James Blackmon Jr. sets Michigan official visit for next weekend


5969188_orig[1]James Blackmon Jr., one of Michigan’s top priorities in the class of 2014, will be taking his official visit to Ann Arbor the weekend of September 27th.

The 6-foot-4 shooter has expressed serious mutual interest in Michigan since he visited Ann Arbor and was offered a scholarship by John Beilein and his staff on August 31st. Blackmon confirmed the visit via text message.

The 6-foot-4 shooting guard originally committed to Indiana before his freshman year of high school but opted to open up his recruitment in August. John Calipari, Bill Self, Roy Williams, Tom Crean and Michigan head coach John Beilein all visited Blackmon over the past week. All of those head coaches have offered a scholarship after Kansas offered Blackmon on Tuesday.

Michigan will be Blackmon’s first official visit, he also hopes to visit Indiana, Kentucky, and possibly Kansas officially. He took unofficial visits to Michigan, Michigan State, Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana since he decommitment.

Michigan offered Blackmon on August 31st during his unofficial visit to Ann Arbor for Michigan’s college football season opener. Since then the Wolverines coaching staff has continued to push for commitments from Blackmon, Devin Booker, Kameron Chatman and Donte Grantham while also expanding their class of 2014 recruiting net.

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  • Wayman Britt

    This is a good sign that he taking an official. If Booker goes to Kentucky, I cannot see him going to UK also. It’s happen in the past, but decommitting from IU then committing again is uncommon.
    Not sure where he will go, but can you imagine how hot Crean would get if Blackmon goes to Michigan. That would really amp the rivalary between UM and IU. Jeff M. would have to watch his back.

  • Retiredat23

    This kid is phenomenal. I love his game and want him in maize and blue.

  • Kenny

    feel good on this one.

  • Fresh

    who knows if this is a factor, but he is also friends with austin hatch………..nevertheless getting the kid to take an official is obviously great and everybody knows the john beilein’s offense is made for shooters so its not all that suprising…..the staff just needs to start closing

  • mattD

    Visiting UK October 18th for Big Blue Madness, wouldn’t get my hopes on Blackmon if you read between the lines.


    • geoffclarke

      Just read the article…”[Self] told me I could come in and be a scorer right off the bat and work at being a point guard.” Just like I was saying above…I think Michigan right now might be the better developer of PG skills. But we all know he’s a scorer. Players are just wired differently, but more skills can only help.

      • Mattski

        This statement from Blackmon in the article regarding Calipari gives me pause:

        “He talked about how they take a lot of one-and-done players,” he said. “That appeals to me because it’s always been my dream to play in the NBA.” It’s that kind of world, but the player who ASSUMES that he’s gone. . .

        • jkuofm27

          Mattski: I don’t like that either. One and dones have no loyalty to the program and are a greater risk to take money and other things, because that is all they are there for anyways. (Not that I am against athlete compensation, but according to the current rules it is not good for the program)

  • Bigrange

    I’ve seen him play in person a few times and he can simply take over a game, before you know it. It would be great to see him land at Michigan, but I’m not banking on it. Beilein will have to make a great pitch to him, in order to beat out these other schools. I would sell him on being the next great scorer for UM, a player and scorer like Glen Rice, who led his team to a championship.
    Being from Indiana, I find it pretty funny to see other schools taking talent away from Crean and IU.

    • geoffclarke

      “Beilein will have to make a great pitch to him, in order to beat out these other schools. I would sell him on being the next great scorer for UM, a player and scorer like Glen Rice, who led his team to a championship.”

      He certainly could be, but another thought popped into my head that might make our pitch a little different, based on Dylan’s post down the blog, “When does Michigan take a point guard?” With PGs in consecutive classes (Albrecht in ’12 and Walton in ’13) and it at least speculated that Michigan skip a PG in ’15 because of Thornton and Winston in ’16, perhaps Blackmon can be a “combo” in ’14, with even more run at point his sophomore year, depending what Walton does? Beilein could even say, “Even if you play as a 2 at Michigan, we will develop PG skills useful for the NBA, just like we develop “3” skills with our “4”s.”

  • JVS

    Anything that pisses Tom Crean off, i’m all for

  • Mattski

    Love this guy’s game, love the authority with which he plays. Would be over the moon if we landed him. All the long waiting would have been well worth it.

  • Tyrell

    Am I the only one who saw Blackmon Jr. at the IU @ Michigan game as innocent? I highly doubt Myer told Austin Hatch to bring his friend to the game. I imagine anyone and everyone who is a fan of either team would have wanted to see that game.

    • serious

      There is absolutely no possible scenario where the visit wasn’t “innocent.” Indiana does and did not own Blackmon. He can do what he wants. Any person that viewed this differently is a delusional Hoosier fan.

      • Mattski

        I think Tyrell’s referring to the link I pasted below, which suggests that Crean saw it as anything but innocent. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t. . . but if Blackmon, Jr. was there with Hatch and Irvin, he probably did have some interaction with the M coaches. I don’t necessarily endorse the author’s view to begin with–Crean may be perfectly capable of going off in unpremeditated fashion–but that’s the thesis offered.

        • Tyrell

          Mattski you are correct. I was referring to the link, which talked about Crean exploding on Myer.

      • Tyrell


        My comments were in regard to the link posted about Crean exploding on Myer. I don’t understand how Crean could get so worked up about a kid that he recruited going to see Indiana play in Michigan – even if Blackmon sat with his friend, Austin Hatch, who happens to be a Michigan recruit.

        I also agree with you that IU does not own Blackmon and I love your last sentence too.

  • Adam

    Cincinnati has picked up two 4 star basketball players this week, and here is some news on the last major target for Cincinnati, Donte Grantham.

    “Clark was joined on his visit by 4 star combo forward Donte Grantham, and with his decision out of the way he hopes to add one more piece to the Cincinnati class of 2014.

    “We talked a lot while we were up there,” Clark said. “I’m pretty sure he’ll probably come. I didn’t really ask him, but I know he liked it and his mom really liked it compared to the last visit he went on. I’m pretty confident that we can get him too.”


    • Tyrell


      Do you think Clark, “I know he liked it and his mom really liked it compared to the last visit he went on” is referring to Michigan when talking about Grantham?

      If so why did he not like Michigan?

      • jkuofm27

        If that is true, my guess is because there were so many BB and FB recruits in town that he was not given complete individual attention. From some of the stuff I have read on him he is a bit of a shy guy and probably did not demand attention the same way other recruits did. That is probably a recruiting mistake. A shy/introverted guy should be brought in on a solo trip so you can have one on one time. Some people are attracted to crowds and party atmosphere and some people are turned off by it. He might of been turned off by the Notre Dame weekend.

        • Fresh

          chris balas said he believes grantham’s recrutment could end within the next couple weeks and it looks good for michigan. He also said that grantham and his mother were “blown away” by michigan. At the end of the day nobody knows anything especially an 18 yr old kid saying stuff

          • jkuofm27

            Agreed. I would trust Balas more than some recruit from Cincy that is trying to sway him. I like Grantham’s game, but I think I like his demeanor even more. Many of these recruits are show offs and egotists and Grantham seems like a good kid and teammate. I would love for JB and BA to get to work with him.