Scouting Video: Luke Kennard and AJ Harris at Michigan Invitational


Luke Kennard and AJ Harris had a bit of a disappointing weekend at the Michigan Invitational but their talent was still on display. Watch both class of 2015 prospects in the embedded media players below.

Harris after the jump. Scouting report here.

  • Ben

    His good friend Drake Harris signing with Michigan and their run to the finals has likely made Michigan a front runner for Booker.
    @dbook2 you mine as well just come and join me bro!”

  • goblue32

    Dylan, any idea of who will be offered this June/July? I’m assuming Kennard and maybe Hyron Edwards, but who else has visited?

    • Steve2081

      I think Jalen Coleman and Eric Davis can both expect first day offers. Chandler White is another good candidate. Pretty sure Diamond Stone has been on campus too so I hope they throw one his way.

      I’m hoping they can get Stephen Zimmerman, Sedrick Barefield, and Jalen Brunson on campus before June 15th.

      • goblue32

        Thanks. I wasn’t sure if Zimmerman or Stone had visited campus at all. Really like Davis’ game

      • DingoBlue

        I haven’t seen anything pointing towards first day offers for Davis. I could have missed it, mind if I ask where you were getting that from? I distinctly remember reading an interview a while back (likely on this site) that Hyron Edwards was expecting an offer come June 15.

        • Steve2081

          Its just speculation on my part but why wouldn’t he get an offer? He’s one of the top PG’s in the country and an in-state kid. Michigan has been recruiting him and he visited for the OSU game. Seems like a no brainer to me.

          I know Edwards will be getting one too I just didn’t include him because goblue32 already mentioned him and Kennard.

          I expect us to be a bit more liberal with our offers this summer than we were last season. We’re just in on too much talent.