Austin Hatch conditionally released to begin practicing

Dylan Burkhardt

Austin Hatch at practice
Photo: Greg Jones

Per a spokesman for the Hatch family, 2014 Michigan commitment Austin Hatch has been cleared to begin practicing with his high school team.

Austin Hatch has been conditionally released by his medical team to begin practicing with the Canterbury High School basketball program. The first official practice is today, however, Austin is limited to the types of drills he can participate in at this time. Although everyone is encouraged by the progress he continues to make, Austin and his family ask that you do not approach him for interviews at this time.

It hasn’t been determined whether Hatch will play for the team this season, but the progress that he’s made continues to be significant.

Hatch was involved in a plane crash in June of 2011 that took the lives of his father and step mother and left him in a medically induced coma. The one time class of 2013 recruit was granted an additional year of eligibility by the IHSAA and is now a member of the class of 2014.

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  • Steve2081


  • geoffclarke

    That’s great news. Prayers and thoughs still with Austin. Hopefully basketball can be a refuge.

  • gpsimms

    This is great news. Hopefully the kid can have some fun and have a great senior year of high school.

    • bobber615

      is not Austin Hatch a junior this year since he was granted an additional year of eligibility?

      • SA

        Per a report from Dylan on Sept. 5:

        WANE-TV is reporting that Michigan commitment Austin Hatch
        has been granted an additional year of eligibility by the IHSAA and
        will reclassify to the class of 2014. Hatch is a survivor of two plane
        crashes, the most recent in June of 2011 which took the life of his
        father and step mother and left him in a medically induced coma for a
        significant amount of time. Here’s an excerpt of WANE-TV’s report:

        Hatch informed WANE-TV that the IHSAA has granted him
        another year of eligibility per a letter written by Canterbury athletic
        director Ken Harkenrider to IHSAA commissioner Bobby Cox. Hatch was
        originally scheduled to play his senior season of basketball this fall
        after missing all of last season recovering. However, the IHSAA’s ruling
        allows Hatch eligibility for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons. In
        Austin’s words, it allows him to count 2011-12 as a “redshirt year.” It
        is an unprecedented ruling in terms of the IHSAA.

        Instead of signing with Michigan this November Hatch now has an extra
        year and will sign with U of M in November of 2013. Hatch says Michigan
        coach John Beilein and the program has said they will honor his
        scholarship any year and continue to support Austin.

      • gpsimms

        right yes, oops.

  • jblair52

    WooHoo! Hope he enjoys it and works on that three ball!

  • So glad to hear, I hope nothing but the best for him.

  • gobluemd16

    Amazing news, glad to hear that he is doing so well.