Five-star guard Devin Booker picks Kentucky

Dylan Burkhardt

devin-booker-cuts-list[1]Class of 2014 guard Devin Booker is off the board to Kentucky after committing to the Wildcats at a press conference this afternoon.

Booker picked Kentucky over Missouri, Michigan and Michigan State.

Michigan has commitments from Kameron Chatman, DJ Wilson, Ricky Doyle and Austin Hatch in the class of 2014. The Wolverines have an outstanding scholarship offer to James Blackmon Jr., who will announce tonight, and are recruiting Australian combo forward Jonah Bolden.

Find a full run-down of Michigan’s class of 2014 targets on our recruiting board.

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  • guestavoe

    lol crystal ball is a joke. All of the “experts” who were 100% sure that Blackmon Jr was a UK lock are now predicting Indiana…

    • pearlw

      I think you mean the “experts” are a joke…the crystal ball works perfectly as it always tells you where the “experts” are picking. Last night everyone was thinking UK and now they dont..crystal ball tells you exactly that. Brilliant move by 247 to come up with it.

  • David Remmler

    Well that was anticlimactic.

  • Steve2081

    If I had a 24/7 crystal ball it would have said UK dating back to
    February. He was clearly smitten with Cal from the very beginning.

    • gpsimms

      money quote to me was at one point he said he would go to the program that “showed him the most love.”

      I took some flack for saying no way booker ends up at Michigan, but really, do you ever see us pulling in a kid over Calipari if his main requirement is ‘showing the most love’?

      Not Beilein’s style, and quite frankly, I’m happy for it.

  • Brian Buck

    These kids know they was not going the start right out of the gate for Michigan , so they pick teams that will start them . We have a 5* now that’s not going to start this season .

    • Real

      Wait a minute. They can’t crack the starting lineup at UM, but they’ll start at NBA-U?

      • guestavoe

        Yes because NBA year will have a empty roster in 2014

        • Brian Buck

          That’s what I hate about UK , they always have an empty class . Michigan builds players not teams .

      • Brian Buck

        Yes with the one and done they will have a spot . that’s just my thinking . Nik will start the 2 spot if he don’t leave.

  • Bigrange

    Could Nik move to the SF spot? I could see Walton, Blackmon, Nik, Irvin, Donnel next year.

    • guestavoe

      We do have Chatman and Levert. I doubt Blackmon Jr starts over either of them. Stauskas played the 3 last year, so yes he can. Not really sure why we’d project a year out but a Walton Levert Stauskas Irvin/Chatman Horford lineup is likely.

  • section13row15

    Guaranteeing Booker transfers somewhere else in 1-2 years.

  • Justin

    I’m interested to get Dylan’s take…Who in the 2015 class do you think we are the leaders for as of right now. I think one of the Jalen’s might be there and Kennard has to at least take a harder look at UM with Blackmon and Booker likely both off to UK…Kennard is a pretty solid player… possibly better than Stauskas and we all know Stauskas is much better than Stu…

  • guestavoe

    “The history of Kentucky, coach John Calipari,” Booker said. “I’m a show-me type, and Coach Calipari showed me a lot of things he does with big guards.” LOLOLOLOLO

    • Justin

      showed him some under the table cash maybe. Who knows what’s going on…but Coach Cal is the best recruiter in the country…Clean or dirty…he is the man.