Michigan picked No. 2 in Big Ten poll; McGary, Robinson Preseason All-Big Ten

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 117, Concordia 44-24Michigan was picked to finish second in the Big Ten this season at the conference’s Media Day in Chicago, Illinois. The Wolverines were picked behind unanimous conference favorites Michigan State and ahead of Ohio State.

Michigan sophomores Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III were also named to the conference Preseason All-Big Ten Team. Robinson was named to the Big Ten All-Freshman team last season while McGary was an All-NCAA Tournament selection after helping the Wolverines to the National Championship game last season.

Michigan State sophomore Gary Harris was selected as the conference’s Preseason Player of the Year.

2. Michigan
3. Ohio State

Mitch McGary, Michigan
Glenn Robinson III, Michigan
Gary Harris, Michigan State
Adreian Payne, Michigan State
Aaron Craft, Ohio State
Tim Frazier, Penn State

Gary Harris, Michigan State

  • serious

    There are 6 people on the all big-ten team? Who tied for the last spot?

    • mikey_mac

      Makes perfect sense for a 12-team conference called the Big Ten to have more than five. Our academic reputation does not stretch into counting.

  • Dr_ZC

    Gary Harris as a BTPOTY? I do not think he can hold a candle to GR3 on every aspect.

    • Kam

      almost EVERY site and analyst has Gary harris as Big ten player of the year… He is even higher on Draft boards at the moment. People just think he is better right now

      • gpsimms

        I mean, because he probably is, right? Was a force last year, and he was playing through injury.

        I’m optimistic about GR3’s improvement, and am excited to see him play (I missed the Concordia broadcast), but until I see him cross somebody over and get to the hoop off the dribble, then I’d rather have the ball in Gary Harris’ hand at winning time then GR3.

      • guestavoe

        Show me a site where Gary Harris is higher on the draft board than GR3. Heck, some draft boards have him lower than McGary.

        • Kam

          I’ve seen 3 with harris higher. just go look

          • guestavoe

            Draftexpress and NBAdraft.net are the only two you should be using. The former being the most accurate. I guess you could also make a case for ESPN, as well.

          • brian coburn

            That you think NBAdraft.net is on there shows what a joke you really are.

          • guestavoe

            Draftexpress is the most accurate consistently for the last 8 + years. Has GR3 and McGary above Harris.

            Nbadraft has been doing it longer than most mock draft sites. Has GR3 above Harris.

            Chad Ford (ESPN) has GR3 above Harris

            Nowhere reputable has GR3 below Harris. Stop it.

          • brian coburn

            NBADraft.net is run by a fan who got a great URL that wasn’t taken. Their longevity has nothing to do with their credibility. The comparisons on that site used to be notoriously bad, so much that they removed them from their archives on old profiles.

          • guestavoe

            Put a more legitimate source than ESPN or Draftexpress saying Gary Harris will go higher or than GR3 or stop it.

      • Dr_ZC

        Pound for pound, he is inferior to GR3 in almost every attribute except perhaps shooting. This, of course, does not take into account GR3’s, improvement in this aspect.