Ohio State 56, Michigan 53

Dylan Burkhardt

imageMichigan’s perfect start to the season came crashing down as the Wolverines were ran off the court early in Columbus and could never fully recover. Ohio State opened the game on a 26-6 run and John Beilein’s team was forced to play catch up for the final 30 minutes. While Michigan made a valiant effort and was able to tie the game at 46 in the second half but it wasn’t enough as a 6-0 Ohio State run helped seal a 56-53 victory after a late three from Trey Burke went in and out with 13 seconds to play.

Trey Burke led Michigan with 15 points while Tim Hardaway Jr. added 12. The Wolverines struggled to defend Deshaun Thomas, who scored a game high 20 points.

Post game coverage to follow, here’s your discussion post game thread.

  • ColinNer

    The parallels between this game and last year’s game at Arkansas are undeniable.

    • jemblue

      Yep. And almost exactly a year to the day.

  • mistersuits

    Clear from the outset the whole team was way too amped up, too much emotion. Not likely that they’ll find themselves in that situation again this year. Hope they can rebound and steal a game @ Minnesota.

    • Mith

      I would argue that they’ll experience a similar situation in terms of getting ampted up @Indiana and @MSU.

      • jemblue

        Well, hopefully they will learn not to. I don’t think Burke will at least – he seems to take on the Ohio games as personal challenges.

  • bluewill

    unhappy with the loss of course, but also oddly somewhat heartened. many things didn’t go our way — and that was also Big Ten physical play in its finest (or worst) form (depending on your perspective) – but still came so close on the road. Beilein will make sure we learn from it. here’s to hoping this seasons Michigan for coming road games and the tourneys.

  • Diehl

    OSU is just a bad matchup. Craft lowers Burke’s effectiveness (which is the key to stopping our offense) and we only have GRIII who can defend Thomas. GRIII is still a freshman and not ready to handle Thomas. No big worries. We will beat them at home.

  • Brick93

    Too many isolation 3’s with the game on the line. We had plenty of time to run offensive sets at the end but a few guys wanted too much to be the hero instead of seeing what the defense would give them. Hope they learn fast Minny is better than OSU.

  • Mattski

    If you told me beforehand that we would fight back from a million down and barely lose I would have assumed it would be an exciting game. Instead, I just ended up feeling we should have, could have taken the bull by the horns from about the five minute-to-play mark and did not. Rather deflating, all in all.

    In the last two games teams have found ways to deny Trey Burke’s passing, so that needs to get fixed. And we have to be able to involve the bigs in scoring, especially if Stauskas and Co. will not always be reliable. (They defended Stauskas well.) Thought GRIII was a bit of a bright spot at times; and McGary played hard, if not always super-effectively. . .

    Can’t let ourselves forget that we are still the youngest team in the Big Ten. Played somewhat like it today, can’t against Minnesota. Beilein will draw lots of good lessons from this.

    • gpsimms

      kids played tight all day, and tightened up even more when they tied the game at 46 or 48 or whatever it was. Minnesota looked real tough at IU, played with a lot of heart (sorry for the tired sportswriter lingo). But, Beilein has always done well against Tubby, and we have until Thursday, so hopefully they play their best game of the season in the Barn this week.

  • gpsimms

    Everyone here knows Stauskas is my boy, but he was brutal today. Huge liability on defense. Albrecht played the game of his life, and single handedly got us back in the game. I’m curious why we didn’t play more Albrecht + Burke in the second half, and slide Timmy over to the 3?

    When Spike got it going in the first, they ran that lineup for a bit and I thought it worked well. Spike got worked on D once, but it’s not like Nik wasn’t getting worked whenever he was out there.

    Can someone tell me if it’s just confirmation bias on my part about Timmy’s handle? I thought he was driving recklessly all game, and pretty much got lucky on 3 consecutive eyes-closed-out-of-control-how-did-that-go-in during his little run in the second half. But then I check the box score and he only has the one turnover. I thought OSU really exposed how uncomfortable he is dribbling around people from the top. Anyway, I’m curious if others felt this way, because people have long told me I’m too hard on Timmy’s handle.

    Finally, Trey: you have teammates, and no matter how good everyone says you are, a step back 3, or worse a step back 18 footer, is not our best offense.

    I can’t believe the coaches did not chew him out in TOs for those, it’s like they gave him the green light to try whatever ridiculous crap he wanted. He played selfish ball all night. In his defense, the way Ohio bigs hedge on screens really bothers him, and he seems to be unable to pass around those. Weird thing is, that was a huge problem for him last year, and up til now, it seemed he was doing better with the hard hedge.

  • It’s a toss-up who’s #1. At this point in season it’s irrelevant. My thoughts: Aaron Craft as much as I hate him; is the only guy in NCAA who can stay in front of Trey Burke. You stop Burke and the Michigan offense never gets started and you have a chance to win.
    Stauskas played like a freshman: dumb decisions and zero production. Defensively he’s too slow of foot (based on his race more then anything) and Ohio State abused him.
    Hardaway Jr played the first half shell-shocked and while everyone was looking for a leader; the upperclassman wasn’t the rock he needs to be.
    McGary needs more minutes. Reasons self-explanatory.
    Spike Albrecht actually showed up on the big stage; props to him.
    GR3 is still not able to take over a game. His 1 on 1 ability isn’t there, he lives off trey creating and when trey couldn’t create (see above) he got very little offense.
    Ultimately Ohio State wanted it more, they’ve won 17 of last 20 in Columbus and we haven’t won there since we were all in highschool.
    It’s a long season, I think we’ll still win the conference.
    It’s a tough pill to swallow but getting the loss out of the way now teaches our young team that you can’t just turn it on, you gotta play 40 whole minutes or you will lose. Lose to Indiana, Illinois, MSU, Minnesota, Ohio State, etc

    One game means very little, it’s a long season.

  • gpsimms

    one other interesting thing: About 20 possessions into the game, OSU had about 30 points, was up about 20, and had been running great offense. They were getting easy looks all over the place.

    As soon as they built up that lead though, it was like Matta decided to run clock on every possession. I guess you could argue it was the right strategy, because they won, but their offense really became horrible the rest of the game after that point. Almost looked like Nebraska horrible. Only difference of course is that D. Thomas can bail out bad offensive sets occasionally and Nebraska doesn’t have one of those.

    Anyway, even though they won, I think the 35 second offense strategy on OSU’s part is what let us claw back into the game. I think I woulda been pissed at Matta if I were an OSU fan

    • eddieben

      A lot of that was a result of UM switching to zone

  • umnyc

    Tough tough game, but thought the second half fight back was encouraging. Freshman were certainly exposed, but coach will find a way to turn this into a learning experience. Burke will never play another game in columbus, so i think this will be the last time we see a performance like this from him. Shot selection after we tied game was disappointing. Thought the refs made some questionable calls at key moments which certainly didn’t help our cause. Looking forward to see how team bounces back mentally at Minny on Thursday.

  • Zok

    Burke was not able to penetrate and as a result the wings got no open looks. Ended up with way too many contested 3s. Staukas looked like vogrich out there. Way way too slow on D. Screwed up rotations and got dominated in 1 on 1s. Unless we are running zone he can’t be on the court.
    THjr started shaky but came to play in the second. Only penetration all game. Burke turned into a checker again . Just like Ohio in the tourney. Needs to take a page from THjr and drive. Force some fouls get to the line.

  • MH_20

    Take away three first half turnovers where Michigan literally threw the ball right to an OSU defender and Michigan wins this game. I’m not worried at all. With a great coach, especially one who has Tubby’s number, I think we go into the Barn and take care of business.