. Couldn’t believe the second half officiating, getting used to typically atrocious big ten officiating…. Michigan showed the eye of the tiger that will reap benefits in March. So excited right now!!!

  • Gordon

    I told the MSU fans at the bar not to punch any tables before I left. They did not appreciate it.