Michigan 79, NC State 72

Dylan Burkhardt
Michigan 79, NC State 72 - #13

Michigan 79, NC State 72

Michigan stayed undefeated on Tuesday night with a 79-72 victory over 18th ranked NC State led by Nik Stauskas with 20 points and Trey Burke with 18 point sand 11 assists. Recap » Beilein Presser » Players react »  Photo Gallery » Highlights » Discuss

  • Good win we played good not great and still came away pretty comfortably against a good, athletic team. Need to be more consistent boxing out and playing quickly on offense.

  • Joel_C

    This picture of Stauskas on ESPN’s college basketball homepage right now cracks me up – he looks like he just found the holy grail

  • mith

    I think the defense continues to be a work in progress. Seemed like NCSt got a lot of easy hoops around the basket.

  • Kenny Black

    Can’t believe Trey hadn’t topped 9 assists before tonight; nice win

  • Kenny

    solid game except the last 7-8 minutes. NC State has some very good players. McGary made a big difference in defending their bigs, we would’ve lost the game last year.

  • CDeSana

    A good win but proof positive that Burke needs to understand he does not have to do more than the defense gives him. They are a better team when he gives the ball up than when he dribbles the air out of the ball and takes poor shots late in the shot clock.

  • MGoTweeter

    Michigan got a little too passive when ncst started pressuring late an it nearly cost them. Fortunately they were lights out on offense for the first 33 minutes. Defense is still a work in progress. GRiII got exposed against Leslie but that will happen to a lot of guys. Burke really stepped up tonight. Best game if the season for him.

    • robpollard

      For sure about Leslie/GRIII. UM is much more athletic this year, but we don’t have anyone remotely like Leslie in terms of hops. My goodness. He bounded through the lane a couple of times and made our guys look like they had weights in their shoes.

      Very good game by Burke, overall, though. Finally consistently showed his NBA-level quickness. I, for one, hope he is gone after this year – that would mean he had a great year, because at his size, he’ll have to show a lot of things (speed, handle, decision-making, defense) in order to be a first-round pick.

  • Guest

    THjr is 3 for his last 29 from 3… what’s up with that. And why is he shppting 7+ 3’s the last two games? 7+ 3’s should only happen when you are feeling it.

    THjr def needs to limit his 3s, esp when you consider how effective he has been slashing and from inside the arc. Take it to the hole or swing it to the next man.

    • He took 2 or 3 where he just threw the ball up late in the shot clock today.

    • DoubES

      I think you mean 3 from his last 19. Still not a great percentage though.

    • AADave

      As Dylan points out, several of his 3’s were last second shots where they dumped the ball to him and he had to jack up a prayer. Not his fault at all. But he probably shot a few more 3’s than he should have. Overall, I think he had a very solid game, mixing up his 3’s with solid drives to the basket or pull up 2’s. Take away the prayer 3’s and he shot about 50% today. I think this is the first game where he got a little trigger happy with the 3. Nevertheless, he had a very good game and showed that his improvement is for real – against a top 20 team.

  • Guest

    Overall O is looking good though. Good ball movement in general and the frosh seem to have fit in nicely. Staukas is fearless with the trigger and Burke do well to keep everyone involved. Hopefully this is the first of several double doubles.

    Just need to crash the glass a little more, but the team has been good at that everygame outside of this one. NC State has some very athletic bigs too.

  • Mattski

    Someone over on mgoblog called Stauskas “Canadian Bacon.” Canadian Shakin’ AND Bakin’ on that great first drive; I am looking forward to staring at the video of that one.

  • AG

    Can we start booking our tickets to Auburn Hills in March yet?

  • Hops

    Akunne should never, ever be in during a non-blowout. And Staukas should be starting.

    • MGoTweeter

      Who cares if he starts? He is playing a ton of minutes and its kind of nice having him as a scoring punch of he bench. Michigan can let trey and Timmy get the early shots then bring in the Canadian bacon

    • mistersuits

      Akunne coming in is the coach’s fault. He was spelling Hardaway and those minutes should have gone to Spike.

      But for the starting line-up, I’ve been a big defender of Vogrich but after last night he was a clear liability against talent. My suggestion on an elite starting line-up would be to start McGary instead of Vogrich (play two bigs) and then just have him be the first guy you sub out for Stauskas and when that happens GR3 slides over to the four. McGary always has such incredible energy and Vogrich was sleepwalking last night. This way coach can still have his sharp-shooter coming off the bench but not have a talent gap to start.

  • A2JD

    F-in’ Nikki Buckets, doing his thing.

  • MGoTweeter

    Jay Williams dropping a ton of love for michigan on sports center. “National title contender and trey Burke a top ten draft pick”

    • gobluemd16

      Can’t be saying this out loud Jay! We gotta stay under the radar and not build the hype too much on Trey, THJr. and GRIII!