Game 10: Arizona at Michigan Recap

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 70, Arizona 72-9
Dustin Johnston

Arizona 72, Michigan 70. Photo Gallery. Beilein presser. Player videos. Miller presser. Box Score.

The signature win that John Beilein’s young Michigan team so badly needed was right there for the taking. The Wolverines led by eight points with seven minutes to play and just had to play strong defense to ice the game down the stretch.

Caris LeVert three that would have stretched the lead to 11 points rimmed out and the wheels began to fall off. The Michigan defense, which had been pushed to the brink against Arizona’s interior length, finally collapsed. Arizona scored on its final 11 possessions of the game to turn a 58-50 Michigan lead into a 72-70 Wildcat victory. Arizona big men Brandon Ashley and Aaron Gordon dominated in the final quarter of the game and the Wolverines simply let the game slip away.

The game left Michigan, 6-4, with more questions than answers. Players were adamant to point out that a game like this wouldn’t have been close two weeks ago, insistent that they were improving, but the inability to make defensive stops down the stretch is just one of many problems facing the Wolverines through 10 games. Highly touted freshman point guard Derrick Walton was rendered ineffective and All-American big man Mitch McGary finished with just 8 points and four rebounds. The Wolverines got great performances from Glenn Robinson III (20 points on nine shots) and Caris LeVert (15 points) but it wasn’t enough.


I attributed Michigan’s first two losses to its offense – the Wolverines scored just .94 points per possession at Iowa State and .86 points per possession against Charlotte – but this the loss fell squarely on Michigan’s defense.

Michigan’s offense was effective in both halves, although the recipe for success changed. In the first half, the Wolverines were able to push the pace and get some transition buckets – both threes and dunks. That opened things up and Glenn Robinson III got going in the halfcourt with some open shots and also some great individual efforts. Arizona adjusted its defense in the second, moving Aaron Gordon to defend Robinson, and took away a lot of the action that was successful for Michigan in the first. But the Wolverines adjusted to a high ball screen and dribble drive approach that resulted in Caris LeVert and Nik Stauskas combining for 19 points and 16 of Michigan’s 21 field goal attempts in the second 20 minutes. The Wolverines had 8 assists on 14 makes in the first compared to just 1 assist on 10 made field goals in the second but were fairly consistent with halftime splits of 1.19 PPP and 1.12 PPP.

The Wolverines scored 1.16 points per possession for the game against a defense that had surrendered over a point per possession just once this season, 1.02 to Cal Poly in the season opener. That’s a very good offensive game, well beyond what should be required to win. Michigan shot 52% on twos and 47% on threes for a 58% effective field goal percentage and even got to the free throw line more often than Arizona. The Wolverines struggled with turnovers early in the game due to some helter-skelter transition play but settled down in the second half. Michigan had only six offensive rebounds on 26 misses but actually outscored Arizona 9-8 in second chance points.

Defensively, the second half was nothing short of a train wreck. Michigan’s defense held up in the first half because the Wolverines were able to force Arizona into a number of misses around the rim, especially on second chances. The Wildcats were just 7-of-21 in the paint in the first half and scored just two second chance points despite grabbing nine offensive rebounds. Arizona was 11-of-17 in the paint in the second half and the results were staggering. The Wildcats scored a blistering 1.49 points per trip in the second half compared to just .90 in the first half.

The Wolverines had no answer for Aaron Gordon or Brandon Ashley down the stretch. Both players were a combined 10-of-14 from the floor in the second half after going 5-of-13 from the floor in the first. The duo dominated around the basket as they were able to take Michigan’s big men off the dribble or overpower the Wolverines on the offensive glass.

There’s no sugar coating it: this loss hurts. Good teams win at home, especially when they are winning in the final 10 minutes of play. Michigan is now just 6-4 on the season and still has to play Stanford at the Barclays Center next Friday and Holy Cross at Crisler before Big Ten play. The Wolverines non-conference season has been a disappointing and they let a win that would have righted the ship slip away.

Michigan 70, Arizona 72-4
ustin Johnston

Player Bullets:

  • Glenn Robinson III: Robinson’s first half was nearly flawless. He scored on a classic Beilein cut to the opposite block, finished at the rim several times on difficult drives, knocked down a three in rhythm and knocked down a three off the bounce to close the first half. He finished with 20 points on 8-of-9 shooting with four rebounds and two turnovers. This was his best game of the season and something to build on against a very strong Arizona front line.
  • Caris LeVert: LeVert had some questionable defensive breakdowns early but finished with 15 points on 6-of-15 (2-5 3pt) shooting and was a difference maker in the second half. Early in the season, many wondered aloud whether his wide array of hesitation and crossover moves would work against better competition. The answer appears to be yes. LeVert still has a long way to go but he’s Michigan’s best slasher and he hit some ridiculous shots against a great Arizona interior defense.
  • Mitch McGary: McGary was just a wee bit out of control at times and never got into a rhythm. He attempted to throw a 40-foot alley-oop and airballed a 10 footer early but drew a charge to make up for his early mistakes. The four rebounds (3 offensive) are troubling in 23 minutes. Michigan players said their strategy was to have the bigs box out and the guards clean up the misses – that approach didn’t really work and McGary needs to grab more than one defensive rebound.
  • Nik Stauskas: Stauskas had 15 points on 4-of-11 shooting with six rebounds, two assists, a block and a turnover. He was aggressive in the second half with the drive but his last shot with 25 seconds left was a bit troubling. Beilein said the strategy was to go for a “quick” or call timeout and that Stauskas diverted slightly from that approach but got a “pretty good look”. I think Michigan needs a better shot in that situation.
  • Spike Albrecht: Albrecht had a couple assists for dunks and layups in the first half with dimes to Horford and McGary. He hit some huge triples but he got a little carried away in the first half with some uncharacteristic turnovers. Still, Michigan’s offense was significantly better with Albrecht on the floor. He’s a liability defensively but Michigan didn’t really have a better option with Walton struggling. There’s also no question that Albrecht loves the big moments.
  • Derrick Walton: Walton was overwhelmed against Arizona’s backcourt and that’s a troubling trend. Spike Albrecht played great but he’s not the answer for 30 minutes per night. Michigan needs Walton to play well for its long term success. Walton was 0-of-3 (0-1 3pt) from the floor and missed two tough, but makeable, shots at the rim. He finished with 1 point, 1 assist and 1 turnover in 14 minutes.
  • Jon Horford:  Horford played a great game. He made an impact around the basket with his length, blocking four shots and adding a steal, and had a big dunk over Aaron Gordon. He does a better job of contesting shots than McGary but his offensive potential still seems a bit limited. Michigan gave up 43 points with McGary on the floor (1.87 points per minute) compared to 27 points (1.59 points per minute) with Horford on the floor but the Wolverines scored 42 points with McGary on the floor compared to just 28 with Morgan on the floor.
  • Zak Irvin: Irvin was reduced to defensive replacement and only played five minutes. His one shot was a rushed three on the secondary break and it was always going to be hard for Michigan to play him at the four against Arizona’s lineup while Beilein couldn’t justify taking LeVert (38 min), Robinson (37 min) or Stauskas (38 min) off the floor for long.
  • Jordan Morgan: Morgan played three minutes and picked up a foul but not a rebound. Again, with Robinson and Horford playing well it was tough to find minutes for Morgan.
  • Plus minus stats (points per minute) for Walton/Albrecht.
    Walton: 1.36 points per minute scored, 1.71 PPM allowed
    Albrecht: 1.84 points per minute scored, 1.68 PPM allowed

    Walton was -5, Albrecht was +4

    • Chris

      Walton was struggling and our offense didn’t look great while he was on the floor. Might have to start Spike until Walton is more comfortable out there.

    • Chezaroo

      The meltdown in the last eight minutes should not take away from a very spirited effort. That was a very winnable game from a team that is still desperately trying to define roles. Questionable shot selection, and deer on headlight look from some when poise was needed. Interior defense woeful again ( at least AZ didn’t make 25+ lay ups like KU ) and in dramatic need of repair. Am not as down on Walton as some others. He needs to figure out quick that his role on THIS team is to distribute the ball, take open high % shots, and don’t turn the ball over. He is infatuated with being the next Burke, ( he’s heard it a million times ) and he does not have that scoring ability. We are going to need both PGs situationally this year to be successful. It is still worth exploring IMO, to try LeVert at the 1 ocassionally , and get some growth minutes for Irvin. He can help this team.

      • andrew

        I don’t think AZ is the best team in the nation. I thought Michigan got some good things off the high ball screen. Levert did a nice job, though he did miss open shooters on one drive to the hoop. Burke was deadly at getting into the middle and then kicking to the corner. All in all, the offense looks improved. However, I was already whining in the post game thread about defense, and I didn’t realize how bad it was at the end. They really just had no plan for what to do with ball screens late, and it was killing them. The switch should not be your default defense. I think they did a high hedge much more effectively last year. I just want them to decide on something and do it. The on ball defense also struggles. You can control the man with the ball better, trying to force him away from the screen and into help instead of just accepting the screen on you. Anyhow, the lack of plan, other than putting in Irvin to switch everything, which you should not have to do, was the biggest problem. I hope they fix it because those screens kept creating odd match ups, switches and scrambled defense. I was disappointed they didn’t get it straightened out in game.

        • Indiana_Matt

          Who do you think is the best team?

    • Nick

      Walton certainly is getting a freshman baptism against some very elite guards. Spike definitely has the spark factor and seems to get Nik good looks, which are just not quite going down yet the way we are accustomed to. Right now Spike is the better guard, but won’t second guess coach : )

    • umnyc

      Walton will get there, but I do think coach pulled the trigger on starting him a little too soon. Just adds a little more pressure on the freshman when things don’t run as smooth as they should.

  • Chris De Sana

    How many of the points scored in the last 11 possessions by Zona were in the paint and how many of them were scored after offensive rebounds?

  • gpsimms

    I love what Caris is bringing on the offensive end. But damn, for all his quickness and all the talk about his great defense, does he struggle to stay in front of his man. Nik struggled on d, too.

    I think this team *can* be nearly as good as last year, but I’m really hoping that losing all these tough games doesn’t get to the kids’ heads.

    I think Beilein is about the best coach in the country, this year will be an excellent chance for him to prove it.

    • gobluemd16

      Agree big time here. Yeah it is nice to get close and say “we will build from this loss.” And they likely will. But coming from a team that was so dominant last year, it has gotta be really hard on the players to lose so many games. 4 losses through 10 games is not a good thing at all. Looking at the B1G schedule, I cannot see us losing any less than 6 games. Winning every single other (which would mean things went perfectly) would put us at 20-10. Eek

      • Chezaroo

        It was a great tourney run last year, but we were 6-6 in our last twelve games leading up to it. That is hardly dominant IMO. This team is going to get better, and score some nice wins as the year progresses.

        • Well they were ranked in the top 10 all season and were a missed tip in away from the Big Ten title. Certainly dominant at times.

          • Chezaroo

            I guess our definition of dominance is different. Dominant teams don’t ever play .500 ball over a twelve game stretch, IMO.

          • The Big Ten last year was pretty nuts though. Even Indiana went 3-3 leading up to the NCAAs, Michigan State finished 3-4 leading up to the tournament.

            They went through a drought but they had showed the ability to be dominant in November, December, January and regained it in the NCAAs.

            Just my opinion.

          • Chezaroo

            Agree to disagree. Dominant teams to me; 1976 Indiana Hoosiers.

          • Chet

            AKA – Dominant teams come along once a decade…

          • Apparently once every 50 years. I guess there are different definitions for dominant.

          • Chezaroo

            Not sure if that was veiled sarcasm or patently overt? Last team to go undefeated ( Dominance ) was 37 years ago not 50. Alas, if last years team was considered Dominant, this years still has a shot to equal it. All they have to do is finish fourth in the league, not win the conference tournament, and go 6-6 in their last 12 conference games. All attainable goals in my opinion.

          • It was sarcasm, but I’d be surprised if a college basketball team went undefeated in the next 13 years (making 50 years).

            I said Michigan was dominant at times. I didn’t say they were a “dominant team for the entire season”. They had their flaws but they also reached a very high level early on, reached No. 1 in the country and had the best player in the country.

            The bigger point is that this year’s team isn’t at that point and going back to @gobluemd16:disqus’s original point… sitting at 6-4 has to be a shock compared to last season’s highs (I’m guessing they aren’t thinking about State College).

          • Chezaroo

            Always respect your opinion Dylan, but there was an incredible difference in last years schedule as compared to our first 10 games this year. I wonder what our record would be right now if we had played that schedule? The semantics of dominant is a taffy pull, but all true great or dominant teams “must” be able to win on the road and ultimately be evaluated on their full body of work. Cupcake home games producing a gaudy record mean nothing to me.

          • I think last year’s group beats Charlotte and Arizona. Iowa State would probably be a toss up.

            They beat true but Pitt, Kansas State, North Carolina State, Arkansas in the non-conference and they did it comfortably. That group would have blown a team like Charlotte out of the water, for example.

          • Chezaroo

            Last years team had one “true” away game, Bradley, and they struggled mightily to pull out the W. All others were neutral sites or home games. I’d much rather play in Peoria than Ames or Durham. I would have loved this years teams chances of beating KState and Pitt. on a neutral court. I believe the only ranked team we played last year before conference was an ultimately very overrated NCState team. A much, much tougher schedule this year.

          • Indiana_Matt

            All due respect, Dylan, but I agree with Chezaroo (except for his reaching back all the way to ’76 for an example of a dominant team). I recall being very thankful after the Bradley.

          • Last year’s team beats Arizona and Charlotte. If this year’s team had beaten Arizona and Charlotte, no one would be very concerned. Those are both home and neutral games, and the reason people worry about this group.

            I don’t think this year’s group wins *all* those games against Pitt, KSU, NCSU in November. All those teams were top-35 KenPom, Michigan’s top win this year is over FSU (43 KenPom).

          • Adam St Patrick

            I think a big difference was no longer having to play Big Ten teams. For most of February and early March I felt like Michigan would see a rebirth in the tournament because they are a finesse team in a full-contact league. I’d certainly like to seem them win more of the manball possessions that determine games late, beat our rivals, win the conference, and not play far less talented teams to a standstill, like they did OSU, or get swept by them like Wisconsin and Indiana last year.

            But I think that save for the odd tourney draw against a non-con defensive specialist, Michigan’s offense has the potential to feel a noticeable increase in breathing room come tourney time, and hopefully will respond well when it happens.

          • Indiana_Matt

            I agree. We were a very good team, but we weren’t dominant as I understand the term. UNLV in 1990 and 1991 and Kentucky in 1996 are what I think of when I hear dominant thrown around. Cincinnati back in the day before Kenyon Martin broke his leg. Teams that walk in and crush the competition’s soul. Most of our good conference wins we barely stole. Still loved the team. Just my opinion.

          • This argument has become ridiculous. Michigan wasn’t a dominant team last year (they were a 4 seed) but they were ranked No. 1 at one point and it was earned and they were without question one of the top 10 teams all year. The difference between that, and what this team is experiencing is very different.

          • Guest

            Sorry. I didn’t help this comment thread.

      • Stanford and Minnesota games are huge. If Michigan can win those two, they could start the Big Ten 4-0 and head to Madison with a six game winning streak. Lose at Minnesota and you start Big Ten play from behind.

        • gobluemd16

          Definitely and then we can gain some much needed confidence from winning games away from Crisler, too.

  • Adam St Patrick

    “Michigan players said their strategy was to have the bigs box out and the guards clean up the misses”

    What do you mean? By definition, if you’re boxing out you’re putting your own self in a position to get the rebound.

    • Listen to Horford’s interview.

      Sounds like they wanted the bigs to box out AZ bigs and have their guards crash the D glass because AZ guards don’t get many offensive rebounds… Not sure exactly. McConnell got the biggest OR of the game probably (after Caris failed to box him out off his own miss).

      • Adam St Patrick

        Yeah, there it is. I don’t get it, but I’m sure there’s an explanation. Definitely it would make sense to crash the boards with four or even five players on defense, but whatever the strategy was the execution wasn’t there.

        The 1:30 mark is an excellent question and Horford’s response is supportive of the idea that Michigan has to be tougher out there and play better defense. I was really enthused about the first half. Michigan’s offense was terrible but the team went in up 9, nailed the end-of-half 3, and it was all because of the defense it played. So, encouraging, in a way. Just do it for 40 minutes.

    • Chris De Sana

      Looking back that was a strategy that was used last year as well in certain games against teams known for crashing the boards.

  • umnyc

    Interesting defensive stats on horford vs. McGary. I thought horford played well today, but I feel way more comfortable with McGary in on defense. IMO horford hasn’t mastered the hedge and retreat and often picks off one of our defenders on his way back to find his man. Drives me nuts.

  • Kam

    I think we are improving.. Little improvements still need to be made. the PG position needs to improve. Caris has the tools to play better defense which he will need to do.. Glenn needs to keep attacking.

  • Wayman Britt

    Tough loss today, really needed to find a way to win. I am trying not to be pessimistic, but UM will now need to win a couple away conference games against upper Big Ten division teams just to make it in the NCAA tournament.

    • guestavo

      Is that impossible? Was that not expected in the first place?

  • Indiana_Matt

    This loss hurt as a fan. Painful. I haven’t been down for so long after a loss in a while. But I think it is because of how much improvement we showed, especially early. It was just a joy to watch the majority of the game. The late defensive issues are bad, but this was the most enjoyable game to watch. We had some really great stretches and Glenn looked like what we’ve all been hoping for. Arizona is very good. I think, in this day and age, the recipe for a very strong team is to have good and experienced upperclassmen guards and NBA quality athletic young bigs. I hate the loss because the win was within our grasp. But I love that the win was within our grasp! I agree with players that two weeks ago we wouldn’t have performed nearly as well. Who is better than Arizona right now? And we HAD THEM. Let’s just keep getting better. Hopefully we can win our next 6. Then it could get dicey for a bit. But I think we could win our last 6 before the B1G Tourney and be in nice shape for a decent seed for the dance. If we are a #5 or #6 we could still make a deep run.

  • Drew

    I think you can stop calling Mitch McGary an All American

  • Indiana_Matt

    Well, this is off topic, but I think we need to wear throwback uniforms. Fab five style. We need the big block M on the shorts. It is the missing piece. Wear them at MSU on Jan. 25 and we will get our first signature win of the year (I think we beat Iowa at home before that, but that isn’t exactly a signature win).

    • Adam St Patrick

      Fully agree. Unclear why we have these silly unis. For a school that goes on about tradition and persists on using the word maize…

  • AlwaysBlue

    Disappointing result but the game itself was good. I don’t think Michigan will ever be a dominating defensive team under JB but they have shown in the past that they can buckle down on key possessions and they showed some of that in the first half. I really think the team lacks a floor general on both ends of the court. In the past they could have a defensive breakdown and a guy like Novak, Burke or Hardaway could help them regroup or come up with a steal. Even Morgan has had his moments.

    The team needs to continue to fight through this and somebody out of Caris, Robinson or Mitch has to make up their mind that they hate to lose as much as the Novak’s and Burke’s did.

    • Fred Z in Ann Arbor

      Well said about hating to lose.

  • gobluemd16

    Not sure if I can post this but for anyone interested in re-watching all or part of the game:
    I know the game didn’t come down to that one single play, but holy f*ck that block call against McGary was horrible with 25 sec left. Let the game be decided on an actual play, that is a bail out call for any point in the game.

    • gobluemd16

      1:08:30 for anyone interested in watching that specific possession

      • David DeMember

        Wow, that was terrible… even Anthony couldn’t believe it was called. The defense was actually buckling down that possession too.

  • David DeMember

    5 minutes for Irvin…? I think LeVert needs to move to the 1 and Stuaskus to the 2 more often (Irvin 3, GR, 4). Also, I think Beilein is being over protective of McGary and his fouls. He yanks him automatically right away at the first sign of foul trouble (memories of Burke in the champ game). I think McGary needs to learn to play with foul trouble.

    Regardless, the team is getting MUCH better… AZ looks like the best team in the country and we had them. The game reminded me of last year’s IN game the way we dominated against the #1 team in the nation yet let a VERY winnable game slip away.

    They’re all learning lessons, college basketball regular season, while very exciting, is pretty much pointless these days except for conference play/championships (see: Michigan circa 2012 ;).

    • Chris De Sana

      Agree with Caris getting minutes at the point but would prefer to have Horford getting more minutes in a 2 big line up, especially against teams that are long like Zona.

  • Chris De Sana

    First being a harsh critic of GR3 offensive effort it was great to see him be more aggressive in the first half, hopefully this is a sign of things to come and he turns the corner going forward.

    Next it is hard for me to understand why a 2 big line up was not tried more often if not for the final stretch. As many have mentioned no stops in Zona’s last 11 trips? Thats horrible…..

    Last is my concern that our offense has not evolved. Why are we not feeding the post on a regular basis? With the new rule changes being more aggressive in the paint could help in so many ways. And coach simply has to find a way to use Nik and others more than just sitting at the arc waiting for his defender to have a mental breakdown.

  • Dr_ZC

    What I cannot get is the fact that we were up 6 or so points and we made no adjustments to tighten the ropes. It was clear from the flow of the game that Gr3, Jon, Mitch, Caris and perhaps Nik played well throughout the game. We knew that Arizona would make a push, and we knew that to preserve a win, we had to have a good defensive lineup to get some stops. We were getting killed in the boards. We also had to have scoring punch down the home stretch. Not sure why GR3 was not looking for his shot in the second half, but I am sure that the above 5 were the best lineup for defensive and offensive purposes. We had no flow down the stretch and the substitutions did not help us to establish anything. We did not pack the lanes and we allowed way too many points on defense. The question is why we did not use our best 5 to close the game? With 2 bigs down low and enough punch to score, we would be a lot safer to get the win.

  • JVS

    1. While the rebounding effort against Duke was more offensive given their complete lack of size, the fundamentals of boxing out and securing the ball were still quite poor here. 2. I’m still quite sensitive to both DW’s development and Coach Val’s plan, but I’m leaning more into the Caris at the 1 camp. 3. GR3 had more fire in his game than I’ve seen at any point. After his oop he was full out screaming/chest pounding. Hopefully a good sign because it looked like he was having fun, and not in his usual casual way. 4. Aaron Gordon is the real deal. All the Randle/Wiggins/Parker talk is fair, but their teams need them to do certain things due to their youth or lack of talent. Gordon just sits back plays lock up D (see Gr3 2nd half), and rises up when he’s needed on a team that is very balanced. I think as some of the others fall out of the tourney (Duke!), that he will get more and more pub and probably jump a few guys on the board, and hopefully will not be in Tuscon next December for the rematch.

  • ChathaM

    I was at the game, and it was well worth it to drive through the crap to get there. The loss hurts, but that was high level basketball in a great environment (with plenty of UA support in the building as well). It’s frustrating to lose, after leading the entire way, but that was a lot of fun, and is another plus to scheduling the way Beilein did for this season.

    UA reminds me of a NBA team. Their size is a clear factor, but the way they run their sets with patience (except for Gordon at times) and precision is what really made me think of a pro team. The way they dissected UM inside was impressive. Defensively, they have the luxury of keeping the big, athletic Gordon and Ashley on other players and allowing Johnson to guard the opponent’s best perimeter scorer (he was great shadowing Stauskas all day). Depth may be an issue (Miller only wants to play 7 guys), but they’re rock solid aside from that. I’ll definitely make a point of watching more of their games throughout the season. If Bill Walton is doing PAC12 Thursdays again, those will be entertaining nights.

    This is the best game that UM has played this season, IMO. They showed significant improvement in a few areas. I agree that the defence down the stretch could have been better, but they did force UA into 3 shot clock pinches in the 2nd half (one violation and 2 tough shots at the horn). The 1st half defence was very good, and they competed at the rim throughout (especially Horford; I agree with Dylan that Horford played a great game). They defended the BLOB well all day, which has rarely been the case in the past. Their 1-3-1 possessions were better played than in past games. Finally, they adjusted well to the UA defence in the 2nd half, where Caris was generally being guarded by the weakest player, and he continually got to the rim, and found a couple of open shooters when the defence collapsed. That extra weapon (Caris) will be a big factor for the rest of the season, I think.

    The point where the game began to turn was exactly what Dylan described. At 58-50, Caris had a wide open 3 from the left wing, missed, and UA started to score at will. If he makes that shot, the end game likely would have played out much differently.

    There’s much more reason for optimism here than pessimism. 6-4 isn’t pretty, though, and there isn’t much room for more silver lining losses. It’s time to start winning games. As some have said below, the schedule is a bit softer for the next few weeks, so rattling off a few wins in a row is doable.

  • P C

    As an Arizona fan, that was an EXCELLENT article. Kudos on the great statistical analyses. I felt Arizona was bound to lose this game as too many variables were going against it. As a fan, I will gladly take the Win as that was a hell of a place to come by one. Michigan is going to be very good come March once they get McGary in game shape and establish solid PG play. Great game and good luck the rest of the way.