Michigan 76, Ohio State 74 (OT)

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan didn’t look like a team capable of stopping Ohio State more than a couple times on the evening. Luckily the Wolverines got the ball last in regulation and escaped to overtime. While Michigan’s defense was horrendous in regulation, it improved in the overtime period and held the Buckeyes to just two points in the extra five minutes.

It took a three point barrage – six on the evening – from Tim Hardaway Jr. to keep Michigan close in the second half and timely plays late from Trey Burke, Mitch McGary and Nik Stauskas to send the game to overtime. Burke missed a step back three pointer at the buzzer but provided three of Michigan’s four critical points in overtime. Both Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. blocked Aaron Craft’s two final efforts to help the Wolverines survive with a 76-74 victory over Ohio State. Full post game coverage to follow, here’s your post game thread.

  • VeryPissedOffKid


    Omg, I can NOT stand Dick Vitale, showed his true colors tonight during the game, what an ass hole.

  • Montreal

    Great win and an even better game.

    I thought Craft got fouled on both of the last 2 plays, though I’d need to see more replays. Not sure if him clubbing GRIII should have been a flagrant. Does it need to be intentional, or just negligent? It was the latter but not the former.

    Ohio State basically did enough to win (Ross had the game of his life) but Hardaway and Burke got hot from 3pt land and with 4 excellent 3pt shooters in their starting lineup, that will happen to teams that ostensibly deserve to beat Michigan.

    Wasn’t it weird for Michigan to be the team trying to get out and run and the other team being the one slowing it down, trying to win in the 60’s and running their ballhandler into the ground trying to create? Felt like the opposite of D-Mo’s sophomore season or Manny’s junior one.

    • Devin

      I’m sorry but everything about that foul was a flagrant. It stopped us from getting a clear scoring chance and CLEARLY intentional. If that foul is not called flagrant, then you can NOT call a foul on that last play of the game (osu had several blocks with an equal amount of contact and no call).

    • AADave

      I don’t think Craft was fouled on either play. Each time, the defender got 99% ball. Good noncalls. The clubbing of GRIII, on the other hand, should clearly have been a flagrant. He got 1000% face and wasn’t anywhere near the ball. If that’s not a flagrant, absolutely nothing is. What does he have to do to get a flagrant – knock him down then kick him, punch him and pull out a gun and shoot him? That was possibly the worst call I can recall seeing in college basketball.

    • CCC

      definitely contact between burke/craft on the final play.. debatable whether it’s more contact than craft gets away with his half-second hand checks (which you might be coached to do) and his shielding the ball with his off-hand on offense (which you are definitely coached to do and is mostly legal), and indeed even debatable who was initiating the contact..

  • mistersuits


  • Billiam

    Wow. First UF loses to a team we beat, then we beat OSU in a classic…wow.

  • kenny

    THJr., MVP of tonight.

    • Devin

      Ya Think?


  • Matzio

    I think this team is going to give me a heart attack come March.

    • rlcBlue

      I doubt I’ll survive February.

  • gpsimms

    1.) wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    2.) The officiating was horrendous. For both teams, many times. Just horrible. I actually think we got the worst of it though, mostly just because OSU was gifted 3 points after a shot clock violation and two points on an obvious goaltend. Almost no amount of blown calls can make up for 5 points.

    3.) I’m gonna go ahead and class BS on the mgoblog post about how our defense is better with McGary. OSU is a mediocre offensive team. Credit: their “role guys” hit shots. But even saying that, that was the worst defensive effort I have ever seen against a team that weak offensively.

    4.) Beilein needs to stop calling for the step back 3 to end regulation/half. This is the most efficient offense in the country, and a Burke step back is worth maybe .7 points.

    5.) woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nick

      Kenpom has Ohio State as the 14th best offense in the country after today’s games. They’re improving. Michigan didn’t play well defensively but these werent scrubs either.

      • gpsimms

        Fair enough. Around 1.5 ppp in the second half, though. Terrible against anyone.

  • jemblue

    Whew. I was frustrated with our play on the defensive glass but in fairness, we did play this game without our starting center. Morgan’s absence has been really felt these last two games.

    • Mattski

      Yeah, I hope we have him for MSU.

      • gobluemd16

        And Wisconsin.

  • Mattski

    The back-and-forth between Craft and Burke at the end, with one stripping the other right in a row, was like nothing I’ve ever seen. The no-call on Hardaway at the end maybe makes this something less than a true classic, but it made up for Craft’s three with the clock expired. We deserved to win.

    Need to go to work on D, though. And we should not be missing free throws.

    • mistersuits

      Was the refs make-up call for not giving Craft a flagrant on Robinson.

  • Devin

    Ohio State was gifted 5 points in the last 10 min of the game and if there’s no flagrant on craft, then craft didn’t get fouled either.

  • Micah Reed

    With the way they called the game there definitely should have been no foul on Hardaway. It looked clean anyway. Burke fouled him by riding him down the floor. But, Craft’s foul on Robinson was flagrant I’m pretty sure. That’s why they have two flagrant calls. A flagrant one is for hits across the head regardless of intent. Flagrant two is where intent comes in to play.

    • mistersuits

      Craft’s foul on Robinson was textbook Flagrant 1. They choose not to call it because they didn’t want to “decide the outcome” of the game. Having made that decision it’s pretty obvious why they didn’t blow the whistle on the ensuing play at the other end.

      • AADave

        A reasonable view. It was clearly a flagrant foul. Failure to call a flagrant foul was referee malpractice. I would even argue, however, that it should have been clearly a Flagrant 2. Craft didn’t appear to be making a play on the ball – his hand and arm weren’t even near the ball and made 100% contact with Robinson’s face. And it wasn’t a glancing blow. It was a hard blow with follow through.

        I also think that it was a reasonable noncall on the play on Craft at the end of the game since almost all the contact was with the ball. But I could see them making the call earlier in the game since they often call a foul on the defender even if it’s a clean block or steal.

        • Flagrant2YesSir

          I 100% believe that craft should have been thrown out of the game. Seriously. If I watch Manny Harris get thrown out at Purdue for an elbow, or Novak get thrown out at osu.

          It’s bull, Craft should have been thrown out for that play, not a basketball play in anyway.

          • gpsimms

            don’t throw the novak elbow in with the manny elbow. novak definitely deserved to be kicked out for that. it was hilariously flagrant. (p.s. and I love him for it!)

          • Matzio

            We won. No hard feelings — everyone was playing to win. I was far more upset that Craft was granted that 3 even though the shot clock was clearly expired, and then Burke got called for a foul on Thomas when Burke hardly even touched him. That was a 5-point swing simply because of missed calls.

  • UMQuasi

    Couple of things that others have mentioned:

    1. There was no foul on Craft’s second to last shot but there was one on his last shot. However, his foul was definitely a flagrant 1. It doesn’t need to be intentional, that’s the whole reason for the flagrant 1/2 distinction.

    2. As a coach myself, I’m all for giving great player freedom, but with the best offensive mind in basketball, we have to do better than step back threes on keys possessions.

  • AG

    Man, I don’t wanna hear that nonsense. Craft got 3 free points to send this game to overtime, so I don’t wanna hear it. That no-call at the end was a makeup for Craft’s flagrant not being called properly.

    • Devin

      Not to mention the OBVIOUS 2 point offensive basket interference on Ohio State.

  • FlagrantDude

    1. That was the definition of a Flagrant Foul
    2. That was the definition of a Flagrant Foul
    3. That was the definition of a Flagrant Foul

  • tim

    We need to win that game in regulation. pretty sloppy last couple minutes. stauskas is going to give me a heart attack. he is so careless at times. i’ll take the win, but getting a little concerned

  • AADave

    Main Takeaways from the Game:

    1. We had horrible interior defense and defensive rebounding. That has got to improve or it may come to haunt us. Horford may be our best interior defender it may be best to use him more whenever this is a liability.

    2. THJr. was a beast tonight. He kept us in the game.

    3. Burke was awesome but needs to avoid relying on the stepback 3 at the end of the shotclock or game.

    4. Stauskas had a nice rebound from the IU game.

    5. McGary is becoming a beast, game by game.

    6. The officiating was horrible. Most of the calls went against Michigan and made it a closer game then it should have been. There was the 3 pointer by Craft after the shot clock ran out, the missed obvious offensive goaltending, the phantom foul called on Burke and the beyond horrible missed flagrant foul at the end.

    7. OSU played well, better than I thought they would in Ann Arbor.

    • gobluemd16

      Literally hit the nail right on the head, my thoughts exactly.

  • Andrew

    If this damn team would grind and defend a little bit, I think they could win it all. But dammit, winning by two in overtime when you go 14 for 24 on threes isn’t good enough. They seem to let Ohio and Indiana get all the hustle points and offensive stick backs etc. gr3 needs to play with some fire. I am happy they won, but I am pissed because I think they are a few effort plays away from being the best team in the nation. I do not know if they will get there

    • ForeverBlue

      You are pissed? They are still a really young team learning on the fly…even in their losses they have shown great resiliency after getting punched about as hard as possible in the gut to start both games. I am nothing but optimistic.

  • JDiesel

    In Boston to give a talk tomorrow, so had to give up my seats in Crisler. My take is that this was a must win (if we are going to content for B1G championship and more) and UM did just that. OSU played much better than I’ve seen them play this year, with their non-studs hitting a ton of shots. And yet still we prevailed. Lots to work on, but this would have been a really difficult loss. THJr was a beast.

  • Joshua Bock

    Thought Burke played a very patient game overall. Obviously the step back to end regulation was a poor shot, particularly with Thomas switched on him, but Trey did a great job putting Craft through multiple picks and limiting his tough 3s. Will need that efficiency with Wisconsin and MSU coming up.
    Morgan is clearly not healthy and really hurt the team in only 4 minutes (I believe an OSU 7-0 run). Hopefully another 4 days of treatment gets him closer to 100%.