Tuesday Links: U-M backcourt, Fresh Five, transition offense and tempo free stats

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 62, Wisconsin 65 (OT)-3
Dustin Johnston

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  • MH_20

    That Ken Pomeroy article is behind a paywall. : (

    I guess you can read it more or less if you don’t mind looking at a shaded screen.

  • mstein23

    That sbnation article on transition offense is great stuff. Dylan, are you aware of “fastbreak points” being tracked as an official stat for NCAA teams? I’ve looked for the stat but have yet to find it listed on various sites.

  • James

    Obviously, I trust Beilein, but sometimes I wish we ran more off opponent’s makes. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • UM Hoops Fan

      Why do you wish that? Because it would be fun, or because you think we’d score more efficiently that way?

      If you look at the article, you’ll notice that (1) nobody outside of Indiana in the top 10 runs on Opp makes more than 15% of the time, and (2) our eFG% off initial shots in the halfcourt offense is very high.

      I guess we could run a bit more off makes, but generally I like the idea of taking a quick shot IF it’s a great look, but otherwise running the offense. It’s a lot harder to get great quick shots off of maks. It also makes sense because we rely on our starters so much.

      It is fun to watch a lot of up and down play, but I think the coaches are much better served getting our guys to make more stops with clean boards than running more off makes. We’re pretty fun to watch as it is if we can do that.

    • sane1

      Teams are wary of our transition game. When shots go up, they make sure to have a couple of players back. It’s just not there. MSU used to do a lot of that, but teams are wise to it so that those opportunities are rare now.

  • Adam St Patrick

    That picture reminds me — those are last year’s unis worn @ Wisconsin, right? Anyone know why?