Photo Gallery: Michigan State 75, Michigan 52

Dustin Johnston
Michigan State 75, Michigan 52-32

All photos by Dustin Johnston. Full gallery after the jump.

  • Jarrod

    Michigan got beat by a top team on the road. Big suprise.

    • Mark

      It isn’t as much about the loss, as it is about how badly they lost the game. They looked and played awful and the final score reveals that.

      MI has a young team that was at the end of a difficult stretch where they went 1-3. They’ll bounce back. It is good for this team to go through some adversity now and learn how to play through it. Tonight, they simply just didn’t get it done…at all.

      • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

        This loss makes the debacle at Wisconsin sting more.

  • mstein23

    Wow, in every picture of a UM dribble drive, the ball handler is getting mauled, hand checked, etc.

    • gobluemd16

      Great observation, do you think most of those are fouls?

      • mstein23

        By the rule book, yes. By B1G standards? Or @ MSU, WIS, IU, OSU? Not so much.