Michigan 87, Kansas 85

Dylan Burkhardt


Michigan is going to the Elite Eight. Trey Burke didn’t score in the first half but finished with 23 points and 10 assists including a deep three pointer to send the game to overtime with 4 seconds left. The Wolverines went on to knock off the Jayhawks by a final score of 87-85 in the extra period. Burke was the hero but Mitch McGary was also dominant, finishing with 25 points and 13 rebounds.

Full post game coverage from Cowboys Stadium to follow. Here’s your post game thread.

  • ali


  • arsenal926

    I just don’t have words. That was the Notre Dame Night Game on Steroids

    • jemblue

      Great comparison. It feels just like that one!

    • Magnalum

      My thoughts exactly. Insanely long 3’s by trey, I don’t care if that was a good decision, just go in! Go Blue baby!!!

  • jemblue

    Finally, after Evan Turner and Wisconsin x2, we get some last-second magic! Game of the tournament.

    • Mith

      When KU was heading down for the last shot of OT, I kept thinking about the games you mentioned plus the shots we’ve missed (at OSU, IU, etc.). I’m still surprised Tharpe’s shot didn’t bank in.

  • Webbdog

    Yes Sirrrrr!!! GO BLUE!!!!!!!1

  • Matzio

    go blue oh my gerrrsshhhhh

  • steve s

    smh…in a good way.

  • Chazer

    Wow…..love this team! Mitch McGary is having a career in 3 games!

    • CZ Guy

      We’re watching McGary’s breakout, taking that giant step forward

  • Susan B

    Can someone please make a .gif of Trey Burke’s face after that game-tying three?

    • Mattski

      Awesome. The one here is great, too. Looks like one of those Diego Riveras at the DIA.

  • LBlanchard

    Where are all the Beilein skeptics who two weeks ago complained he got outcoached?
    Hello? Where are you?

    • jemblue

      Or all the people who thought he was a bad tournament coach? That one was high comedy.

      • Hops

        Agreed. Belein haters should engage in a public show of contrition since its Good Friday. I say we bump that Wisco thread and laugh at the doubters.

      • salama

        Tonight was a testament to how coach B recruits and how his teams don’t panic. I actually thought he made some questionable lineup choices, but obviously the great outweighs the meh with him.

    • Adam St Patrick

      Not gonna speak for anyone else but I definitely don’t like Beilein’s offense-first/defense-second approach. Certainly I don’t want him fired and never did. I think he’s a good coach and will come back in the future with a team better suited to compete in the Big Ten. And wow do I love the recruiting. That was a classic example of the Jimmys and Joes beating the Xs and Os. Kansas ran a layup line on our terrible defense for most of the night (I recall hearing that 50 of their 63 points had been scored in the paint at one point in the game) and still lost! It is a testament to the incredible amount of talent Beilein has brought here. A lot of it is thanks to him spotting it early. He’s not just jumping on five-star recruits late and winning a popularity contest. Now if he could only field a respectable defense…

      That said, I said here several times during conference play that I think Michigan would look better again in the tournament, when they would no longer have to go against Big Ten defenses. And I said that the Final Four was a reasonable goal. It certainly looks like they are doing much better now that they are away from the Big Ten. The excuses about youth that were made throughout the year look to me like selling short this incredible group of kids, who are not only incredibly talented by also very resilient. Kansas started four seniors last night and self-destructed when you’d think that leadership would be most important. It sure doesn’t look to me like the story as it has played out has anything to do with youth.

      So you’re not going to get this particular Beilein skeptic to eat crow. In fact it’s playing out just as I said it might.

  • Mattski

    Posting this here, too, because it’s still blowing my mind:

    McGary 25 points, 14 rebounds, Withey 12 and 8.

    I really felt like McGary had Withey solved by halftime. And I also felt like Trey knew they could pull it off.

    Beilein is a HOF coach. Book it.

    • Mattski

      Couple of huge plays–a lay-in and two big free throws–by Robinson down the stretch there, too.

  • Mohamad Abdallah

    Great “road” win!

  • salama

    I’m still nauseous!

    Burke was incredible. Has the potential to join Kemba, Carmelo, Danny Manning and some I’m forgetting for the tourney pantheon.

    Albrecht might play more than Stauskas if Florida wins, since they play 2 pg’s. I think Michigan matches up well against either team from Florida, although I should really wait until I see them both play again tonight.

  • David DeMember

    Amazing!! That was by far the best Michigan game I’ve ever watched. An ncaa instant classic. Reminds me of the um-state game like 8 years ago (along with the ND game a couple back. Or how bout Sputhern in the sweet 16 w/ the fab 5…

    They were left for dead.

    All those tough losses paid off finally.

  • Champswest

    It looked like Kansas thought that they had the game under control and were just playing with us. Finally, some big shots went down for us instead of against us at crunch time. Burke and McGary with double doubles and Robinson with a huge put back in OT. It’s great to be a MITCH-igan Wolverine.

  • q-sac

    best college game i’ve ever seen. that just transformed burke from merely incredibly awesome to legendary.

    poy. book it sonnnnn.

  • xCowHoosier

    IU fan here…just want to say wow and congrats. Unbelievable comeback; Trey is special and I sports hate UM even more now for getting McGary. Anyway, congrats on the win…I hope you make it to Final Four and lose :)

    • Adam St Patrick

      Thanks, dude. Nice to hear, and I’m all about Big Ten solidarity myself. So please teach that coach of yours some manners! I’ve always had a lot of respect for Indiana.

      • xCowHoosier

        Ha! You should see how his brother-in-laws act after big games!

  • Mattski

    FGCU is for real; I would rather play Florida.

    P.S. We out-rebounded Kansas. There is a whole wild cluster of awesome stats connected with that crazy game.

  • CZ Guy

    and the pundist thought Withey’s size and experience would handle McGary….. McGary is an absolute beast

  • A2JD

    SUCH A GREAT GAME!!! Go Blue!!!

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  • rlcBlue

    I think it’s safe to say that Elijah Johnson didn’t watch X-Men carefully enough:

    The character’s name should have been a tip-off…