Trey Burke announcement set for Sunday, Yahoo! report says Burke headed for NBA

Dylan Burkhardt

BHtboXxCYAEdTKI[1]Trey Burke will announce his NBA Draft decision on Sunday afternoon and Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Burke will enter the NBA Draft:

Michigan sophomore guard Trey Burke, the consensus national player of the year, will enter the NBA Draft, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Michigan has scheduled a news conference for Sunday afternoon, where Burke will formalize his decision.

Most NBA executives project Burke to be a lottery pick.

Burke’s Sunday afternoon press conference is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Burke spent this weekend in Los Angeles with John Beilein and his family accepting the John Wooden Player of the Year award.

  • gobluemd16

    If the reports are true, a great decision. The man did just about everything he could have in a Michigan uniform. One of the all-time greats, for sure.

    • AADave

      Just about everything? I would say everything. He made ALL the plays – the best shot of the tournament, the best defensive play of the tournament. It’s not his fault the refs were so atrocious in the championship game. He was even gracious in “defeat.” So you can add great sportsmanship to his list of accomplishments. He’s probably the best basketball player to ever wear a Michigan uniform.

  • arsenal926

    No doubt in my mind that his number will be hanging in the rafters, its only a matter of how soon. From a career perspective, it’s definitely time for him to move on to the next level but he certainly won’t be forgotten.

  • Wayman Britt

    We all know Trey is going to the NBA and a good decision for him. He definitely is ready.

    Thanks, Trey for all you have done for the University of Michigan. You are a great player and represented UM eloquently. Have a great NBA career.

  • Honestly, a good decision for all parties involved. Sure, would be nice to have Burke back because we would be the favorites over Kentucky to win it all, but this put Michigan on the map yet again showing we can put players in the pros. Great for recruiting. We will be more than fine next year with Spike and Derrick.

    • Wayman Britt

      Mike – good point about recruiting. Beilein has put three straight guards to the pro’s. Mr. Booker you might want to make it official and commit to UM now.

  • Indiana_Matt

    The right call, for sure. He stands amongst the all time Michigan greats after only two years. Thanks for all the effort, Trey and best of luck! What great memories over the last two years. And he’s gonna have a nice 10 year career. Can’t wait to go see him play the Pacers with whatever squad he’s with.

  • sshow

    I can’t wait to see Trey in the NBA. We’ll miss you but what a career, what a player. Good luck, Trey!

  • eddieben

    Congrats Trey. You’ve let us with unbelievable memories.

    The Steal (vs Appling).

    The Shot (vs Kansas).
    The Block (vs. Siva).
    These iconic images deserve to be hanging in the hallways of Crisler as well as his number from the rafters.

    • mmmmFAZpizza

      Wow what an awesome résumé of great moments!
      He’s definitely ready for the NBA. Just hope he goes to a team that’s the right fit. Do the Lakers have a chance if they miss the playoffs???

  • A2JD

    Not a surprise and it’s probably the right thing for him to do. He was one of the Wolverines greats, even in a two-year career. Best wishes to Trey in the NBA and I hope the Pistons stop winning meaningless games so they still have a shot at taking him. They need a leader on that team.


    Best of Luck Trey. I just wish these reporters would let the thing happen and not have to jump the gun and be first all the time.

  • CDeSana

    I think it is pretty much a done deal that he enters the draft; assuming he does so is there a recruit on the radar that they are most likely to make a run at to fill what few gaps we have in our line up?

  • ForeverBlue

    Thank you, Trey. As you did in college, may you go on to prove all of the doubters wrong.

  • greyblue

    Trey has been an amazing personality and player for Michigan. No histrionics. Just dedication. I have been watching M basketball since before the Cazzie Russell era and he measures up to the best.

    Imagine what he could have accomplished with a 4-year career.

    He will make as great a pro as he has been a Michigan Man.