Michigan ranks high with Luke Kennard

Dylan Burkhardt

bilde (12)Sam Webb profiles Luke Kennard, who added offers from Kentucky, Duke and Michigan State this month, in the Detroit News.

“I love the coaching staff — Coach Beilein, Coach Meyer, Bacari, LaVall — I love all of them,” Kennard said. “I feel comfortable when I am there. I can be myself around them. I like how the players just interact with the coaches and how they just have fun when they are there. Their style of play is (appealing). They spread it out. They let you make your own plays. I would say those are the things that I really like about them.”

“I would say UK is definitely a game-changer,” FOX Sports Next’s Brian Snow stated. “I have always felt that if UK offered they would be very tough to beat and I have heard nothing to suggest otherwise. Now it isn’t a done deal, but if UK continues to make him a priority I think they will be extremely tough to beat.”

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  • Mark Worthley

    Why does UK just get whoever they offer?

    • Mattski

      Because Brian Snow says so, obviously.

    • Don

      In this case, I’m presuming its because the family are UK fans, and Luke grew up one. That said, he’s a better fit here, sure hope that’s wrong.

    • Wayman Britt

      Come on Mark you know how UK get$ all those high level recruit$.

      • jBdub

        So does that mean if Kennard chooses UM we outbid UK?

        • geoffclarke

          No, that doesn’t necessarily follow. It could simply mean that Kennard values what Michigan can offer more than what UK can offer. I don’t know much about Kentucky basketball (other than wherever Calipari has coached, his teams have been sanctioned and they currently seem to have the one-and-done model down to perfection – though if they have another season like last year, they’ll have to seriously reconsider that model), but regarding Michigan basketball, I can’t imagine a cleaner high-major program. Beilein is a man of high character and he does everything by the book.

    • A2JD

      They lost out on Wiggins. There is hope!

  • GregGoBlue

    I’ve heard UK is in on several Kennard-level prospects that may have a faster timeline.

  • geoffclarke

    I disagree with Brian Snow. I think Michigan will beat out Kentucky for 2 kids in consecutive classes: Booker and Kennard.

  • Jay Z

    Sweet Yankees hat.