Form Tracker: December 6th, 2012


Our weekly feature tracking the performance of Michigan players over the last week’s action. (Photo: Dustin Johnston)

Trey Burke: 9.5 (Last Week: 8.5)

Burke has been nearly unstoppable this past week, as well as nearly mistake-free. In Michigan’s games against Bradley and Western Michigan, the point guard racked up 12 assists to just two turnovers and has raised his assist rate on the season to just over 38%, which is good for 25th in the country. He has also carried the scoring load for the Wolverines, tallying 16 and 20 points against Bradley and Western Michigan, respectively.

Nik Stauskas: 9.5 (Last Week: 8.5)

Nik Stauskas has established himself firmly in the starting rotation and is fast becoming a player you just can’t keep off the court. His offensive numbers continue to climb: the freshman’s offensive efficiency is up to just under 153, where he ranks third nationally; his effective field goal percentage is an absurd 75 percent, good for fifth. What’s crazy is that we’re still learning about new things he can do — against Western Michigan, Stauskas showed off his passing skills, dropping four assists.

Jordan Morgan: 7.5 (Last Week: 6)

The veteran big man has done everything expected of him this past week, averaging nine points and nine rebounds. Morgan notched a double-double against Bradley with 10 points and 10 rebounds in 25 minutes, and against Western Michigan his stat sheet was similarly mirrored with eight points and eight rebounds. Most of Morgan’s points come off of feeds from Tim Hardaway Jr. and Trey Burke, but he is a solid finisher and rarely flubs a pass.

Glenn Robinson III: 6.5 (Last Week: 7.5)

The talented freshman hasn’t quite produced like he did earlier this season, but he continues to grow and find his way in the offense. Robinson’s rebounding has dropped a bit this week — during the first six games of the season, he averaged 7.5 rebounds per game. In the last two games, he’s averaged 4.5. He is still very efficient, with an offensive rating of 126.

Tim Hardaway Jr.: 5.5 (Last Week: 9)

Hardaway has only fallen so much because he has not kept up his alarming rate of production he established during Michigan’s other early-season games. After notching double-figure scoring numbers in each of Michigan’s first six games, he scored only nine points against both Bradley and Western Michigan. He had five turnovers against Bradley and just never seemed to be able to find a groove in either game.

Mitch McGary: 5.5 (Last Week: 8.5)

McGary has been holding steady at about 15 minutes per game, but he always affects the game when he’s on the court — in ways both good and bad. The Chesterton native racked up an alarming four turnovers against Western Michigan when he had serious issues handling the double-team in the post. However, McGary also scored a career-high 10 points against the Broncos and continues to be a solid finisher and a great rebounder.

Caris LeVert: 4 (Last Week: N/A)

Last week, LeVert hadn’t played a college game and was on track for a redshirt. This week, he has entrenched himself in the rotation and it appears he will see consistent minutes backing up the two guard Levert scored his first college points against Western Michigan, a 3-pointer at the top of the key as the shot clock was winding down.

Jon Horford: 3.5 (Last Week: 4)

Horford didn’t see any action against Bradley because of Max Bielfeldt’s homecoming, but against Western Michigan he tallied an impressive five rebounds and one block in just 10 minutes. Though he didn’t score any points, Horford was a game changer on the defensive end and will continue to fight for playing time at the crowded five position.

Max Bielfeldt: 3.5 (Last Week: 1)

It’s only appropriate that Bielfeldt and Horford have the same rating as it appears the two are relatively even in practice, judging by their minutes. While Horford didn’t play against Bradley and played 10 minutes against Western, Bielfeldt played nine against Bradley, scoring two points, and not at all against Western due to an injury. Beilein’s diagnosis was preliminary early this week but it looks as if Bielfeldt should miss at least Saturday’s game.

Matt Vogirch: 1.5 (Last Week: 3)

It’s official: Vogrich has not only lost his starting spot but also, with the burning of Caris Levert’s redshirt, his place in the rotation.

Note: Scores for a preliminary week, in addition to the first post, were added to assist in charting.

  • Don Giles

    I do not understand the rating of Jon Horford. He had an outstanding game against Western Michigan–a factor on both boards.

    • He played a solid 10 minute against WMU on the defensive end but DNP against Bradley – which was the main reason for the knock.

      • Champswest

        But Dylan, he was asked to give up his minutes that game so that Max could play in front of his home state fans. Should he be graded down for that?

      • Champswest

        He was asked to give up his minutes for Max and he did. How can you hold that against him?

      • Mattski

        How is that a knock. I got ten bucks worth of skin in this game now, and I am going to dog you. Twenty if you add last year. :)

  • bluinohio

    Can Matt Vogrich be the new water boy highly disappointed in the
    Senior leadership role he was suppose to provide.

    • umumum

      You actually made a conscious decision that your comment was worth sharing? Oh, and its funny in a 5th grade kinda way, I guess. And, of course, you have no idea what kind of senior leadership Matt is providing.

    • JimmyZ5

      Seems to me he’s being a great leader. Who knows what’s happening behind the scenes, but I see a guy who’s engaged in the action on the bench and cheering on his teammates. He’s ready to step in when needed. There’s only one ball and five spots on the floor, but players can make a huge difference in other ways. I was a scout team/backup guy in high school and if you don’t let your ego take over, you can still be a huge part of a winning team.

  • Lester Abram

    Horford also had a great steal in the post by deflecting a pass intended for the guy he was defending. That deflection led to a Michigan fast break, a score I think.

  • gpsimms

    Has Levert played the 3 yet? He’s taking Eso’s minutes, not Vogrich. Vogrich’s minutes are going away because Stauskas is becoming a 37 minute player.

    • UM Hoops Fan

      There was a point the 2nd half where Trey, THJr, and LeVert were on the floor together. I don’t remember noticing if THJr or LeVert was playing the 3. LeVert went in for THJr, then THJr subbed in for Stauskas. We’ll have to see over the next few games how those minutes will be divvied up.

      • gpsimms

        Right. You are right. I forgot about that…That’s the second time they’ve done that, so I did pay attention and THJr. is at the 3 when Caris is in at the two. So Caris is cutting into Vogrich’s minutes by sliding Timmy over for a few minutes a game.

    • UMQuasi

      He hasn’t played the three. He has mostly been used to replace Hardaway, but there was a time during the WMU game when they were both out there and Hardaway was playing the 3

  • geoffclarke

    Would be interested, once we get more games into the season, to see a line chart with all the players and maybe even a mountain chart with their ratings stacked up.

  • Merlin50

    Disagree with your rating on Hardaway. He did not hit shots but did all the little things against WMU. I think you are too focused on scoring.

  • John

    I disagree with your mcgary rating. He has shown some offensive improvement this past week or so to not warrant such a big drop off. (Yes i know he has had some turnovers, but still…)

  • Mattski

    Just not sure I like the implicit rating of these guys AGAINST each other. Seems a little off to me. And what are the criteria? You guys give us exquisitely nuanced tempo-free stats, but these are something more of a shot in the dark. Happy to be outvoted, though.