Michigan to wear all-maize uniforms, shoes against Ohio State

Dylan Burkhardt


Michigan’s home game against Ohio State has been dubbed a “Maize Out” and the Wolverines will wear uniforms to live up to the billing. The Wolverines will wear a maize-on-maize edition of the Adidas “Bleed Out” uniforms that have been featured throughout college basketball (pictured above). Trey Burke also modeled the special edition all-maize shoes that Michigan will wear on Tuesday evening.

Ohio State will also be wearing alternative uniforms, branded as Hyper Elite by Nike, for Tuesday night’s primetime tip-off on ESPN at 9 p.m.

ESPN The Magazine has been following the Wolverines over the last several days and will publish a feature focused on John Beilein, Trey Burke and Nik Stauskas in its March 8th issue.

  • Datt

    I like them, now lets go smash Ohio in the mouth, and send those bumbs back to that dump of a city.

  • MonkeyWrench32

    I hate you, Dave Brandon and adidas. Terrible.

    • oldman

      Get off my lawn!

  • Cheechmo


  • Adam

    Maybe I’ll listen to this one on the radio. :)

  • terrible. I’ll be wearing sun glasses.

  • Are the shoes going to at least match the jerseys?

  • I’d much rather be wearing the bleed out unis than those stupid logo jerseys.

    • Guest


  • Panama

    Hope they rocking the black socks!!!!!!!

    • Webbdog

      No Black Socks, Maize socks and its not Bleed out its the Invisibles like kansas rocked https://twitter.com/KU_Hoops/status/295881700888702976/photo/1

    • Mattski

      Better yet, rock some threes. Then you’ll know the unis are working out just fine. Some black socks would look really nice with that, though.

  • eddieben

    I just hope this isn’t like the bowl game fiasco when you couldn’t read the numbers or names on any of the jerseys. I would assume that the names won’t be monochromatic, but who knows.

  • Scott Johnson

    The shoes are horrible!!! OMG are they horrible!!

  • toblav

    There should be a rule against light colored numbers on light colored jerseys and dark numbers on dark jerseys.

  • Mandingo

    Blerg. Well, maybe Brandon can get UM a sponsorship deal with a highlighter manufacturer.

  • Mattski

    Love ’em. Which is strange–cuz I hate all the messing with the football unis. These just seem fun, simple, undeniably Michigan. How could it be hard to tell anyone’s number when it’s outlined in blue? Perfect for whipping OSU’s behinds.

    • Mattski

      Caveat: probably have to see them on, though.

  • Dave Pratt

    Great Jerseys Even better shoes. High school kids love this stuff. It has to be done! Michigan fans whining about clothing is like the sun setting in the west. It happens everyday!

  • ColinNer

    Amazing that people are complaining about not being able to read the numbers… might as well say that I haven’t watched enough Michigan basketball games to tell who is who.

    • rlcBlue

      There seem to be a lot of announcers who can’t tell Hardaway and Robinson apart even with legible numbers and names. Not that Dickie V will let that slow him down: “I don’t know who his daddy was, but he was a PTPer, a force at UTEP or Purdue!! One of the best point guards or forwards to play in some conference in the 80s or 90s, baby!!! And speaking of the 80’s, it is a travesty that Jack Morris is not in the Hall of Fame!”

  • rlcBlue

    And can anyone explain why it’s a good marketing idea to associate your product with a particularly messy way to die? What’s next, Reebok’s “Explosive Diarrhea” gear?

    • Mattski

      Well, I think it’s about bringing the team into the MAIZE OUT, no? This actual reason for the uniform tweaks tends to go uncommented. You probably are being facetious, but the “bleed” thing, I think, refers to really heavily saturated color, no? It’s a design thing; I don’t fully understand. . .

  • Steve2081

    Ugly! Especially the shoes.

  • bigbalger

    I’m a bigger fan than all of you and i approve!!! Yeah i just said that ya bunch of nike loving babies.

  • MakeItStop

    David Brandon you are smarter than this. #embarrassing