Notebook: Strong recruiting response to postseason success, NBA draft decisions loom


Dustin Johnston

Since Michigan’s run to the NCAA national title game, there has been much speculation about what sort of effect it would have on the many high-profile high school recruits Michigan has been going after.

Not surprisingly, John Beilein said he has heard good things from the recruits he’s talked to since Michigan arrived home from Atlanta.

"I think the response has been really good, and we hit the road again this weekend for the AAU events," Beilein said prior to Michigan’s basketball banquet on Tuesday. "So, that’s going to be good just to watch the young men."

Beilein and the rest of his coaching staff will attempt to parlay Michigan’s deep NCAA tournament run into success on the recruiting trail. And now, with Trey Burke officially moving on to the NBA next season, Michigan finds itself with an extra scholarship at its disposal.

However, Beilein said he doesn’t foresee a situation that would call for using Burke’s vacated scholarship for a late signing, a la Caris LeVert or Spike Albrecht last summer.

"I don’t think we’re in a position where we have to use (Trey’s scholarship)," Beilein said. "But if there’s the right situation – last year Caris was more of a redshirt, was going to be."

The decision of whether or not Beilein will be on the lookout for an additional late add for the class of 2013 depends a lot on what happens with the Michigan players who are still considering the NBA, the coach said.

"It depends on what type of attrition we have to the NBA, that’s how we make that decision," Beilein said. "I feel really good about in 13 right now, the returning players. Whatever the number is, that’s what it is."

Michigan’s NBA prospects getting closer to decisions

Michigan fans have been waiting on pins and needles since the close of the NCAA tournament for the respective decisions of Glenn Robinson III, Mitch McGary and Tim Hardaway Jr. regarding their NBA futures.

The decisions of all three prospects remain up in the air but the deadline is in sight. 

"I was gone all day yesterday and I was gone all weekend, but we’ve been talking back and forth," Beilein said. "We’re getting closer to assisting everybody. Hopefully we’ll have news for you, obviously it’s going to come before the 28th."

Outside of NBA attrition, Michigan doesn’t anticipate attrition of the transfer variety after this season.

"You’re never 100 percent sure, but we feel good at this point," Beilein said. "We don’t think there’s going to be any attrition (by transfer)."

But there is one other kind of attrition that Beilein is worried about: graduation. Michigan graduates five seniors this year, and although they haven’t played much this season, Beilein has stressed their importance to the team all season long. To re-load the scout team, the coaching staff will be looking for walk-ons.

"Those five seniors, we’re going to miss those guys so much next year," Beilein said. "That’s one of our bigger concerns – how do we replace that?

"There’s always been some young men who have contacted us about walking on. We like that to either be guaranteed or through a tryout. We try to wait to see what happens here with the NBA draft decisions before we reach out and either guarantee a tryout or guarantee a position. I understand now, after all these years, how important that dynamic is. It’s huge."

Michigan players take home various — sometimes obscure — awards

During Tuesday’s Michigan basketball banquet at the Crisler Center, the usual suspects took home the usual awards.

Trey Burke won his second Bill Buntin MVP award; Mitch McGary won the Steve Grote Hustle Award, to the surprise of no one; the team’s Iron Man award went to Glenn Robinson III, who didn’t miss a practice all season.

But before those awards, there were a few other honors were given out.

One player who took in a haul was Matt Vogrich, who won the team’s Most Likely to Get Married Award, as well as being named a finalist by Cosmopolitan as one of the "hottest" players in the Final Four.

CJ Lee gave out his dunk of the year award to Tim Hardaway Jr., for the Miami native’s tomahawk slam against Louisville in the final — narrowly beating out Robinson’s 360 against Minnesota.

This year’s Most Likely to Succeed Award recipient should come as no surprise: future NBA first-round pick Trey Burke took it home.

  • wildguesspants

    Next year’s starting line-up:


    With Morgan, Albrecht, Bielfeldt and Donnal as rotation players.

    • Guest

      Don’t think Irvin will play the 4. He’s a natural 2/3 with ball handling skills. Would rather have Donnal who has the body and skills to play at the 4.

      • Kenny

        why not Donnal over Bielfeldt?

    • MGoTweeter


      TH Jr

    • arsenal926

      From all the clips I’ve watched on Irvin there is no way he can play the 4 in the big 10. Yes he is 6-6/7 but he has a very guard oriented game and isn’t as physically mature as GR3 was from a strength standpoint. It would be very interesting to see how Michigan replaces the 4 if GR3 and McGary both decide to declare

      • wildguesspants

        Don’t forget that GR3’s predecessor was Novak. Beilein has no qualms about playing undersized.

        • arsenal926

          fair point but Novak didn’t play the 4 as a freshman that was Deshawn Sims. Maybe I’m giving the Michigan strength program to much credit but the difference between a high school freshman and a college sophomore is huge. Also besides Mitch McGary I dont think there are too many players in CBB that can play with the effort of a Novak/McGary. I just think Morgan or Donnal would be the more likely replacement for the PF positon

          • CAMERAOV

            I agree.. i also think with gary harris returning glenn will stay, and so will mitch.. i think Timmy leaves

        • Kenny

          height is not everything. the position requires strength.

        • Steve2081

          Novak had 35lbs on Irvin and the perfect mentality.

      • Agree with this. I always said that GR3 was a great fit for the four headed into this season but I don’t see it with Zak next year. Could it happen? Sure I guess if everyone leaves and Michigan doesn’t have any other options, but that’s not a great fit for him as a player.

        • CAMERAOV

          Irvin at the 4 would take away ALL his strengths that would flourish in a belien offense.. I could see him slide into Timmy’s spot IF he leaves for the draft

    • gpsimms

      Even in apocalypse EVERYONE leaves scenario, no way Horford starts over Morgan.

      • Why not?

        • gpsimms

          Because for 90% of Morgan’s career, he’s been a vastly superior player. Something weird happened to him at the end of this year. I feel like everyone is suddenly assuming that JMo is 0 ppg with 2 missed layups and 2 TO’s because that’s what he was in the last 4 weeks of the season.

          He still helps defensively, and kid was near top in big ten fg% for two years previous (and the first 1/2 of this year).

          I’ll admit bias, I like him a lot, and have never cared for Horford’s game. But starter’s minutes for Horford scares the crap out of me. Starter’s minutes for Morgan, well, we’ve seen that before (a lot) and it has worked pretty well.

          • My only point would be if someone told you that one of our bigs improved by leaps and bounds… would you guess Horford or Morgan?

          • CAMERAOV

            Exactly Jon is 6’10 and long and has been hurt his whole career sadly it wouldn’t surprise me if he improved a lot.. morgan cant really improve much

          • gpsimms

            Fair enough. While I would guess Jon, it is really only because Morgan has been more or less the same guy for 3 years, not because I see some wild potential in Horford. I know Jon has dealt with injuries, etc, but I just don’t see it with him. He has no explosion in his movements. His reb rates this year were lower than his freshman year. He gets the ball ripped from him on the glass by smaller dudes because he has bad hands. His offensive moves are decent/methodical/refined, and yet he still doesn’t have the quickness to beat other bigs with them.

            I know people have been waiting for him to break out, but from my point of view, the kid just doesn’t have the tools.

            I will say that by most accounts he is about the best teammate and hardest worker there is, so I will be rooting for him to put it all together.

    • Retiredat23


  • blackie6

    I’m going with….






    with Caris, Horford, Morgan, Max B, Donnal, etc. off the bench……

    • Nick

      man if tim leaves we really could use another guard. hatch would have been perfect for that 5th guard spot i think

      • And the best fit to play an undersized combo four in Michigan’s offense.

  • Lester Abram

    My gut says all three are returning. My gut also says it misses Blimpy Burger.

    • Adam St Patrick

      That prediction is cheaper than food. So, I’ll buy it.

      I’m hoping Donnal comes in ready. No opposition to the concept of the stretch four, but that player doesn’t have to be undersized as a rule. Michigan was 156th overall in rebounds this year.

  • p-nickel

    Gotta get 5 for 2014, that is if we can keep GR III & McGary.