Michigan 67, Pittsburgh 62

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 67, Pittsburgh 62

No. 4 ranked Michigan took Pittsburgh’s best punch but eventually weathered the storm and held on for a hard fought victory. The Wolverines will play Kansas State on Friday at 4:30 (ESPN) for the 2012 NIT Season Tip Off Championship. Game recap » Five Key Plays » Beilein presser » Burke, Stauskas, Hardaway react » Transcript » Highlights » Discuss

  • AngerFan

    I REALLY can’t stand when announcers claim completely false things on live tv.

    He was saying that Morgan threw an elbow? ARE YOU KIDING ME?? Morgan got drug to the ground with a wrestling moving. And the announcer has the gal to claim an elbow was throw? I hate that, make sure you see the play before you talk crap.

    • SameAngeryFan

      And that was clearly a shot clock violation in the first half (despite espn’s crew’s attempt to make it look like it was out of his hands). My dvr doesn’t lie, clearly still in his hands.

      Can’t they go back and look at a play like that during a tv time out?

      • MGoTweeter

        no reason to be angry with the refs. They were terrible tonight but they were clearly terrible both ways. It was a shot clock violation and Michigan got called for a bunch of early second half fouls that were phantom, but Pitt also got called for two fouls at the end of the game that were phantom. At least it went both ways.

        As far as the announcer said, I think he said that they were reviewing whether or not Morgan threw an elbow, not that he actually threw one. In reality they were reviewing the clock and not that particular part of the play. Dakich just said that Morgan got tangled with the Pitt player and took him to the ground. Which did not seem to be the case, but the replay only showed partially what happened.

    • mith

      You should calm down, the announcers never said Morgan threw an elbow, just that the refs might be looking to see if one was thrown.

  • Ben

    Ugly win. Hopefully will be a great game to learn from….Burke!!! Play within the team…..quit forcing…..let the game come to you. Forget about the NBA till after the season. He frustrated the @#@^#^ outta me tonight. We have players…use em.

    • john

      There were a couple of times that Burke forced shots but PG’s taking late 3’s is part of Beleins offense.Saying hes worried about the NBA is pretty unfair criticism.

      • MGoTweeter

        doesnt really matter the reasons behind the shots. Burke took two late clock threes from near thirty feet with still 4 or 5 seconds on the shot clock. That is terrible. A guy as quick as he is, can get in the lane and create something better for himself or a teammate in that time.

        • john

          true but by driving the lane late in the shot clock hes putting himself in a bad situation on defense and at the end of game making sure you use the whole shot clock was a priority and its not like the shots were taken with 20 seconds on the shot clock or the beginning of the game

    • Dan

      I agree. Burke had one of his poorer games. He made multiple bad decisions and several were late the in the game. 30 foot 3 pointers and fouling at the end. Just terrible.

      As you said, we have a nice supporting cast now. Use them.

  • It’s obvious to me that Stauskas is already one of our five best players. Kid can play some ball and needs to be on the floor. A lot.

    • mith

      It’s going to be a pleasure to watch this guy play for the next 4 years. I think a lot of us(myself included) expected him to be merely a sharpshooter. It’s obvious now that he can do much more than shoot the three.

  • DingoBlue

    This was a great win for the team. They needed some tough end-game situations. Beilein was right in that it seems we would do something great then do something horrible right after for a while there.

    Stauskas and GRIII, me likey. Also, anyone else notice Stauskas started the second half? (wasn’t paying attention to the open thread)

  • impressed with the FT shooting at the end of the game. could have been ugly but instead it was solid and sealed the win.

  • Evan

    Did i see Michigan out rebound Pitt and go 3-17 from 3 point range and still win

  • FL Wolve

    It’s becoming obvious to me that Burke, Hardaway, and the three freshman are the best 5 that we can throw out there. It’s only a matter of time until Stauskas replaces Vogrich in the starting lineup. McGary might take a little more time because he’s a little rough around the edges and Morgan is actually playing some good basketball. McGary just has so much more upside.

  • James

    Michigan just thoroughly outrebounded a team that was #4 nationally in offensive rebounding last year, and rebounding 46% of their misses so far this year.

    If this team rebounds like that all year, look out.

  • BraveWolverine730

    Good Win tonight. Pitt’s a Big Ten style team and so to get a sign that we could handle a team like that is huge as we look towards defending our Big Ten Title. To the people calling for MOAR Stauskas, I don’t really see the point. Vogrich may have started but Nik played 33 minutes to Matt’s 8.

    • John

      Agreed. I like Stauskas off the bench. It allows Hardaway, burke and robinson to be able to get into a rhythm in the first few minutes and then we bring in stauskas as the spark of the bench. I like him playing roughly 33 minutes (which is what he did) but coming off the bench. He is definitely one of the 5 on court at the end of a tight game though, which is what is actually important.

  • geoffclarke

    Good win against a quality opponent. I’ll take it. We missed a lot of threes, but played tough. Hardaway taking it hard all the way to the rim a couple times and Big Puppy with some cool under pressure jumpers. That blocked shot shot he had early in the game was impressive. Obviously we shortened the bench a little against a better opponent and I foresee a fairly comfortable win against KSU.

  • gobluemd16

    I agree with a lot of the sentiments below. After reading the open thread and other comments, people need to be a little less harsh on the team, and Burke in particular. He clearly didn’t play his best game and definitely overdribbled, but most other Michigan teams would be doomed if they shot 3/17 from three. As others have said, we outrebounded a really quality rebounding team, were playing our first real opponent of the year after a week lay-off, and still won the game by 5. Beating a good Big East team on a neutral court is a good accomplishment four games into the season. Hopefully we will play a little better against KSU, but it can’t be understated how huge it was to win this game.

  • Kenny

    Not a pretty win but as many already commented, this gives us a lot of confidence looking forward. If we can survive 3-17 three point shooting and out rebound a big and athletic Pitt team by 32-19, this team is at a different level from other Beilein teams.

  • Jexrox

    Where can we get the we on shirts that the team wore??