Game 13: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Mich vs Holy Cross_11
Scott Mapes

Michigan opens Big Ten play on the road tonight in Minneapolis where they will face the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Wolverines have won four straight at Williams Arena, but will be facing first-year Gopher head coach Richard Pitino for the first time.

Tip off is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. from Williams Arena with Eric Collins and Jim Jackson handling broadcasting duties for the Big Ten Network. Join in the discussion below before, during and after the game.

Pre-Game Reading

  • Richmond Eric

    Excellent win given depleted roster. I thought Horfrod was beasting it and the announcers did not even notice. Great to see Zak and Derrick grow as we watch. Derrick had a few rim outs and kept playing thru.

    To all the negative nellies, please remember theses are college kids playing their hearts out for U of M!

    Go Blue!!

  • jakelam2116

    How about Nik continuing his recent trend of playing big and rebounding? Had seven board tonight against (mostly) Austin Hollins, who is shorter but had come in boarding extremely well.

    • He had one rebound :-)

      • jakelam2116

        Oops. Somehow got boards and assists mixed up. Thought that was high. Disregard the comment completely.

      • jakelam2116

        At least he shared the ball well. Can say that.

  • Dana

    Very proud of the grit this team showed. We have to slow the penetration and Levett needs to let the game come to him but we gutted a big win out in a tough situation.

    • Dana


  • gobluemd16

    The Nebraska game (away) could be a bit tricky, but we will be pretty heavily favored in the next 3 games. Great opportunity to start 4-0 in conference and gain some big time confidence

  • Cliff Pappe

    Great, Big Ten road win. Those are the important wins in conference play. Even better to get the win when you have two of your best players out with injuries. Shout out to Indiana native, Zak Irvin. Way to represent us Michigan fans in the Hoosier state!!

  • John Billington

    Very happy with Walton tonight that last rebound he made amongst the BIGS was amazing, anytime you can have your guards rebound like that it is a plus.

  • Anthony

    Wow because Walton is not tb he’s been below average? Not many freshman are trey and Dmo only averaged 4 ppg as a freshman and look how good he was as a sophomore. Walton will get better by the way look at yogi ferrel as well he’s turned out pretty well.

  • Chris De Sana

    Well this game showed me a few things.

    First it showed that Walton has great potential, I still think we should start Caris at the point with Nik at the 2, Irvin at the 3 and GR3 at the 4. Caris getting the most minutes and split the balance between Walton and Spike.

    Second is that Walton is fearless and should get more minutes, not to mention he is one of our better on ball defenders.

    Third Horford has more game than most give him credit, if he continues to get these kind of minutes he will be the most improved player on the roster.

    • john Billington

      With Spike you go game by game if he’s hitting the three ball and dishing out assist let him play, this due to his defence on mismatchs. He needs to produce points to play because he gives up points on the other end that Walton doesn’t seem to. Do you agree?

    • john Billington

      It also has to be the worst game LeVert has played since becoming a Wolverine.

  • john Billington

    Wins like that just make a team really jell, they know they have to work hard no matter who they are playing. With the narrow victory despite the missing starters it gives the next men up confidence to play. Let’s face it from the top of the lineup to the bottom the talent is very high all the bench players need is confidence to perform.