Five-star guard James Blackmon Jr. commits to Indiana

Dylan Burkhardt

081013ac[1]Class of 2014 guard James Blackmon Jr. committed to Indiana this evening live on ESPNU.

Blackmon chose to recommit to Indiana over offers from Michigan and Kentucky.

Michigan has commitments from Kameron Chatman, DJ Wilson, Ricky Doyle and Austin Hatch in the class of 2014. The Wolverines don’t have any outstanding scholarship offers in the class but are recruiting Australian combo forward Jonah Bolden.

Find a full run-down of Michigan’s class of 2014 targets on our recruiting board.

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  • Bigrange

    Well, Hoosier fans are rejoicing that they have James back. Even with out Booker or Blackmon, we’ll be ok. Can’t get a huge name every year, but we are filling important parts.

    • Worth noting that Michigan has a “big name” ranked in the same range as Booker and Blackmon in Kameron Chatman.

      • eddieben

        True. But it feels bad to go 0-2 in the same day

        • Josh Asselin

          I think 2014 players will be good players for Michigan. This season’s team is poised to do well following last year’s run. 2015 recruits hopefully will see Michigan under Coach Beilein is sustainable and thriving.

      • Bigrange

        True. I think for as long as Michigan recruited Booker and Blackmon being a Midwest player, it would have been “big”. We’ve heard a lot about these two.

        • Booker, sure. But Michigan spent a hell of a lot more time recruiting Kameron Chatman than James Blackmon Jr. Blackmon was a 2 month fling after he decommitted.

  • umgoblue525

    What a waste of time that was.

  • Wayman Britt

    Good luck to Blackmon. I think he wanted to go to UK, but chose IU after Booker decided to play at UK.

    Now the pressure is on for UM to get a top flight recruit for 2015. Time for the coaches to go after Jalen full on.

  • Chezaroo

    Good luck to both young men, I wish them well. Two names that I hope we get heavily involved for 15, Eric Davis and Perry Dozier. Let the season begin!

  • guestavoe

    Hopefully we go after Bolden. Grab Brunson/Coleman/Kennard and a bigman in 15′

    • Northern Blue

      Really want the Jalen’s. Especialy Coleman. Not that I don’t love Brunson’s game as well, just still unsure of how Walton will evolve and what the playing time situation will be like. Love hearing how good Coleman is on defensive end and also starting to find people. Already has advanced scoring moves. Need to find other post options than the two top 10 ranked guys, as they will be tough gets.

      • guestavoe

        Walton will be a junior and thus I doubt playing time will factor heavily. It might be nice to have a PG on our roster before our starting one leaves for the NBA for once lol

  • Burke_Does_Work

    I think that the most disappointment part of going 0/2 on Blackmon and Booker is that despite of the fact that we reached the championship game this year, our recruiting didn’t benefit at all. Take away the Chatman commitment and we are looking at a very weak class. Even with Chatman, it’s not as strong as I would’ve hoped. I’m also mad that Blackmon chose IU because now we’re going to have to play against him. Why would you decommit from a school, just to recommit months later? Feels like he just wanted to get the attention that comes with being a high recruit that he never got to have because of his early commitment to IU.

    • indiana.austin

      I totally agree about Blackmon wanting attention. His pops wanted him at pUKe and his mom wanted him at IU. I feel that Bookers commitment to pUKe solidified him at IU. Had Booker gone elsewhere……ya never know

      • Mattski

        Why second-guess the kid? He said he had decided very quickly, and wanted to assess all the possibilities. It often happen that a kid becomes much more sought-after and wants to test the wider waters. This is water under the bridge now, anyway; you don’t really want to spend your life resenting other kids and teams, right? pUKe? We can do better.

        • From Blackmon’s perspective… he definitely made the right decision. Think he’ll have a really good college career at Indiana. Don’t think he would have been one-and-done and could have been recruited over.

  • Northern Blue

    I think I would rather Jalen Coleman in 2015. Better balance between classes. Obviously, he is no sure thing. But I think with another really good season, we should have as good of a shot as anyone. Also, Would be nice if Bolden ended up committing to Michigan and in 2015 we only really have to worry about getting a 5 and a smaller guard or two. Bascically having Chatman full time at the 3 if we got Bolden, with great balance and depth everywhere. I see Doyle being a very solid starting center from sophomore to senior years and Donnal could also be a player. I always looked at Blackmon as a bonus anyways. Going to be an issue for UM when we match up with Indiana. Wish him luck in the nonconference schedule and in the classroom!

  • Pnickel

    Good luck to both of them!! We will be ok.

  • Kevin in GR

    While going 0-2 isn’t a good day, at least we didn’t go 0-4 like MSU and Izzo! (Losing out on Looney, Booker, Blackmon and getting removed from Alexander’s list)

    • Tommy Amaker


      • DingoBlue

        I like this.

  • jakelam2116

    Is this not an accurate picture of how the rotation could look like in 2014/15?

    PG — Walton/Spike
    SG — Lavert/Stauskas/Hatch
    SF — Irvin/Stauskas/Chatman
    PF — Donnal/Chatman/Wilson
    C — Horford/Donnal/Doyal

    With Doyal/Hatch possible redshirts. Backcourt, clearly, will be loaded even sans the four-star SGs.

    Now obviously room would have been made for Booker or Blackmon, but that backcourt is pretty loaded (especially if Lavert progresses this year like early signs are foreshadowing).

    • guestavoe

      There is no future reality where Stauskas is not a starter. I doubt JB would start Donnal over Irvin or Chatman, either.

      • Kam

        You really have no proof Nik will always be a starter

        • DingoBlue

          No proof, but a 40%+ 3 Point Shooter is hard to keep off the court.

        • He’s started almost every game of his career thus far… Don’t really see him coming off the bench.

          • Kam

            Yea because he has been the best player available to start.. If someone were head and shoulders better than him I’m sure JB wouldn’t just start him anyway

      • Kam

        and it wouldn’t shock me if Donnal started. he will be a soph. Just because Chatman is highly rated doesn’t mean he gets the start or even will be better

    • Ekpe Udoh

      Beifeldt not in there?

      • jakelam2116

        Good point. I guess throw him in the big man mix. I don’t see the rotation being more than nine, especially during Big Ten play, so I’m thinking those two redshirts are more likely (or possibly a transfer, not that a guy like Biefeldt doesn’t like playing for JB).

  • Burke_Does_Work

    I’m wondering if we would’ve landed him when he was originally supposed to make his announcement on Oct. 22nd. At that point in time, it was said to be a race between UK and Michigan, but then he went to IU over the weekend after a in-home meeting with Tom Crean. Do you guys think we ever had an advantage over IU because all of a sudden we got 3rd wheel and it was a race between UK and IU.

    • Lester Abram

      I was hoping that Crean’s post-game tantrum in Ann Arbor was effected Blackmon’s initial decision to reopen his recruitment after committing to IU.

  • Mattski

    Levert’s emergence and Walton’s clear readiness to take the reins make all of this MUCH easier to swallow.

  • Mitchigan

    I wouldn’t critique this class of ours yet. Let’s not forget some other supposedly top players we didn’t get and how we made out instead:
    2010 Class
    Casey Prather # 59 Overall (is he playing for the Knicks now??)
    Trey Ziegler# 48 Overall (would have transferred multiple times anyway)

    Instead we got unranked Tim Hardaway

    We were all sad about not getting Dom Pointer (trust me he doesn’t deserve the Sir in front of his name) also some were sad about Brandan Kearney. Last minute we picked up some guy named Trey Burke (enough said).

    Missed out on Matt Costello and DENZEL VALENTINE. I think GRob and McGary turned out pretty well…not to mention some guy named Mike who they call Spike and this skinny guy named Caris.

    Looking forward to updating in a couple of years. Go Blue!!!

    • captincork

      This is similar to my thinking. We have been developing great gaurds but they haven’t been highly recruited. These highly ranked kids may not be able to see their connection with Burke and Morris. I don’t think many can compare themselves to Morris, he is a fairly irrelevant NBA player, who, please correct me if I am wrong, was not highly coveted coming out of high school. Sure, Burke turned out to be the best player in the country but again, did not have schools flocking to him. I think these kids want to know that JB can also take care of top flight talent. He has shown that he can do that at other position on that floor but I think a year with Walton will give kids an idea of what he can do with a great 1.

      The screen in this phone is tiny. Please exuse any errors.

      • mikey_mac

        Morris was a consensus top-20 PG, and lower-end top-100 overall prospect out of HS, but not a consensus 4-star. He was certainly a big win for UM at the time!

  • JVS

    Certainly would have preferred to have gotten one of them, but pretty happy with the class, and think JB has enough raw material to keep us top 10 for the foreseeable future.

    Found the crystal ball migration from 100% UK to 50/50 in a matter of 4h pretty fascinating, especially when those gurus changing their view had to try to justify why they did. Goes to show what a crapshoot it is.

  • Webbdog

    Bring on the Bacon (Dwayne) and Eggs (Kennard/Coleman/AJ Turner)

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  • Drae

    So is that it for the class of 2014 or there a possible sleeper that UofM might slide in?

    • There’s always a possibility for a sleeper. Right now I think they’ll track Jonah Bolden (he still doesn’t have a standardized test score) and I guess Dante Exum (I’d be surprised if he doesn’t go to the NBA).

      U-M staff will keep eyes open this year though, there are always some names that come up during the season and especially in the spring. But right now I think they start to make a hard push after 2015 kids as well.

      • Drae

        although they didn’t get blackmon or booker you gotta love the fact the U of M are in on these big name kids to the very end, another solid year will contine to bring in the big name players… love the direction that Coach B and staff are taking this program…

  • gobluemd16

    Somewhat disappointing to miss out on both guys, but I am excited that the real season is right around the corner. Can’t wait to focus on the CURRENT team and players who actually want to be at Michigan and contribute to our success on the court this season.

  • mikey_mac

    Semi-off-topic: Anyone heard any news on Austin Hatch? I haven’t heard if he’s going to be playing in his senior season. I guess we’ll find that out in a few weeks when HS season begins. Love his attitude.

  • chazer

    Good luck to both of these kids. At the end of the day its all about the team and how well they play together. I like our team and the winning culture and how these young men enjoy distributing the ball. Top 20’s are great but not always successful teammates. I feel for a kid like Leslie (sp.?) from NC State, McDonald’s All American, didn’t get drafted and THJ makes the team (for now) and is getting minutes.
    It seems JB and UM over achieve with lesser talent than most schools with higher rated kids. I’ll take it, if it means the program is clean and they get better over time.
    I don’t think Booker and Blackmon thought they’d get minutes next year….tough to beat out Juniors (Nik and Caris) for PT with Irvin and Walton! Plus JB said he won’t guarantee minutes to recruits.
    Go Blue!

  • Tantafu

    What’s the status with Austin Hatch? I root for the kid and hope he can suit up and contribute. Is he going to be sidelined due to medical hardship?

  • Ardeare

    Is Blackmon a 4 star or a 5 star?