Vince Edwards comfortable with Michigan, Purdue


888062[1]It’s no secret that Michigan and Purdue have prioritized Vince Edwards at the combo forward position. The 6-foot-7 forward demonstrated why both John Beilein and Matt Painter want him so badly at the 2013 Bill Hensley Memorial Run-n-Slam Classic in Fort Wayne over the weekend.

Edwards was critical in helping his All Ohio Red squad take home the 17U Championship in a loaded field. He can do a little bit of everything at the combo forward spot and improved as the weekend wore on.

Edwards had 22 points in All Ohio Red’s semifinal win over Spiece and he added ten in the championship victory over Team Thad.

While it was a statement weekend on the court for Edwards and All Ohio Red, not much has changed in his recruitment. This summer is more about moving close to a decision than attracting additional suitors for the Middletown, Ohio native. He knows the two schools he’s most comfortable with – Purdue and Michigan –  he just doesn’t know how to differentiate the two.

Purdue has been recruiting Edwards throughout his high school career. They offered him in Fall of 2011 and were considered the leader in his recruitment for a majority of the last two years.

Michigan is the new school in the chase. The Wolverines jumped into the recruitment last April and have tracked the 6-foot-7 forwards progress closely over the last year. Edwards finally visited Michigan for its game against Indiana and received a scholarship offer from John Beilein.

The visit was enough to even up the recruitment.

“They’re both equal right now, honestly,” Edwards said of Michigan and Purdue. “They’re the same type of guys, the same people.”

Deciphering between the two schools is difficult because he sees so many similarities between both coaches.

“Coach Painter and Coach Beilein, they’re the same type of coach, the same type of guy,” Edwards explained.  “They recruit the same type of kids and are really good friends.”

“It’s which school I’m most comfortable with, honestly. Both schools are a good fit for me.”

Edwards elaborated on his decision on Friday evening during a video interview with the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. While Edwards’s decision will come down to comfort, that hasn’t helped him find differences between both programs.

“Very comfortable [with both schools],” Edwards told the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. “They all interact with me ,We all get around laugh, joke, text and talk on the regular. I’m very comfortable with all of them.”

Michigan assistant coach LaVall Jordan is the primary recruiter for Vince Edwards

“Coach Vall, we’re really good. He calls me on the regular,” Edwards explained. “He’ll call just to get a laugh, or ask me how I’m doing, ask about my grades. He’s treating me like I committed to Michigan already.”

Edwards is in no rush to make a decision, emphasizing the importance of making the right choice rather than the quick choice, but both Matt Painter and John Beilein would love to cross off the combo forward position on their wish list with a commitment.

  • gobluemd16

    Vince would be a good get, and I do see the similarities with us and Purdue in terms of the players each team recruits. That being said, are there really no big differences to him? There is so much more we can offer. Better academics, program has been having more success than Purdue, our campus and town are far superior, our development of (unheralded) players, and now our incredible facilities. This one seems like a no-brainer to me, come to Ann Arbor, Vince.

    • Toofunny

      Oh please……..More success???? You mean like one year in the last 20 or so? Better academics? Development of unheralded players? Purdues facilities are state of the art. Man you are drinking a very very heavy dose of KOOLAIDE

      • Northern Blue

        Just look at the future of the basketball programs. Vince will go wherever the better fit is for him by the sounds of things and he may end up at Purdue, but all i know is if the kid is coming to win and have a chance at the next level when he is done, recent trends certainly lean toward Michigan having the upper hand, and i am not sure how it can be argued. As UM bball fans up until recently we have had to watch them fight an uphill battle recruiting wise for a little while against better programs so we know what it feels like and things can turn around quickly, but in the now Michigan is definitely looked at more favorably in basketball and just as favorably in any other aspect of what a university and university town can offer.

        And it’s Kool-Aid….

  • I agree Vince would be a good get, and I do see the similarities with Purdue in Michigan in terms of the players each team recruits. That being said, are there really no big differences to him? There is so much more Purdue can offer. Better academics, program has been having more success than Michigan’s 1 fluke year, West LaLa isn’t in a trashy state being destroyed by the economy and isn’t next to the garbage pit that is Detroit. Painter’s development of players is far better and Purdue’s $90 million upgrade to Mackey Arena are the differentiators. Also, Purdue has much more tradition. This one seems like a no-brainer to me, Boiler up, Vincent.

    • Brad S

      Well sir I agree that Purdue has some good things going for it, but I would like to rebut everything you just said.

      Academics: Obviously it depends on the program you’re interested in, but US News has Michigan is ranked 29th, while Purdue is ranked 65th.

      Program success: Michigan won the B1G title two years ago and went to the final four last year, so that’s more than one fluke year.

      Location: Ann Arbor is about 45 minutes from Detroit and is consistently ranked as one of the best cities in America, as well is the best college town in America. I’m sure West Lafayette is nice, but Ann Arbor is in another class.

      Player development: Since Beilein has been in Ann Arbor (6 years), he has had two players play in the NBA, one that will be a top 10 pick in this year’s draft, another that will drafted probably in the second round, and two more that would have been first round picks this year. I think that qualifies as player development.

      Facilities: Michigan just spent a bazillion dollars upgrading it’s facilities and they are considered some of the best in the country now.

      Tradition: ESPN ranked every college basketball program in the last 50 years last year. Michigan ranked 13th, Purdue was tied for 20th. This doesn’t account for last season’s final four run. Again, Michigan wins.

      • Toofunny

        Wow thats your story tell it how you want

      • WTF?

        nothing in US news or another magazine rates schools on how much is learned. All academic measures by the rags have nothing to do with academic learning…check out the questions. Detroit? People want to be around Detroit? If he goes astray and ends up in Michigan…I wish him well….but academics won’t be in play…cold weather might?

        • Kenny

          I truly hope that you are not Purdue educated.

          • WTF

            and the learning that is rated is what? that’s right…it isn’t there …no questions in any year rate learning, but instead other inputs to be considered…

    • jblair52

      Purdue couldn’t even get GR3…the son of your best player ever and who lived in your backyard.

      Purdue sucks. GO BLUE!

  • Wayman Britt

    Edward’s wouldn’t go wrong with either school. Both schools are strong and have good coaches. I would like him to choose UM, but if he doesn’t I wouldn’t feel too bad.

    Now if Booker chooses the cheating UK, then I would be disappointed in Booker and the recruiting environment.

  • section13row15

    Have Purdue fans been watching basketball lately? Am I missing something? The only reason Edwards would want to go to Purdue is if he wanted to fill the vacancy left behind by one of your many outgoing transfers this off-season.