Devin Booker still mulling decision, will make return trip to Missouri

Dylan Burkhardt

booker_display_image[1]Devin Booker has completed all four official visits and plans to decide before the early signing period. He will also return to Missouri this weekend for a return visit with his father, who will be honored along with Missouri’s 1994 Big 8 Championship team.

“I can’t really base my decision on my official visits, because all of them were great,” Booker said. “I think it’s more what I’ve learned throughout the process. Because whenever you go on a visit, you always feel like that’s the place. That’s what official visits are supposed to do.

“So right now, I’m just trying to talk with my parents and try to figure this thing out soon. I want to get it done before the signing period (ends), but I’m not going to force myself.”

Booker visited both Kentucky and Michigan State on the weekend of Sept. 6-9 and went to Michigan on Oct. 5. He arrived back in Mississippi Sunday after the first of consecutive trips to Columbia, Mo., with plans to return to this weekend when his father, Melvin, is honored along with the rest of Missouri’s 1994 Big 8 championship team.

A number of published reports have stated that Booker planned to make his public verbal commitment Oct. 31, but he reiterated Monday that he has not set a date for an announcement. He added that he declined an opportunity to make his announcement live on national television.

“I want all my family from Michigan to be able to come down here, so we have to come up with a date that works for them,” Booker said. “ESPN talked to us about (broadcasting the announcement), but I decided I didn’t want to do it that way. I don’t want that pressure.”

Read more from Booker at Gulflive.

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  • Wayman Britt

    Would love Booker to join the Michigan family, but it does not look good.

  • matzio

    I really, really want this kid. He seems like another young, bright kid who Beilein could help shape. I’d love to see him in a Michigan uniform.

  • Chezaroo

    Let’s not forget how downcast everybody was leading up to the Chatman announcement. Looks like Mizzou is pulling out all the stops now. I believe Booker has been on campus double digit times. If UM is not where his heart is than I wish him well. I believe the coaches already know his preference, we’ll see.

  • jt

    Devin would be crazy to pick Mizzou, Their coach just got a 5 game suspension for this season for his transgressions at Miami. Its likely Kentucky or us.

    • geoffclarke

      (1) I’m guessing the 5-game suspension is this season? Booker won’t be in college until next season. (2) Calipari “is the only head coach to have a Final Four appearance vacated at more than one school”, and kids still seem to want to play for him, so not sure if it’s an issue recruits consider. With that said, I’m obviously biased and think everyone should want to play for Michigan over any school.

  • Kenny

    Very intriguing moment. Devin has to say good things about Missouri at the moment, it is his father’s alma mater where he will be honored next month. But as I can read him, he wants a stage bigger than what Missouri is able to provide. I believe that Kentucky leads in the race but Booker does have some worries as his relation with Cal is not nearly as comfortable as his with the Michigan staff, and he will calculate it very carefully, especially on where Blackmon will end up with. Blackmon will, too calculate very carefully on his part but I think that Booker’s decision might have less impact on Blackmon’s than the other way around. It all make sense for Booker to wait for Blackmon to make the move first.

    • Chezaroo

      Both good kids that are saying all the correct things. They have good support structures and a lot of ” institutional legacy ” knowledge to draw on. Still believe that both know exactly where they want to go, but there is nothing wrong with a little “flirting” to make you feel good.