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Michigan added a class of 2014 commitment today as Ricky Doyle accepted a Wolverine offer. Doyle visited Michigan for the first time this weekend for Michigan’s game against Indiana, it was his first visit outside the state of Florida. Doyle confirmed the commitment to UM Hoops earlier afternoon.

Doyle, a 6-foot-9 230 pound big man from Fort Myers, Florida, was relatively under the radar after opting not play AAU basketball. ESPN is the only service that ranked Doyle and rated him a 3-star prospect. Despite somewhat reduced attention, major schools took notice. Miami, Boston College, Purdue, Kansas State, Penn State, Washington, Stanford and USC were all heavily recruiting the talented post player. His official offers included Boston College, Stanford, Virginia, Purdue, Penn State and Miami

Doyle is Michigan’s first official commitment in the class of 2014 although Austin Hatch, formerly a 2013 recruit, reclassified to the class of 2014. Hatch has yet to return to live basketball action since he was involved in a tragic plane crash in June, 2011.

Doyle missed nearly two months of playing time during his junior year but finished the season with per game averages of 22 points and seven rebounds while helping Bishop Verot to a 17-12 record.

Scouting notes, video and more after the jump.


Doyle is Michigan’s first commitment in the class of 2014 and the Wolverines now have outstanding scholarship offers to 5-star Devin Booker and 4-star prospects Trevon Bluiett and Vince Edwards. All three prospects were at Michigan’s loss to Indiana along with Doyle. Doyle is a big man that looks like a likely fit at the five position.

An updated version of Michigan’s scholarship chart for future classes lives on this page.

Our Class of 2014 Michigan recruiting board, updated with recent offers, commitments and recruiting profiles, lives here.


Carl Bleich, special to UM Hoops:

Doyle’s back-to-the-basket skills are second to none for a player his age. He is proficient finishing with both hands and has an array of post moves to choose from. He can also catch the ball in the post, face up and score consistently coming across the lane as well as showed on multiple occasions against LaBelle. He took just one shot outside of the paint in Thursday’s game but has showcased a smooth mid-range jump shot in the past that indicates that he is comfortable offensively outside of the paint.


He’s got a history of basketball in the family. His father had a cup of coffee with the Detroit Pistons before playing overseas. He’s receiving good coaching in high school and improved from his freshman to sophomore season. Could be a kid who plays pick and pop to mid-range. Runs well and changes ends with decent touch in the lane. Like that already owns a hook shot and has ways to score in the lane.

Not a bad athlete but not an exceptional one either. Still needs to continue to cultivate his interior post moves and work in the weight room to gain a measure of explosion to help versus size.

Bottom Line:
A good student, Doyle is a legit mid-major prospect and because of all the history and improvements, he could wind up at a high level as a second post option.



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  • DingoBlue

    Welcome Ricky! That does it for the Big man for 2014, now we just need a good SG and a 3-4 swingman forward. *Looks at Booker and Bluiett*

  • gpsimms

    Congrats to Ricky! I think he looks to have really nice footwork and some skill, and a frame that can really add some muscle and bulk. Will be nice to have a guy with a little more back to the basket game that could complement Donnal’s face up/shooting 4 game.

    • DingoBlue

      That’s my thought. I don’t know many players for Michigan in recent memory who you can just feed it to in the post and they can go to work reliably. Will be a nice addition.

      • Mith

        The last reliable threat was Deshaun Sims, I’d say. I’m not knocking Jordan Morgan, who I love, but he’s not really a reliable post scorer.

  • Great to see the first (second? Isn’t Austin Hatch a 2014 now?) chip fall into place for the 2014 class. The high level that Beilein has been recruiting at the past 3 years and now heading into 2014 is bordering on insanity. Welcome to the team and program Ricky.

  • CDeSana

    Coach’s first recruit with a low post back to the basket game; I wonder if that means we are done with big men in this class?

  • Jay Z

    Man, this is great news. Especially in light of the loss yesterday. Congrats, Ricky.

  • MGoTweeter

    Welcome Ricky! I really love this kid’s low post game. Very good footwork and can finish with either hand, which is a really underrated aspect of a low post players game. Especially when you consider that Michigan does not have a big on the roster that can do that. His basketball I.Q. is very high and he does a good job of passing the ball out of the post. He also has a great frame and should be ready to bang in the post as a freshman.

    He will be a great compliment to Donnal, who is a great face up player with range. Should be fun to watch those two develop.

    • Guest

      McGary can’t finish with either hand?

      • MGoTweeter

        i am not talking about layups. All the guys can make layups with either hand. But none of them can make a back to the basket half hook with either hand. I do seem to recall McGary making one right handed hook type shot earlier in the year but thats it. He struggles enough to just finish shots with his left. Morgan cannot even turn over his other shoulder to make a move, let alone finish with the other hand.

  • Steve2081

    Awesome news and just what I needed to get me out of the funk yesterdays game put me in.

    So congrats and thanks both to Ricky.

  • AADave

    Great news! His offers, more than his rating, tell the story. Now we just need a couple more (hopefully 2/3 of Booker, Blueitt, Edwards) to round out another fantastic class!

    Yesterday’s loss was a heartbreaker but in the longer scheme, not too important. Michigan had won the game before giving it away (with some help from the refs) on a horrible call (on the obvious intentional foul), missed freebies and some bad luck on the last possession. Despite barely missing out on a shared conference title, Michigan has had a great year and has shown that it is an elite top 5-10 program with a great shot at making a Final Four run in a few weeks.

    Looking forward to the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments!

  • robpollard

    A question: is 7 rebounds a game that good for a 6′ 9″ kid, on a team on which the 2nd tallest person is 4 inches shorter? I honestly don’t know, but I would think a top player of his height & weight, in high school, should be pulling down double digits. Was it perhaps partly b/c of the injury?

    I’m glad Michigan is getting a player who has good offensive skills that we currently lack, seems to come from a good family, has good interest from major schools, and has room to grow physically. I just am honestly interested in his rebounding from those who may have watched more film of him (and yes, the MSU and IU games are a big reason I have this question!)

  • blackie6

    You gotta love beilein’s ability to mine talent…… Here’s another example. seriously, give this kid a Div. 1 training table and weight room and watch…. Hopefully he adds another couple of inches too, but if 6’9 is legit, he’s already 1″ taller then JMO. I’ve read that he has a 7’2″ wingspan… so that’s good.

    I’ve learned to trust Beilein’s ability to find and project talent. For every Carlton Brundidge, there are numerous GRobIII, Stauskas, Hardaway, Darius, ZAck, Stu, Caris, Spike, etc.’s……

    Good stuff.

    • David DeMember

      that trey kid isn’ bad too… he was only a 3 star prospect coming in.

      • Blackie6

        True…… ;)

        We were later in the process when we offered I believe, but maybe not….. I think it was the spring/summer b4 his sr yr

  • A2JD

    Nice to have some good news after yesterday. That and that Tom Crean is getting ripped nationally for being an ass. A much better day in A2!