Form Tracker: December 13th, 2012


Dustin Johnston

Our weekly feature tracking the performance of Michigan players over the last week’s action.

Trey Burke: 9.5 (Last Week: 9.5)

Michigan’s star point guard continues to lead the offense through both his scoring ability and his passing. Burke had an uncharacteristic three turnovers against Arkansas on Saturday, but given that modus operandi of the Razorback defense is forcing turnovers, that number looks a lot worse than it actually was. He led the Wolverines in scoring against Binghamton on Tuesday with 19 points, and his offensive rating of just under 127 is the second best nationally among players using at lesat 28% of their team’s possessions. Burke is what makes the Michigan offense go.

Glenn Robinson III8 (Last Week: 6.25)

Robinson was at his efficient best against Arkansas. The talented forward led Michigan in scoring with 17 points on just 11 shots and shot 2-of-3 from long range. Robinson just has a way of moving without the ball and finding open areas of the defense, but credit also goes to players like Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Nik Stauskas, who have been finding him. The freshman didn’t have as great a game against Binghamton, but still took nothing off the table: six points on five shots and five rebounds (two offensive)? Michigan will take it.

Jordan Morgan8 (Last Week: 7)

Michigan’s veteran big man has provided a steady post presence throughout the early season, but he gave the Wolverines more than that on Saturday against Arkansas. In 23 minutes, Morgan tallied 12 points and grabbed 10 rebounds for a double-double — and six of those rebounds were offensive boards. But his numbers don’t tell the whole story: Morgan was the only Wolverine who could get it going early against a dangerous Arkansas team. He kept Michigan in it early on with six points and two offensive rebounds in the first four minutes of play.

Nik Stauskas: 7 (Last Week: 9.5)

As Stauskas logs more playing time, his 3-point shooting percentage continues to plummet toward the more humanoid 50-percent range — having put himself in the impossible position of sustaining a 60 percent 3-point shooting clip, he had nowhere to go but down. Besides his otherworldly outside shooting stroke, it’s hard to complain with two double digit scoring performances. One area the Michigan freshman has struggled is converting inside the arc. He was just 2-of-8 on two point attempts last week and is now 6 of his last 20 from inside the arc compared to 13 of 22 from long range in that same period.

Spike Albrecht6.5 (Last Week: 6)

Michigan’s backup point guard has been incredibly consistent in the periods of time he comes in to spell Trey Burke. He usually hits a 3-pointer at some point, dishes out an assist or two, and — most importantly — almost never turns the ball over. After logging an assist and a huge triple against Arkansas, Albrecht came off the bench and provided almost the same stat line except he took one shot fewer and dished out one more assist. He does exactly what John Beilein needs from him, and he does it very well.

Tim Hardaway Jr.: 6 (Last Week: 5.5)

Let’s get a few things clear: yes, Hardaway isn’t hitting 3-pointers right now; yes, he shot nine of them against Binghamton; no, there was no reason for him to shoot any less than he did. Every one of his shots against Binghamton was wide open — it would have been ridiculous for him not to take them. That being said, a renewed focus on taking the ball to the rim seems to be the best medicine for Hardaway when he’s in a slump like this one. Also: nine rebounds, three assists against Arkansas, four rebounds, three assists against Binghamton.

Jon Horford: 6 (Last Week: 3.5)

The more he plays, the better he looks. Horford has emerged as probably Michigan’s best one-on-one post defender after forcing Hunter Mickleson’s own shot down his throat… twice …on the same possession. Horford hasn’t been doing much offensively, though he is a good finisher around the hoop, and needs to rebound better.

Mitch McGary5.5 (Last Week: 5.5)

McGary has stands pat after a ho-hum game against Arkansas (six points, four rebounds). But against Binghamton, he was much more active on the glass, logging 10 rebounds. McGary always plays with energy, but he needs to work on consistently “playing big” in the post and cutting down on turnovers — he had two against Binghamton — and finishing more effectively.

Caris LeVert5 (Last Week: 4)

LeVert proved that with more minutes, he can be a difference-maker on this team. Although he didn’t play much against Arkansas, he had a nifty fast-break assist and didn’t turn the ball over. Against Binghamton, he notched four assists and a basket in 14 minutes and caused plenty of trouble on defense.

Matt Vogrich: 1 (Last Week: 1.5)

Vogrich continues to come off the bench for garbage minutes and not much else as LeVert has replaced him in the rotation.

Max BielfeldtN/A – DNP

Bielfeldt did not play while recovering from a injury.

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  • UM Hoops Fan

    I think the rankings for Stauskas and THJr are both a little low. ThJr had 9 rbs vs Arkansas. He had 14 points on 10 shots too. He’s not shooting it great, but putting his form below Spike’s just doesn’t recognize what THJr does for this team.

    Nik’s ranking is a little low too. He went 6 for 13 from 3 for the week. He got a block in both games, 2-1 A/TO in both, and even his missed twos are right at the rim and open up lanes for putbacks (I can think of two off the top of my head).

    • ColinNer

      I think Joe is spot on with his rating of THJr. He missed a few wide open shots that he normally hits. Come conference play, this team needs THJr to be a 15-17 ppg guy. THJr’s defense, rebounding, and ball handling were still there this past week but when push comes to shove, you win games by scoring (shooting) efficiently.

  • rlcBlue

    “[Burke’s] offensive rating of just under 127 continues to lead all Wolverines not named Nik Stauskas.” or Spike Albrecht. or Caris LeVert.

    Yes, Spike and Caris are only playing 10% of the team’s minutes, so it’s silly to compare them to Burke, but the numbers are the numbers.

    And speaking of playing time, just as soon as McGary can boost his court time by a few more minutes per game, the entire universe of tempo-free stats fans will realize what a monster he can be – if he qualified, his national rankings in Rebounding Percentage would be #2 on the offensive glass and #27 on defense.

  • The UM Hoops podcast is now live on iTunes, if you are interested:

  • CZ Guy

    Looking forward to seeing the Wolverines in person tomorrow night in Brooklyn! Jordan Morgan has really come into his own and is going to dominate in the paint moving forward. Good to see McGary settling down a bit without losing that great energy. With that size and strength, he’s going to wear out alot of the opposition’s bigs. I love it when both of them are on the floor together

  • mikey_mac

    I’m starting to bristle at the thought of calling THJ’s 3-pt shooting a “slump.” The “slump” now covers 2/3 of this season, dating back a full calendar month at this point. Further, he’s a career 33% 3-pt shooter now … I think we need to recalibrate our expectations.
    Fully agree his best bet is his 2-pt game, which has been a joy to watch this year.