Exhibition Game 1: Northern Michigan at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

The journey starts tonight for the 2012-13 Michigan Wolverines. Michigan tips off exhibition play without its All-American point guard Trey Burke (suspension) but tonight’s game will provide an early glimpse of the highly touted freshman class.

Tip off is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on BTN.com or streaming (fee) information here. Join in the discussion before, during and after the game in the comments section below.

Pre-Game Reading:

  • I’ve been waiting for so long, can’t wait for the game to start! I wish Trey was playing though :/

  • Danguilm

    Satellite radio?

  • Josh Bartelstein is your team captain. The other captain spot will rotate on a game-by-game basis.

    • Mattski


  • Jon Pence

    Live tempo-based stats for the game here: http://www.scacchoops.com/ViewHDGame.asp?hSchedule=14725

  • gpsimms

    woo! super pumped

  • NMU is sponsored by Jordan… who knew

  • Matt Vogrich is the fifth starter along with Albrecht, Hardaway, Robinson and Morgan.

  • Mitchigan

    Congrats to Josh Bartelstein! Wonderful role model all of these years and now deserving Team Captain!!! Way to follow In your former roommates footsteps.

  • DB

    I anyone else getting the Doug Morone show instead of the radio broadcast?

    • Kevin in GR

      I was

  • Starters: Albrecht, Vogrich, Hardaway, GRIII, Morgan

  • DingoBlue

    Go Spike!

  • Well, Spike Albrecht came to play.

  • gpsimms

    what up 9 points in 3 possessions?

  • Mattski

    Spike a little intimidated in the early going, which is natural for his first time in an M uni. WTF!

    • Guest

      What are you talking about? He’s playing well

    • Guest

      What are you talking about? He’s playing well so far

  • gpsimms

    stupid vogrich killing our offensive efficiency. 3 points per possession until vogrich passes up the WIDE OPEN pull up three on the breakaway

  • 17-0 four minutes in. Guess they were really ready to play huh?

  • bsand2053
    • jrems

      Thank you, friend.

  • davis104

    Effective FG% 114.3…clearly, we can project this throughout the rest of the year

  • McGary and Stauskas coming in for Morgan and Vogrich.

  • TW

    anyone know of an online audio for this? would like to at least listen to it.

  • Mattski

    Wow, how fun is this!

  • q-sac

    old habits die hard… i don’t foresee a huge drop in number of 3 pt attempts based on a tiny sample size but still. don’t mind it though – we got some shooters so let’em fire away

  • JLeo


    for live radio access. all the freshman sound good.

  • jrems

    McGary is looking… STRONG!

  • Mattski

    Stauskus showing he can put it on the floor. McGairy looking special.

  • Jalen Rose

    Few thoughts:
    Stauskas can play.
    THJ looks better, smarter, and a more effective ballhandler.
    Albrecht does not look like a B1G PG. He looks short and slow. Would love to see more of Levert at point.

    • skitchbeatz

      are you really Jalen Rose??

      • Mattski

        No. Jalen would never make that observation about Albrecht.

    • Jay Z

      Are you serious? Spike killed. The offense flowed through him almost the entire game, and the offense was clipping at an extremely high rate. Would you rather have had Eso in there?

  • Michigan 1.22 PPP, NMU .72 PPP

    Michigan .5 eFG%, .45% OR Rate, 13% TO Rate, 43% FTA/FGA

    NMU 36% eFG, 20% OR, 13% TO Rate, 0% FTA/FGA

  • SameRiver

    -McGary looks like he’ll be a great offensive rebounder right away
    -GRIII seems like a good passer, and we’ll be able to match up with anyone’s frontcourt – athletically speaking – with him at the 3, McGary at the 4 and Morgan/Horford at the 5.

  • gpsimms

    1.) McGary looked a bit out of place early, but then turned it on. Those orebounds and the and-1 were very exciting.

    2.) Stauskus is as advertised on offense. He is very versatile…

    3.) And so is Caris! He looked very slick with the ball.

    4.) Great to see GRIII making a few 3s. Would have loved to see a dunk on his and one though.

    5.) Offense was very sluggish during the McClimans minutes. Actually, come to think of it, he had a few rough defensive posessions too.

    6.) I hate Timmy at the 2. He still looks awkward dribbling. I wonder how long they play with that for. Interesting that they did it with both Vogrich and Stauskus on the floor, as coming into the season I really felt like they would get more time at the 2.

  • Three freshmen lead in scoring at the half (Robinson 9, Stauskas 9, Albrecht 8). Michigan rebounding over 40% of its misses and getting to the free throw line (all freshmen). We didn’t see much of any two post in the first half (Robinson, Bielfeldt and McLimans played at the four). Hardaway played predominantly the two… but is doing a great job on the defensive glass. Will be interesting to see if Beilein does more tinkering in the second.

  • JLeo

    Spike is a freakin beast tonight. Sounds like we will have a more than adequate point guard behind trey.

  • Alex

    Following using the comments. Sounds like it is going well.

    Keep up the intensity Blue.

  • q-sac

    this student color guy with the “beileins” is killing me. it’s coach beilein, kid.

  • Michigan is in cruise control, up 60-26… It’s just Northern, but Michigan is playing a fun brand of basketball.

  • SameRiver

    By the tournament, we’ll be starting Burke-Stauskas-Hardaway-Robinson-McGary with Morgan, Horford, Vogrich and Albrecht filling out the rotation.

    • q-sac

      agree with everything you said except i’m not sure about mcgary over morgan.

      • SameRiver

        Me either. Morgan has outpaced expectations repeatedly, and could do so again. Just seems like McGary is a bit of a monster offensively, with his crashing the boards, P+R play and running the floor.

  • DingoBlue

    Michigan’s three leading point scorers are all freshmen. Granted, they’re getting more time than the others in some cases, but still good to see.

  • SameRiver

    Stauskas really looks great on offense. Shooting, passing and driving when it’s open. Feet might be a bit slow on D, but if Hardaway and GRIII are guarding the main wing scorers, we should be able to live with him out there.

  • Mattski

    My ten dollar feed is miserable, but it looked like Stauskas pulled that three out of his left hip pocket. Meanwhile, Morgan is magnificent.

    • DingoBlue

      Suffice it to say, Nik’s shot was impressive. I so want to believe this is not just Northern Michigan.

    • Kenny

      my stream last year was horrible, but this time a lot better.

  • Tyler Carter

    Top three scorers in the game were freshman. #dynasty

  • I wonder what all the people downgrading Spike at signing will be saying now. He looks like just what the doctor ordered as a backup to Trey.

  • Kenny

    many good things to say about the freshmen, but spike is the one that tops my expectation by the most.

  • kainkitizen

    By the looks of the game stats, It will be a fun exciting season to talk about. I see Nik winning a close game as game time expires with his 3pt shooting for us. Way to go guys. fantastic exhibition game win. is this a confidence booster for the guys?