Zak Irvin named Indiana’s Mr. Basketball

Dylan Burkhardt

images[1]2013 Michigan commitment Zak Irvin was named Mr. Basketball in the state of Indiana today.

Irvin’s full reaction to the award can be found at the Indy Star.

“That was one of the goals that I set,” Irvin said. “We both thought it would be pretty cool to see it happen.”

“He improved more than any other player I’ve coached in a high school career,” Satterfield said. “He definitely had some tools as a freshman, but he’s improved greatly in all facets. From not playing varsity as a freshman to starting three years and winning Mr. Basketball, he’s come a long way. Especially his defense; he really took that to heart. For as talented as he is offensively, he’s very versatile and special on the defensive end.”

Irvin is the first Indiana Mr. Basketball winner to attend Michigan. Irvin averaged 24.6 points, 9 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game as a senior for Hamilton Southeastern.

Irvin and fellow Michigan commitment Derrick Walton were both named Gatorade Players of the Year in their respective states but Walton fell just short of Mr. Basketball honors in Michigan, despite receiving the most first place votes. Irvin and Walton will be joined by big man Mark Donnal at Michigan next season.

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  • Northern Blue

    Congrats Zak

  • Champswest

    Expected, but great to hear anyway. Look forward to seeing him play in the Maize and Blue next year.

  • Love it!!!

  • UM Hoops Fan

    Mr. Basketball in one of the elite high school basketball states! Very excited to having him on the team!

  • gpsimms

    We haven’t had many kids in the running in recent years, so i have not really ever paid attention to the process, but is there any chance any of these dudes are McD’s all-americans? What is the selection timeline?

    • The McDonalds game is this week. No Michigan commits were picked.

      • gpsimms

        haha. Well, glad I was on top of that.

        • Mattski

          Establishing a connection between athleticism and bad fast food equals corporate dividends, but not necessarily strong insight about
          what makes a good basketball player. Also, Duke influence here is practically off the charts.

          Beilein ann M coaches evaluation
          Smacky’s evaluation

  • gpsimms

    By the way, notice PG Demetrius Jackson who we recruited (ND commit now) was runner-up. That kid is a crazy athlete, pretty fun to watch. I’m a little sad he’s going to ND, but I think he grew up right near there.

    • JJ

      yes hes only 10 minutes away. Hard to get him away being that close.

  • Cary Bear

    For some context on what it has meant to be Mr. Indiana recently…

    06- Greg Oden
    07- Eric Gordon
    08- Tyler Zeller
    09- Jordan Hulls
    10- Deshaun Thomas
    11- Cody Zeller
    12- Gary Harris

    With the exception of Hulls (who was a very solid Big10 player), Mr. Indiana’s have ended up or will end up being 1st round draft picks. Great to see! Go Blue!!

    • gpsimms

      Yeah that list is crazy. Is Deshaun Thomas a first round pick? I love his game, but I feel like NBA types will say he lacks athleticism. I don’t know, I’m just curious what people generally think about him,

      • Cary Bear

        That’s true, I guess I assumed he would be a 1st round pick based on how he looks to me, but Draft Express has him as a 2nd rounder. Still he is an undoubtedly gifted college player, which is all that matters for my general point that Mr. Indiana is a very prestigious honor.

        • gpsimms

          Oh yeah, I totally got your point. I obviously would be very pleased to have a D. Thomas level player here. I merely posed the question on academic interest. I know draft boards don’t love him, but I was curious what other hoops junkies around here thought. Personally, I think if he is given a chance, he will do ok. I mean, the dude can score from anywhere and he’s tall. That’s got to be worth something. Not that athletic, yeah, but a super skilled/versatile scorer.

          • Cary Bear

            To me, he is a prototypical 6th man type of player for a team that needs that scoring punch in the 2nd unit.

      • Retiredat23

        Ask Andre Miller if you need athleticism to make a name in the NBA!

  • hailtoyourvictor

    Congrats to Zak.

    I was wondering what the plan will be if we lose three guys early to the draft (GRIII, Burke, THJ). Is there anybody else in the 2013 class we would offer? Is pursuing Trey Ziegler (transferring from Pitt) an option? There will be a lot of minutes at the 4 available if GRIII leaves and I would rather see a scholarship used up on that than holding off for next year.