Luke Kennard at Nike Super Sixteen

Dylan Burkhardt

Luke Kennard has had a huge spring with the King James Shooting Stars. This recent highlight footage comes from the Nike Super Sixteen event in Columbus, where Kennard helped King James to the 10th grade championship. (Video via 3rd Coast Hoops)

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  • geoffclarke

    He’s good. I think a no-brainer 6/15 offer. Does Kennard plan on playing football again? What are people’s thoughts on that?

  • David

    I like his game. His release looks quicker with more lift than last year. He can really score, good with both hands, and has good size. I hope he gets the June offer.

  • Champswest

    I think his shot is still going to get blocked all day long in the Big Ten.

    • DingoBlue

      He will need to learn to generate some separation when he takes jumpers, but I still would have no problem offering him on the 15th.

    • Wayman Britt

      I agree 100%. It might benefit UM to look else where.

    • Adam

      Quickness on the release is just as important as release point.. he seems to have a quick release which will allow him to get his shots up and if he gets his shots up, he is an elite shooter.. I’d take Kennard in a heartbeat

    • jblair52

      His form reminds me of Manu Ginobili…I’d take him.

      • A2JD

        Really? I didn’t see him flop once in that whole video.

  • Realkeeper

    Is this guy another Vogrich?

    • A2JD

      Reminds me more of Nik than Matt.