Michigan to wear Adidas camouflage uniforms against Wisconsin

Dylan Burkhardt

Per Michigan Basketball on Twitter:


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  • MonkeyWrench32

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really miss Nike.

  • Michigan hasn’t worn its 2013 road uniforms in a long time. Maybe Adidas just shipped these instead?

  • EchoWhiskey

    Good god, man, Adidas is awful. This isn’t even about “tradition” since M’s b-ball jerseys have changed over the years. But, this is a disgrace to design and common sense.

  • Guest

    f*** this. f*** Adidas.

  • Mandingo

    Come on, why is everyone hating on the camouflage? I’s such a competitive advantage– there’s no way that Wisconsin defenders will be able to see our guys making cuts to the basket with those camo uniforms. Burke and company will blend in seamlessly with the background!

  • dan

    I hate these uniforms but I think the blue looks better than a lot of the colors other teams are sporting, i.e. ND.

    • Mandingo

      Saying “those uniforms are better than ND’s from last night,” while certainly true, is like saying “this severe flu is a lot better than that meningitis.”

      • dan


  • jturn14

    At least they aren’t as bad as the other Adidas teams’ camo unis we’ve seen this week. Doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to tell much difference from these and the normal road unis from a wide angle.

  • eddieben

    If there is a bright side, and I’m not sure this would even count as one, at least they’re not the weird short sleeve versions that have floated around this year on some Adidas teams.

  • Brad S

    These aren’t really that bad. Pretty subtle compared to the other adidas jerseys

  • This is actually really sad. There was an article on Uni-Watch about how Indiana turned down these uniforms. I understand that our basketball program does not have the same tradition as football, but we are doing the same damn thing with football! Somebody at Michigan needs to man up and tell Adidias to take a walk.

  • rlcBlue

    Hope they remembered to sew them together, unlike the tearaways from the Minnesota game.
    And, no, Adidas – I do not want to own one. Don’t bother sending any to my local stores.

  • MGoTweeter

    I fall into the as long as Michigan wins and the colors stay the same, I don’t really care that much about the uniforms (with the one exception being the winged helmet). I will say these camo looks are all hideous and I am shocked that the players like them.

  • Steve2081

    Those are pathetic.

  • Mattski

    These are by far the least-worst of all of the shockingly fugly unis that Adidias has put out with this ridiculous camo theme. I thought it was widely reported that Brandon rejected these?

  • robpollard

    Well, they’re not as bad as the highlighter yellow shoes with matching tops that have unreadable name plates that we’ve been wearing at home these last few games.

    But they’re still bad. Ugh.

    • Steve2081

      They are much much worse.

      • robpollard

        Really? At least with these, you can read the numbers and names. I don’t mind yellow jerseys – I mind yellow on yellow on yellow jerseys. Blue is a great color – use it a bit.

        I will say, though, I posted my comment before I realized we would have camo/striped shoes/socks. That is awful

        • Steve2081

          I know who everyone is. I don’t need to see names or numbers.

    • Devin

      I like the all maize highlighter jerseys.

      I hate the camo.

  • Per McGary’s instagram http://instagram.com/p/W4jBf-N1N7/
    Shoes and socks are also camo/striped.

  • Devin

    I can’t believe Michigan is buying into this whole Adidas uniform crap. Seriously, that’s what i is, crap. Did you see the HORRIBLE cincinnati, notre dame, and nc state jerseys?

    I specifically said to myself, thank god michigan isn’t wear those AWEFUL jerseys.

    I love the all maize highlighter jerseys, but these are TERRIBLE,


  • Devin

    My freshmen year in Ann Arbor was also the last year Michigan used Nike Jerseys. They switched over to Adidas my 2nd year.

    I’ll always miss my Nike brand Michigan hat :(, lost it only a few months after we switched to Adidas.

    These new jerseys are the Worst. Thing. EVER.

  • Devin

    The Michigan brand sould come before and be more important that the Adidas brand.

    This is pathetic.

  • Adam St Patrick

    Seems silly to resist the trend, but at least they could be done better. It’s amazing they managed to mess up the bleed-out ones. You need a yellow uniform and blue trim, and that’s it! But they have maize numbers on highligher-yellow unis, and I think there’s a bit of royal blue mixed in with the navy trim.

    You have to try REALLY HARD to mess up a design approach this simple.

  • chrisblackstone

    Last week Eastbay actually posted a YELLOW College Impact uniform for UM complete with short sleeves. It’s gone now but here are screenshots



    At least the blue’s not that bad.

    Adidas just doesn’t really care about their college teams, though. IF they did they would release authentic gear for retail.

  • john

    The camo worked vs Wisconsin. I couldn’t see their defense at all.