Ford: Hardaway has “a chance to leap frog a lot of people”


Michigan 78, VCU 53 - 14Chad Ford was available to the media as part of ESPN’s coverage of the NBA Draft Combine and answered a couple questions about Michigan’s participants for UM Hoops.

On Trey Burke:

After two years of watching him, I think scouts have his game down. They all like him. If he was a few inches taller, he’d be Nerlens Noel’s most serious competition for the No. 1 pick. I still think he has an outside chance to go No. 1 if the Magic or Pelicans or Jazz get the No. 1 pick. I think he can help himself at the combine by showing he’s a better athlete than scouts think he is. He doesn’t quite match up with some of the elite PGs in the NBA in the athletic department.

On Tim Hardaway Jr.:

He’s very competitive. Plays very hard. Has been shooting the ball very well and defending.  His long wing span and size at his position will help his cause. Scouts were lukewarm on him all year, but if he performs really well in workouts, I think he moves up the board a lot and could end up in the mid to late first round. He’s still on the bubble right now, but there’s a chance to leap frog a lot of people.

  • Steve2081

    Is there seriously a team in the NBA called the Pelicans?

    • Northern Blue

      New Orleans is going to be called the Pelicans from now on. It is great to see Tim getting so much positive buzz so far.

      • Steve2081

        Ahhh thanks. I have next to no knowledge of the NBA anymore.

      • A2JD

        If Utah would only give back “Jazz” to the city of New Orleans, we’d all be happy.

        • andygoblue

          Of course, Utah is the Beehive state, so Utah Hornets might actually be more appropriate there. Maybe they should’ve swapped names!

    • Stephen Sprague

      For some reason the Hornets didn’t like that name anymore. They announced the change some point mid-season.

  • Jay Z

    Chad Ford is the new Mel “Viper” Kiper. Has a little blurb on everyone. Always puts a positive spin on it to hype up the home team fans. Of course, I hope he’s right about THJ.