Michigan 62, Nebraska 47

Dylan Burkhardt


Michigan 62 Nebraska 47

It might not have been as pretty as Michigan’s first 15 wins but it counted just the same. Michigan beat Nebraska 62-47 to remain undefeated and match its best start in program history at 16-0. Recap » Beilein Presser » Players react »  Photo Gallery » Discuss

  • JDR

    Moral of the story: if you want to challenge Michigan, you have to play slow and make them play defence as long as you can.

    • JDR

      oh – and hope that Michigan can’t hit the broad side of Crisler.

    • MGoTweeter

      Not sure that is true. Nebraska certainly hung around in this game but at not point did I feel like they a shot to win. They trailed by 7-9 the whole second half which equates to a fifteen point lead in a higher possession game.

      Certainly playing slow is one way to go against more talented teams but it also lowers your margin for error. Still think best shot to beat michigan is playing the pack it in D and continually going inside on offense.

      • Champswest

        Which is also what Nebraska did and they did it pretty well. We had trouble getting to the rim and when we did, it was hard to finish. Nebraska clogged the lane, took away drives and challenged shots.

        I was never confident in this game until about 3:00 to go.

        This game will be a good learning experience for M and they will benefit from tonight’s game.

        • MGoTweeter

          Well Nebraska did half of that. They played D the right way but their offense was a joke. To their credit they hit some great jumpers but they had nothing sustainable going on offense. In order to beat michigan I think you need to do both.

      • Mattski

        The other part of packing it in is hoping we’re not hitting from outside, right? We missed a lot of relatively uncontested shots.

        It will be interesting to see how OSU plays us.

  • wes samons

    Gonna have to win some ugly games in the conference and in the tournament, I think it is great practice going forward. Nice to win when we shoot the ball poorly…

  • DingoBlue

    Morgan felt like a non-entity in this game. And I did note that McGary got more time even continuing to play through some fouls. I guess for Morgan Ubel alone was tough, but trying him on Almeida was almost pointless to try anything down low. McGary didn’t fare much better, but he has such a larger radius for rebounds with his arms it seems.