Michigan 74, Bradley 66

Dylan Burkhardt
Michigan at Bradley

Michigan 74, Bradley 66

It wasn’t easy but eventually Michigan pulled away from Bradley in front of 11,019 fans at the Carver Arena in Peoria, Illinois. Bradley gave the Wolverines a test in their first true road game but Michigan’s talent persevered and held on down the stretch for a 74-66 win. Nik Stauskas led the Wolverines with a career high 22 points in his first career start but he was joined in double figures by three other Wolverine starters. Recap » Beilein Presser » Players react »  Photo Gallery » Highlights » Discuss

  • Devin

    I enjoyed Bruce Pearl in our first 2 NIT games, but he showed his true colors today. It was SOOO obvious he was rooting for Bradley. Um, I’m sorry but grabbing a player by his shorts so he can’t have a free drunk is not ‘a play on the ball.’

    • Mattski

      I didn’t get that impression at all. He’d been hyping us for several games and was looking for ways to praise Bradley. Got it wrong on the intentional, but so be it. He can’t just sit there and sing about Michigan for two hours.

  • Devin

    As for the refs in the final 5 minutes of the game, all I can do is roll my eyes. I love how easily they changed their calls when they heard a few moans from the crowd. These refs need to learn what an intentional foul is.

  • DingoBlue

    Much tougher road win than I was hoping for. I was really struck at the difference in foul calling (both ways) in this game. Things that would have been easy no-calls in B1G games getting called quickly and late foul calls.

    That said, still a good game. If we have a 1-2-3 of Trey, Nik, and Tim out there, I don’t know if any defense could stop all three simultaneously. That said, our D needs to step up if we want to make a push in conference play.

    • DingoBlue

      Oh, also should point out congrats to J-Mo for a quiet, solid double-double.

      • Lynette Gascoigne

        His second half was great! Terrific screens and some solid basketball (other than the TO).

      • Mr_Sledge

        J-Mo’s double double was nice, but he is missing WAY too many easy finishes around the rim. He was starting to convert these types of shots earlier this season so I’m hoping today was an anomaly.

  • mistersuits

    I’m guessing that Caris LeVert coming into this game had something to do with Akunne’s performance vs NC State and Michigan needing someone to spell Hardaway other than Spike.

    • Champswest

      I was quite surprised that they decided to burn his redshirt at this point, after not playing him in the first six games. They were already having trouble getting playing time for everyone, and now they just added another one to the mix. Oh well, it will be fun to see what he can do. He must have been impressing the coaches in practice.

      • If he can help out so be it. If all the hype around the way he was playing in the summer is true, we made need him throughout the season.

    • Tony

      Im content with him replacing Vogrich and Akunne.

  • Drae

    Lil concerned about how Michigan is closing out games… hopefully they’ll get that killer instinct as ths season goes on… should of been another blow out… the officals didn’t help out much either lot of bad calls

  • Dan

    can we please talk about how insane Stauskas is? i know it’s just 7 games in, but 14.3 ppg as a freshman on a team with Burke, Hardaway, and Robinson, with 57% FG, 95.6% FT, and 62% 3P is absurd

    • Mr_Sledge

      I still wonder if Stauskas coming off the bench still isn’t the better way to go. I just don’t want him to burn out and to my recollection, I don’t think he did much in the first 5 minutes anyway (which is usually how long Vogrich plays before getting pulled).

  • Gee

    The Canadian Mamba does it again… Amazing.