Trey Burke holds lead in National Player of the Year straw poll

Dylan Burkhardt
Mike Rothstein’s final National Player of the Year poll is up at and Trey Burke still leads the way. The poll has been correct in each of the last four seasons but the race is tighter than previous seasons.

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  • mikey_mac

    I watched some of McDermott’s terrible final game against Wichita State, that Creighton still managed to win (I know +/- isn’t awesome for college, but it still gives an idea … his numbers from that game are here: That may have left a bad final impression on voters. I wouldn’t be surprised if Olynyk jumps him.

  • Mattski

    These conversations take place in a bit of a vacuum when we don’t know what the specified criteria are–or are there any? It seems to me that if you vote on best player for the whole year, and in terms of importance to their team, then Trey is your man. If you’re voting on athleticism displayed, or best big games, or most future promise, then it gets murkier. In the IU game Zeller really won it for them, but even he had a pretty lousy first half. Wish it were stated up front in some of these pieces what they’re looking for or think they’re looking for.

  • FL Wolve

    Anybody remember what happened with Kelly Olynyk’s recruitment? I know at one time that he was a serious UM target.

  • mstein23

    The straw poll and Trey winning the B1G POY, in basically a head to head race with Oladipo – likely his biggest national threat as well, certainly bodes well for Burke’s chances here. Does anyone know when the voting ends?