Trey Burke leads National Player of the Year straw poll

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 76, Ohio State 74 (OT)-10Trey Burke is still leading Mike Rothstein’s Player of the Year poll but only just barely as Victor Oladipo gains ground:

The Player of the Year race still feels wide open.

While Michigan sophomore guard Trey Burke still has a hold on the top spot in the fourth Player of the Year poll, comprised of voters for the AP, Naismith, Robertson and Wooden Awards, a gaggle of people are keeping pace, most notably Indiana guard Victor Oladipo.

The junior entered the poll two weeks ago in fourth place and moved to second in our panel of 51 voters, including being in first or second place on every ballot but one that came in after Indiana’s 72-68 win over Michigan State on Tuesday night.

Cody Zeller leads the Ken Pomeroy Player of the Year calculator with Burke in third and Oladipo in fifth.

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  • blucinic

    The Michigan-Indiana finale, along with the Big 10 Tournament, will probably determine who wins the award.

  • gpsimms

    Of course, I’m proud of Trey Burke and what he’s done at Michigan. He’s been fantastic to watch.

    That said, anyone not voting for Oladipo at this point is crazy, in my opinion. It’s amazing to me that he’s 5th in the kenpom POY, which only accounts for offense, and he is an absolute game changer on the other side of the court. Burke is a fine defender, but is nowhere near Oladipo’s league.

    Unless we win out, and Trey puts up 30 in the two big games (on 15 shots, not on 30 shots), then I think there’s no way Trey deserves it over Oladipo.

    Once again, I love Trey, I hope he wins it. It’ll be great for him and great for the program. I just think the best player on the best team in the best conference is Oladipo.

    • KPOY accounts for defense… rebounds, steals, etc. Bunch of stats that Victor ranks highly in.

      • But yes – I would vote for Victor Oladipo.

        • gpsimms

          oops. I thought I read that it was just ORating + usage basically. I just read he uses stops as per the dean oliver definition as well. But yeah, I also still stand by what I wrote.

      • gpsimms

        Uh, but were is winning in Kenpom’s KPOY formula? I’d really like to see that.

        edit: there’s an element of team strenght in KPOY as well, but I just wanted another chance to demonstrate my dislike of Tom Crean.

    • Adam

      Oladipo is awesome and a complete player, but I’d be curious to know when the last time is that the POY averaged only 14 PPG, 6 REB

      I’m not saying Oladipo doesn’t deserve it, but his stats don’t exactly scream POY

    • eddieben

      While I hear your argument that the best player on the best team in the best conference and possibly the country should be the POY, one might argue that IU’s supporting cast is a lot stronger and deeper than UMs. Take away Oladipo from IU and you still probably have a top 10 team and top 3 team in conference. Take away Burke and UM probably doesn’t crack the top 25 or the top half of the conference.

      • gpsimms

        I get your argument, the whole “most valuable” vs. “best”. However, I’m not sure I agree that IU is so good without Oladipo.

        Think about IU this year vs, last. Zeller is having a similar year. Hulls is the exact same guy, Watford is the same guy, Sheehey is the same guy.

        The two freshman who play have the lowest Oratings on the team. (Although Yogi clearly makes a difference and is part of the improvement).

        So I think you can make a pretty strong argument that the main difference between last years team (11-7 in the Big Ten, a big ten that is much weaker than this years, ranked 15 going into the tournament) and this year is Oladipo becoming the best player in the country.

        I guess we would fall farther without Trey than they would without Oladipo, but I think you’re selling him short if you think it’s still a top ten team without him.

        • eddieben

          Not sure I’m with you…other than Yogi, the first 7 guys on the court for IU have been there before. You can say that Zeller, Sheehey, Watford, and Hulls are the same guys, but the experience those guys bring to the floor every night is not the “same”. It’s a HUGE difference compared to what 6 freshman from our 9 man rotation brings. Without Burke running the show as efficiently as he does, this team would be in rough rough shape.

          Yes, Oladipo has been the difference for IU this year. No doubt about that. But IU would be much improved this year over last even if he hadn’t taken a leap.

          • gpsimms

            I’m not saying experience doesn’t matter. What I am saying is that last year Hulls as a junior was exactly as good as he is as a senior. Junior Watford=Senior Watford. Some people have even said that Zeller’s production has been disappointing this year (though kenpom would disagree).

            So yeah, you’re totally right, they have a lot more experience than us. But they don’t have that much more experience than they did last year, and that is the comparison I am making.

  • Tresf

    Pssh, Brendan Dawson is better than all those guys

    • mstein23

      Thanks, Derrick. :)

  • sane1

    Y’all are crazy. Trey has the best PG stats since Magic. His assist to turnover ratio is unreal. He’s incredibly consistent, as well. He gets my vote for POY.

  • mstein23

    At this point, I think Trey does deserve the award. But, if IU wins the B1G outright (which is likely at this point), I think Oladipo will end up winning. That would not be an injustice, and in fact, one can make strong cases for either player. For me though, I look at two things. First, where would Michigan be without Trey and IU without Oladipo. IU has more depth and experience, and another Wooden award candidate in Zeller. UM is very talented as well, but Trey is clearly the engine that drives the team. Second, it’s very rare to see a college PG have such a high level, game controlling presence on the floor. I think something so rare needs to be considered when comparing the candidates.

  • savy

    Trey is the right choice and after the week off and a strong close to the regular season i think the majority of voters and college bball fans will see that…..Lets face it oladipo has all the momentum,and for Burke to be ahead in alot of voters mind at this point shows how a special a season he has had….Obviously there is no guarantees but with IU and MSU coming to Ann Arbor THE TEAM will have a good chance to chance to show off how terrific a PG Michigan really has……..1 other thing the Oladipo/Jordan comparisons gotta stop its the dumbest B.S ive heard in a longtime….Talented absolutely bt MJ, i would hope even sensible IU fans would even have to agree

  • Mattski

    I think you-all are seriously under-estimating Trey and his impact and buying into the momentary Oladipo hype. Yeah, Oladipo is a fantastic player, but Trey is leading in the stats column AND leading on the floor. Without Trey we aren’t a whole lot; without Oladipo, IU is still a top ten team. Trey by a landslide.

    • rlcBlue

      As long as IU remains the #1 team in the polls, the Oladipo hype is going to increase. I had to turn down the sound on Tuesday’s game, so I don’t know the answer to this question: How many times did Dicky V compare Oladipo to Michael F’ing Jordan?

  • dennisreynolds

    The current Oladipo hype is overshadowing Trey Burke’s consistent POY play.