Michigan 95, Iowa 67

Dylan Burkhardt

Dustin Johnston

One emphatic block by Mitch McGary changed everything. The block, and the Michigan run that followed, eliminated 17 minutes of hard work from a visiting Iowa team with dreams of an upset. Iowa’s 7-0 start and valiant effort to control a majority of the the first half would be forgotten in a flash. Michigan would outscore the Hawkeyes 64-38 from that point to waltz to a 95-65 victory.

The Wolverine offense was dynamic and balanced as ten Wolverines would score with four in double figures. Glenn Robinson III (20 points and 10 rebounds) and Trey Burke (19 points and 12 assists) both added double-doubles while Tim Hardaway Jr. (19 points) and Nik Stauskas (13 points) provided plenty of scoring punch. Full post game coverage to follow, here’s your post game thread.

  • greymarch

    I am hoping GR3’s family (since his old-man played in the NBA) doesnt need the cash, because GR3 is as ready as Burke for the NBA.

    • John

      I’m not so sure of that. He could really use another year to work on his handles and quickness with the ball. He will be playing the 3 in pro since he’s too small for the pro 4. By staying another year I think he will be able to improve his handles just like THJ has over the off-season.

      • Kenny

        Agree, he will be a three-year player and he doesn’t seem to be in a rush.

    • JDR

      I haven’t seen GR3 make his own shots yet. In that regard, Stauskas is the best of the freshman. Until GR3 can beat guys off the dribble, I don’t think he’s quite ready. Burke? Forget about it, he scores at will at the college level.

    • Nate the Newt

      While he’s athletic enough for the NBA, his shot is still suspect and he hasn’t shown that he can create his own shot or how good of a handle he has. All his points today were assisted or offensive rebounds. Unless he’s playing with Chris Paul, I’m still not sure if he’s ready for the NBA like Trey Burke and Tim are.

      • DeepBlue83

        Agreed…as others have pointed out, his game still needs a lot of fleshing out. He certainly has NBA potential, but he has to do a lot more than rebound and roam the baseline to be a complete pro player. He would be wise to follow Burke’s lead and give himself at least a second year before he looks seriously at the NBA. There will be a lot more opportunities for him in the offense next year with Burke and Hardaway presumably gone.

        • MGoTweeter

          I think it all depends on his draft grade. I’ve seen him as high as a lottery pick. While he could certainly use some more time to improve his game, if he is going to be a lottery pick, he probably should go.

          • DeepBlue83

            Sorry, but anyone grading him as a lottery pick after the first 14 games is crazy. I don’t buy for a minute that there aren’t 14 more NBA ready players than him in the country. Heck, there are two on our team alone. He may eventually be, but right now, he just isn’t.

          • MGoTweeter

            Without a doubt there are 14 more nba ready players but right now GRIII is being evaluated based off what he will be in a couple years not right now. That is also not the majority opinion on him. I am just saying that if ends up getting that kind of draft grade at the end of the year, it is probably in his best interests to go. Personally I would not draft him that high but I have seen worse picks made in past lotteries

    • Cary Bear

      I think he is also probably gone after this year. I think he is capable of generating his own offense but there really isn’t a reason for him to try to do that when you have burke, thjr, etc. I also think that his shot is fine, in fact, it is better than I had expected it to be.

    • ZRL

      I think GRIII’s situation is different than Tim’s. I read an article during his senior year in high school that talked about his family situation. GRII lives in Atlanta and only went to one of his son’s high school games. Tre isn’t struggling but I don’t think he’s a millionaire either.


      • Kenny

        I was wondering the other day whether GRII has ever attended a Michigan game this year. The camera always caught THSr. whenever he attends a game.

        • a2sk

          Personally I think it is a little rude to speculate on a player’s family situation and how it might affect his decision to enter the draft. Given them some privacy.

  • kainkitizen

    Today’s game shows us that this team is for real and they will not let a 7 point deficit interfer with their season goals and aspirations for the season. This team is extremely skilled, talented, and love to have fun playing basketball the right way. I don’t see this team loosing until we play Indiana in Bloomington.

    • Indiana_Matt

      I think OSU has problems. At the start of the year I thought our first loss would be in Columbus, but not anymore. I think we take care of business there. But I am going to be insanely impressed if we can beat Minnesota at their place. If we can do that, I don’t think winning in Bloomington is out of the question.

  • a2sk

    A very impressive offensive performance! When was the last time two Michigan players had double doubles in a game?

  • Mattski

    Today I started to believe this team could contend for the whole enchilada. You have to have luck on your side, too, but if they are going to play good defense, too, these guys can go far.

  • JDR

    I gotta say, the stat that impresses me more than any other from this game is the SIX turnovers. Playing at that speed, with so many freshmen involved, and to only have six turnovers is just staggering. It all starts with Burke, obviously, but guys like McGary and Levert are reading the game beyond their years too. Stauskas’ only turnover was that blazing pass to Robinson, which should have been a bucket.