Trevon Bluiett picks UCLA

Dylan Burkhardt

Trevon_Bluiett_3231_thumb.jpgFour-star guard Trevon Bluiett committed to UCLA this afternoon.

Bluiett had originally scheduled an official visit to Michigan this past weekend but cancelled the trip to visit the Bruins instead. He committed after his official visit to UCLA.

Bluiett’s commitment leaves the Wolverines with three outstanding offers. Michigan will continue to pursue Devin Booker, Kameron Chatman and James Blackmon, Jr. Blackmon visited Michigan unofficially this weekend, where he received an offer. Chatman and Booker are scheduled to take official visits in the coming weeks.

Michigan also plans to host class of 2014 recruits Donte Grantham, DJ Wilson on official visits as it looks to fill out its 2014 recruiting class. Find a rundown of 2014 targets on our recruiting board.

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  • Steve2081

    And another one bites the dust.

    I don’t see us landing any of the other 3 either. Better get back in touch with Peyton Allen!

  • jblair52

    I originally thought we were riding good once Stevens left Butler. Bummer.

    If we miss on Booker, Chatman, and Blackmon…I hope we take Wilson, Bolden, and Grantham

  • Wayman Britt

    Well this isn’t too much of a shock once his current coach was hired by UCLA. But it does put pressure on UM to get Booker. If we don’t get Booker, then this class could be a disappointment.

    • Fab 5 Legends

      I also don’t think this is a shock cause of the assistant coach at UCLA being his former high school coach…seen this coming…those most close to a recruit in all angles of life/basketball definitely have more influence over player decisions

      • A2JD

        I forgot that UCLA made that move. A similar thing probably helped Michigan get Jalen Rose many years ago.

        • troy

          Well, yeah. Michigan is guilty of pulling the same shenanigans.

  • troy

    Dammit. Why isn’t our title game run translating to recruiting? smh

  • DingoBlue

    This is disappointing. I had gotten my hopes up after leaving them low for so long. it seems the combo forward prospects are more important now than ever before.

  • Dave Pratt

    This one hurts bad IMO. Kid is going to be a stud.

  • Bigrange

    When Schilling ended up there as an assistant, I had a feeling we were in for a dog fight. All the effort needs to be put on Booker; he is priority #1. Blackmon talks as if he likes Michigan, but I can’t see us landing him.

  • section13row15

    Michigan will thrive in the coming years with or without Trevon Bluiett.

  • AADave

    Another miss. I’m also surprised success on the court hasn’t translated into more recruiting success thus far. If anything, it’s been a step back so far. Last year, we had early commits from two elite top 30-40 players and another top 100 player. Logically, elite players should be jumping at a chance to play for Michigan with the Final Four run and a proven track record of turning less than elite recruits into NBA players.

    But we’re dealing with 18 year olds who don’t always think logically.

    We still have a good shot at a very good recruiting year if we pick up a top guard (either Booker or Blackmon) and one of our other top forward prospects in Chatman, an Australian recruit or one of the other top 100 prospects. If we miss out on both Booker and Blackmon, it will probably be a less than stellar class.

    • jblair52

      I can somewhat understand the wing delay.

      I’m more surprised we haven’t had someone jump for that “4” position. It’s going to be open. They’ve seen what it looks like with GRIII.

      Looney and Robinson were a flash in the pan.
      Hoping we can pull in Bolden for that spot…and I’ll take Chantham as a “wing” man if he wants to come.

    • section13row15

      I kind of see where you’re coming from but don’t forget that both Walton and Irvin moved up in the rankings significantly since they committed as juniors. And Bluiett would be contending for playing time with Irvin, Stauskas, and Levert for at least a couple years. UCLA has a brand new head coach and an assistant who he trusts to help him get playing time and as an 18 year old, how does L.A. not become a huge draw for you? Can you really blame him? Michigan has had a lot of recruiting success after the national title run, they are talking to guys now that would not have even picked up the phone previously. Give it a little time, it will translate into high level commitments.

  • EchoWhiskey

    A disappointment for sure, but if we strike with 2 of the above (especially Booker), we’re still pulling in a damn good class.