Tuesday Links: Contenders, Trey Burke, NBA Fathers, Horford Update, More

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Daniel

    The CDN story is not only highly complimentary of Trey, but does a great job showing what the author is talking about with clips from the game.

    • Agree. Good stuff, always love any newer blog pumping out quality content.

  • Steve2081

    Hopefully Mr Edwards can return the favor with a visit of his own very soon.

    • Visits are tough in season, especially for out of state kids.

  • Mattski

    Does anyone else hang up when they click on stories here? It’s the only site where this happens to my computer; maybe worth mentioning. . .

    I missed Trey Burke’s “mini slump” btw.

    • Shoot me an e-mail with your issue and maybe we can figure out what’s going on. Do you mean clicking to external or internal stories?