Game 24: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread

Michigan 95, Iowa 67 - #15
Dustin Johnston

A win guarantees Michigan at least a share of the Big Ten lead while a loss makes Tuesday’s trip to East Lansing even more important. The Wolverines will look to win their first game at the Kohl Center since 1999 in an early 12 p.m. eastern (11 a.m. local) tip off. Dan Dakich and Bob Wischusen will be on the call for ESPN in Michigan’s third consecutive nationally televised game.

Join in the discussion below before, during and after the game to share your thoughts, predictions and observations.

Pre-Game Reading:

  • A2JD

    It wasn’t a great angle but it sure didn’t look like that ball went off Nik’s leg.

    • jemblue

      More importantly, the Wisconsin guy raked him on both arms.

  • Guest

    We do NOT deserve to win this game. Pathetic right now, giving them chance after chance.

    • jemblue

      And Wisconsin does? They threw up a prayer with one second in regulation and it was answered.

    • Mattski

      Big fan of your team, eh?

  • Mattski

    Some rookie/freshman errors down the stretch.

  • gobluemd16

    Up 3, give Berggren an AND-1 dunk; up 3, give a no pressure easy inbounds leads to a half court 3 at buzzer; miss a layup in OT that was disputably a foul; Nik loses a rebound that inevitably leads to the 3 that wins the game.

    • jemblue

      You can play that game both ways. Wisconsin didn’t foul on either of our last-second possessions, gave up a three with 2.4 seconds, missed the front end of a one-and-one . . . did they deserve to win? They got lucky as hell. Period.

  • Mattski

    Bergren walked.

  • MGoTweeter

    Uh we have to foul guys

  • Jonathan Cummings


  • A2JD


  • CCC

    this is a tough one to take. on to the next one…

  • CDeSana

    Poorly as played and coached final few minutes and over time I have seen in some time; we simply did not deserve the W.

  • serious

    Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than to be good. Shit happens. Oh well.

  • Polsci

    Awful game management at the end

  • Mike Bainbridge

    Tweeter mentioned it. No defender on the inbounds passer is baffling

    • jemblue

      It makes sense if you’re planning to foul right after they catch it. Then you have five guys on four players. LeVert was in position to foul and for some reason didn’t.

      • MGoTweeter

        i dont think you can risk fouling at the point on the floor he caught the ball with all his momentum going forward. If you can get him on the catch or right before the ball gets there fine, but otherwise I thought levert played it right. Got a hand up and contested, guy made a great shot.

        The big issue is by not having anyone on the ball, you allow wisky to get the pass down the court to easily and also it makes it harder for guys to be ready to foul. The offensive player knows where he is going, it is virtually impossible for a defender to stay tight with him the entire length of the floor on an inbounds.

        You have to make them throw that below your three point line or if they do throw it longer, it has to be inaccurate. By not having someone on the ball both of those were going to be hard to achieve.

        • jemblue

          I don’t see a big risk. He’s not likely to get the shot off before you foul. Also, keep in mind, it was coming off a made basket so the inbounder could run along the baseline. Covering him is not as valuable there.

          • MGoTweeter

            the problem is LeVert could not stay close enough to him to foul on the catch. Once he caught it, it was one dribble shot. You cannot foul at that point. If the pass was at least a tiny bit inaccurate, LeVert may have time to recover and foul. Instead it was a two handed chest pass to mid court, right on the money. Even if the on ball defender cannot stay tight with him running the baseline, I doubt Bergren attempts that kind of pass.

          • bftn

            Exactly the reason why our two biggest players should have been on the inbounding player. The best he could hope to do in this situation is jack something way up in the air and impossible to throw accurately to a running player at mid court. Don’t blame Lavert for that one, it was the play called from the bench.

        • Dr_ZC

          You come out of a to. You have an extra to. Check how Wisconsin
          is going to inbound and call your last to. Tell the guys to play them tight and foul. This is an one bounce deal before he shoots. Plenty of time to hack.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    tough L to take…but it happens in the B1G conference….refs are always going to give home court advantage…look at craft non foul….that buzzer beater changed momentum…but michigan played great…on a neutral court – wisco does not stand a chance against michigan

    • Fab 5 Legends

      if we can steal a W at michigan state…i still see this road trip as a W…1-1…with a bunch of home games :)

  • Dave Pratt

    I just can’t get over not fouling in regulation. 3 fouls to give should have been automatic as soon as guy catches it foul. Heck keep fouling until its a 1-1. Put them on the line up 3

  • ord

    how many games does beilein have to lose before he fouls in end of game situations

    • Dave Pratt

      At least he didn’t come out in the 1-3-1. That was worse then not fouling.

    • jemblue

      He wanted to foul. He was calling for it and the players didn’t respond.

    • Dave Pratt

      Wasn’t there a TO before the IB pass? Didn’t he tell them then? Or did he decide to do it when the players took the floor and the crowd was loud?

  • Peter Toal

    Welcome to the horrors of bad coaching. As an IU fan, I live with Tom Crean’s awful in game moves every week.

  • MGoTweeter

    That stretch late second half where michigan went shot clock violation, missed burke layup, missed burke layup and desperation shot clock forty-foot heave, was really damaging. Better execution for that two-three minute period and it never comes down to late game stuff.

    The last play of regulation was obviously crushing and I put that squarely on Beilein. It’s not like he has not been in that situation before and recently. It is asking for trouble by not guarding the inbounder.

    The player negatives today for me were Robinson and LeVert. Robinson is now struggling on both ends of the floor and on the glass. On Tuesday, I think I would start two bigs and bring him off the bench. McGary is playing well enough right now to get a chance and I really liked Bielfeldt today. I have no idea what LeVert does in practice that makes the coaches think he is good on defense. He is possibly the worst on the team on defense. He certainly is quick, but his quickness takes him out of plays as much as it helps him and he struggles in one on one situations to challenge shots. If he is not scoring, he should not be seeing the floor more than a minute or two in the first half.

    The player positives were McGary, Hardaway, Bielfeldt and Spike. McGary is really coming on. Yea he missed a crucial layup in OT, but without his play in regulation Michigan might have lost by ten. He needs to be getting at least 25 minutes a night even when Morgan comes back. He still makes mistakes on D (3 big ones early in the game and one missed steal attempt in the second half that cost michigan a layup), but he needs to play to learn to grow through those. Hardaway another stellar offensive show and it is great to see him get a late game shot and nail it. Bielfeldt and Spike both gave Michigan big minutes and played well, Max especially. He should be getting more minutes than Horford right now.

    Tuesday’s game is gigantic now and nearly a must win if Michigan wants to win the B1G.

    • Mattski

      I’m always interested in your analysis, Tweeter. But we lost on a mid-court heave and two missed close-range shots by McGary, whose great play made both of them possible. Beilein shouted at them to foul. Really a sad one to let get away, though, that’s for sure.

      • Dr_ZC

        Mattski, we came off a time out. JB should have drilled his guys way before the play to foul. Heck, we had out own time out left. See what they have in mind and call it. No sense to have McGary guarding under our basket. Put him on the inbounder to make his life difficult.

  • Joel_C

    I am still steaming. Really!!!? That shot goes in, really?

  • ziggy selbin

    There is only one reason and no other as to how Wisconsin won today……LUCK…..999 out of 1000 that desperation have court shot would have missed… they got lucky.

    • Joel_C

      Haven’t you learned by now??? Those shots always go in against us.

      • ziggy selbib

        I was gonna say when til I remembered that b.s from osu ..

  • Dr_ZC

    JB burned Levert’s red shirt once, and Brust burned his blue shirt twice. What a terrible defense strategy on the last play. What happened to fouling somebody with 2.4 sec? We have been on the receiving side of last second plays one too many times. Do I need a defibrillator next to me watching such games?

    • Joel_C

      I made the mistake of thinking Wisconsin was actually going to miss….Ohio St could’ve won on Tuesday too – they made the mistake of driving into the lane when they would’ve automatically made a desperation 3.

      • Dr_ZC

        The difference is that your mistake is easily forgiven and forgotten. :)

    • jemblue

      That wasn’t the strategy. The plan was to foul and we didn’t do it.

      • Dr_ZC

        If we intend to foul, why do we need McGary under our hoop? To protect the 2 pointer? We had a to left. Why not call the damn thing once we see their arrangement. Everybody, knew what they planned, but we did not know how.

  • David DeMember

    guard the inbounds? Maybe.
    McGary’s missed layup? ouch!
    Should he have fouled? Maybe (but what if he gets 3 shots on an attempt).

    It’s B1G on the road… on to the next one.

  • bftn

    The biggest burden of this loss falls on Beilein. Why would you possibly want to allow the guys inbounding the ball to have an easy toss to anyone he chooses? Why wouldn’t you pressure the krap on the inbounder? Put McGary AND Bielfeld on the inbounder, and now what have you got? Two huge guys that make it impossible to through a chest level pass (with pinpoint accuracy while they’re running) to someone at half court.

    Next up, I was at the game and can tell you without a doubt that the ball did NOT go out of bounds on Stauskas in the last minute of play. He was holding the ball and 2 guys hacked him with a machete. I’m surprised his arms didn’t fall to the floor in a pool of blood. But, GREATcall by the ref who was RIGHT THERE. Late for your eye exam A**HOLE?
    Finally, although McGary is stepping up recently, by and large all the bigs suck severely. I don’t care how poorly anyone else shot/played, you can’t miss a 5 layups at the rim. The bigs can’t cry that they’re not involved and don’t get the ball when they miss countless layups and are NEVER ready for a bounce pass.

    • Dr_ZC

      Well, Bftn, our guys have to cradle the rebounds with both hands and bring the ball to their chest like holding a baby at the end of a game. Why give a couple of hacks and a zebra with a dog and a white cane the chance to screw you?

  • JT-77

    I really like JB, but having McGary play under the basket at the end of regulation when a two point uncontested bucket doesn’t get them to overtime is nonsensical. He needs to be covering the inbounds pass.

    Go Blue!

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