Glenn Robinson III, Mitch McGary to announce future plans at 4:30 p.m.

Dylan Burkhardt

Glenn Robinson III and Mitch McGary will announce their future plans this afternoon at the Crisler Center today at 4:30 p.m.

McGary and Robinson are both projected as first round picks after strong freshman seasons in Ann Arbor. Chad Ford has both prospects slated in the top 15 picks on his big board. Draft Express has McGary ranked No. 16 overall and Robinson ranked as the No. 19 prospect in its top 100.

The duo are roommates and played together since AAU basketball with the SYF Players. Mitch McGary tweeted “Decisions decisions…” earlier this afternoon.

Michigan has already lost two players to early entry as Trey Burke announced his intentions last week and Tim Hardaway Jr. declared for the draft on Wednesday.

  • Mandingo

    Maybe I’m endlessly optimistic, but the fact that they’re announcing together, along with McGary’s playful “decisions decisions” tweet earlier today, makes me think that they’re staying. It seems like a set up for a “we’re going to follow in Trey’s footsteps and be leaders for the new crop” message.

    • mstein23

      I agree with this take. Think it’s good news for Michigan. And just like last year with Trey, a potential good vs. special season in 2013-14 hangs in the balance.

    • Kevin in GR

      I hope you’re right! I was expecting them to take more time to make a decision than this, from what I’ve read so far.

    • ColinNer

      I agree. How often do players announce together that they are leaving? A lot more often they announce they are coming back together.

      • A2JD

        I remember the UNC kids did it a few years back.

  • arsenal926

    The next 3 hours are going to be hell. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before Adrian Wojnarowski’s sources find out what they’re doing.

    (Does anybody know how Wojnarowski seems to figure out every single decision a college player is going to make before the rest of the media does?)

  • Adam

    spike’s tweet makes me a little nervous

    • arsenal926

      I feel ya. but Mitch’s instagram makes me feel a little more comfortable. This is obviously just a made up inference by myself but I doubt he would write something like that if he was planning on going to the NBA. (what a modern day conversation this is though lol)

      #tbt me and my brother @grob_1 at the banquet a few days ago looking fresh!! Got big time decisions to decide!

      • Adam

        yep let’s hope for the best…spike deleted his tweet as well, who knows what that means or if it had to do with the decision

        • Brad S

          What did it say? I missed it

          • arsenal926

            @SpikeAlbrecht Everything happens for a reason

          • Guest

            it said “everything happens for a reason”

    • mmmmFAZpizza

      What did spike’s tweet say?

  • Brad S

    Not sure who exactly Dan Hasty is (supposedly works for 97.1 and WWJ), but he tweeted that both are staying

  • Go Blue
  • blucinic

    Spike tweeted, as I recall, “everything happens for a reason.”

  • CDeSana

    So question is who is the big named 2013 recruit coming in for a visit that is talking about?

    • MGoTweeter

      i dont know but there is a post on mgoblog talking about prep school recruit Gabe Levin who is supposedly getting some interest from Michigan and Duke right now. His highlights are kind of GRIII light.

      There is a brief article from but it only mentions Duke however there was a tweet from the same source that stated he was hearing from Michigan as well.

  • Dr_ZC

    So here is the real issue:

    Robinson and McGary return, but Michigan will lose around 30 points per game with the departure of Burke and Hardaway. Where are they going to get the points?

    1) Down low with Mitch and Glenn. Expect to see more 2 bigs down low and feeding the post a lot more often. Hopefully Donnal can contribute, but the bigs have to double their production from last year. I would expect a minimum of 20 ppg between Glenn and Mitch.

    2) Stauskas will see more shots and plays for him. His production should also increase. Anything from 15-20 ppg, should be reasonable.

    3) Irvin and Walton can add to the scoring punch as starters, mainly filling-in for Tim and Trey. If they can combine for 15-20 ppg it would be great.
    4) If we can get 10ppg from the bench, we will be in a great shape.

  • John Billington

    I don’t ever remember a press conference to stay, its only been held to leave. I hope CBS is right

    • John Billington

      Did Trey hold one last year can’t remember

  • John Billington

    Yeah Baby GO BLUE!!!