Michigan 58, Michigan State 57

Dylan Burkhardt

UM vs MSU 13-7142
Dustin Johnston

Michigan limped into Sunday’s Michigan State rematch on life support. The Wolverines had been through the rigors of a treacherous Big Ten stretch and the after effects dragged them into an upset loss at Penn State. With Michigan State, which led by 31 points with 1:27 to play in the first meeting, coming to town there was little confidence among Wolverine faithful.

For much of the first half, Michigan looked like the same team that we’ve seen throughout the last troubling stretch but it managed to stay within striking distance of the Spartans. A strong finish to the first half led to a better start of the second half. It was defense that rejuvenated the Wolverines. Michigan held Michigan State scoreless for the first four and a half minutes of play and turned a three point half time deficit into a seven point lead.

The Wolverines wouldn’t trail after taking the lead on a Jordan Morgan layup with 17:17 to play despite the Spartans tying the game with :54 seconds to play. With the game tied and Michigan State in line to take the final shot, Trey Burke pick pocketed Keith Appling for an easy dunk on the other end.

Trey Burke led the way for the Wolverines with 21 points and eight assists. Mitch McGary scored 11 points and grabbed four rebounds off of the bench while Caris LeVert played a strong 30 minutes in relief of Nik Stauskas, who left the game early after being elbowed in the face and requiring 12 stitches.

  • DB

    How the hell did you get this up so fast?

  • Brad S

    Never imagined we’d win a game without making a single three point shot. Wow. Wish we could have that effort every game

    • UMQuasi

      I want to know if any Beilein team has ever won without a 3PM

      • Brad S

        I doubt there has ever been a game where a Beilein team didn’t make a 3 pointer

        • UMQuasi

          That’s what I was thinking

        • Dyenimator

          He said back at Canisius, they lost to St. Bonny without making a single 3.

  • wow

    trey burke thank u

  • Fab 5 Legends

    Trey Burke played amazing…he wanted that W…Caris Levert also stepped up…and is improving every game…

    Im thinking we will get #2 seed when its all set and done…indiana next week cant wait

  • MechE

    Well, I’m going to say it because I know nobody else will. Michigan benefited greatly from some questionable officiating today. Still good to see them hustle when they need it most though.

    • DB

      There were some shaky calls against us at the end against us, but in general we got the benefit of the doubt. However, I don’t think it was outside the standard Big 10 home team bias. It’s just part of playing conference basketball.

    • Alex

      We got some charge calls but I’m pretty sure State had less fouls than us. Also we were driving the lane on what seemed like 70-80 percent of the possessions and got no calls. Also JMo’s fifth foul was highly questionable and almost lost us the game. Think people were saying one of JMo’s taken charges was questionable but whatever.

    • Brad S

      How about those travel non calls on Payne at the end?

    • umnyc

      Potentially the worst officiated game I’ve ever seen on both ends. And yes, we certainly benefited from some calls, but that 7 point MSU run at the end was all ref initiated. But at the end of the day a win is a win, and we surely needed this one.

    • UMQuasi

      I disagree–sure, there were a lot of big calls that went against MSU, but they were warranted. The sign of bias is not how many calls go each way, but how many bad calls go each way. The most obvious stretch that went against MSU was the sequence where they had a handful of offensive fouls–those were some of the most obvious offensive fouls I’ve ever seen.

      I feel like a lot more bad/bewildering calls went against us. Jordan Morgan getting his 5th foul with his back to Payne comes to mind for one.

    • Adam st Patrick

      Would like to reserve judgement until I see it again but certainly Michigan got hosed plenty.

  • Mattski

    Huge win. Trey Burke putting in a season for the ages. When he pickpocketed Appling I was sure it would be the play of the year in college basketball if Michigan held on. Then he stole the ball again! Love McGary’s play, love all the paint points, and love how we look with an increasingly confident Caris out there. Try bringing Stauskas in off the bench as the sharpshooter, coach–I think we are on to something.

  • greenback44

    When’s the last time Michigan won without a 3PM? 1986?

    I wish Beilein would go to multiple big guys more when he’s up against a team that’s destroying Michigan on the boards.

    I’m guessing that the missed layups and weird inability to maintain control are a function of the opponent. Or maybe I should say it’s a function of the opponent’s coach ability to intimidate the referees. That and some goofy charge calls make college basketball tough to watch at times.

  • MGoTweeter

    Omg just got home and watched the mcgary out of bounds call at the end. What was that? Ball was a good four inches inside the line and his feet were not within two feet of the line

    • Adam st Patrick

      The over-and-back is the one I really want to see. For some reason I was fearing it as it happened and was sure live that they didnt cross the line, regardless of whether a State player touched it nor not. Either way, seems like absolutely every single questionable call went their way in the last 5 minutes. That was looking like a comfortable last few minutes until that one sequence…

      • Brad S

        Levert’s foot was over the line. It was the right call

      • Davester

        Izzo finally got his over-and-back revenge, 14 months later, to soothe his inexplicable hissy fit last season.

  • Danny

    Jordan Morgan was the difference, terrific energy and leadership. With him on the floor they are a much much better team. Very promising for the rest of the season.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    Caris Levert stepped up!!! I also agree with what was said….Im starting to like him more than stauskas for big minutes…defense is better than nik and offensively his getting better – great chemistry with Trey!

  • AADave

    A great win with much to feel good about! Michigan’s D and intensity were both much improved. I think they really missed Stauskas and his absence was a big reason they didn’t make any 3’s. He would likely have made at least a couple himself and allowed others to get more open on their 3’s.

    With Stauskas in the game, decent 3 point shooting and without the bizarre 5 point possession by MSU, Michigan wins by 15-20.

    Although Hardaway still didn’t shoot well, I liked his overall game. His penetration led to buckets by others, some on missed shots. He seemed to have several drives to the bucket where he just didn’t get the bounce. His rebounding and pushing the ball in transition were also key. But they need him to start hitting more consistently if they hope to make a deep tourney run.

    As for the officiating, I think it was reasonably fair with questionable calls going fairly evenly.

  • JimC

    I’m exhausted! These 1-point home wins are nerve-wracking!
    But Sec 226 brought their A Game!

  • A2JD

    There were some scary and angering moments (how many travels did Payne get away with?) but a rewarding finish. GO BLUE!!!

  • Sarah

    So win out and we are in position for 2 or 3 seed in the BTT…get there and do some damage!