Q&A: Luke Kennard calls U-M facilities “unbelievable” after return trip to Ann Arbor


061512[1]Luke Kennard, a 6-foot-5 guard out of Franklin, Ohio remains a Wolverine priority in the class of 2015. Kennard has visited Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio State this fall and made another trip up to Michigan for the Illinois football game last Saturday. Michigan coaches continue to focus on Kennard and have made the trip down to Southern Ohio to attend one of his football games this fall. We caught up with Kennard to discuss his recent visit, football season and what’s next in his recruitment.

What did you do during the visit?

Well first when we got there we went through and we watched a practice for about two hours. After that we all went outside and we had a tailgate before the game. Then we went in and got our tickets, went to the game and got to go on the field. We just watched the game for a little bit, then we went back to the Player Development Center and watched a little bit more of the game. Then we left. So, it was a good visit. It was fun.

What did you think of the game day atmosphere?

Oh, it was awesome. It was awesome. Loud… really loud.

Did you get to hang out with some Michigan players?

Yeah. Actually, before we went to get tickets and go to the game, I went with Tim (Hardaway Jr.) into the locker room and everybody was playing video games and just hanging out and stuff. That was pretty cool.

What do you think of that group?

They’re all great. They’re nice to each other. It’s like a family in there and that’s what I like to see. All good teams have it.

Did you get to talk to the coaches?

Yeah, we talked to them quite a bit, during the tailgate and stuff. Coach Meyer sat with us at our table and just talked about me playing football and school, and basketball and everything.

Did you talk to coach Beilein?

Yeah, he came over and talked to us. Pretty much about the same kind of stuff.

How would you say the visit went overall?

I thought it went great. It was to be back up there, I love going up there. It’s always a good time, just talking to the coaches and the players and seeing how everything’s going. And all the facilities they have, it’s just unbelievable. It was a great time.

What other visits have you taken recently?

I’ve been to Indiana, that was pretty nice, and I’ve been to Kentucky. I went to Ohio State two weekends ago.

How was the Ohio State visit?

It was good. We watched a practice, like we did at Michigan, then we went in and tailgated and watched the game. It was a good visit.

What was impressive about Kentucky?

Definitely the coaches, they’re great. They’re great guys. We actually saw the new Wildcat Lodge, which was pretty nice (laughs). Where the team stays and stuff. It was really nice.

How did Michigan’s visit compare with the other visits you’ve taken?

I’d say it was just as good, if not better. The facilities I’ve seen at other places, Michigan is right at the top of them and maybe even possibly better. So, I’d say it’s been just as good as the other ones.

Do you have any other visits lined up for the fall?

We’re going to try to get up to Michigan State and then Indiana again, I think pretty soon. Those are the only two so far.

How’s your football season going?

It’s going well. We’re 7-1 right now with a big Game tomorrow. If we win that, we win the league.

How do you balance basketball with football? Do you spend any time on basketball during the football season?

Oh yeah. I get in the gym at least  three to four times per week if I can. Our basketball sets up open gym for guys who play football. If you play football you’re not allowed to really do anything officially for basketball, so I go in during open gym and play and work out and stuff. I get in there quite a bit.

Have Michigan coaches been there to see your open gyms?

No, not yet. They’ve been up to watch me work out. Not really open gyms, though.

Did they say they’d be down there at some point this fall?

Yeah, they said they would definitely come by and try to see me some more. They actually came to one of my football games, too. A few weeks back. It was pretty sweet.

What are you working on to prepare for the high school basketball season?

I’ve been working on a lot of ball handling and shooting and getting up and down the floor, but mostly I’ve been working on ball handling a lot. And definitely getting stronger. I’ve been in the weight room three to four times a week.

After the visit, what do you like about Michigan?

Naturally, the coaches. They are great to me and they keep in touch with me. I like that a lot about them. Definitely the facilities, too. They have great great facilities, really top-notch stuff. It’s great to see everything there.

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  • DingoBlue

    luken arddleen number 1 want for the 2015 recruiting class

    • DingoBlue

      speech to text fail. Luke Kennard

  • Ken

    it’s a big deal for our facilities to be top notch. was always the one thing that held back competing for recruits with the big boys

  • Steve2081

    Really hope Luke decides to Go Blue.

  • Made some design tweaks as you can probably see. Might be some issues along the way, report back if you see anything here or in e-mail.

    • Hov

      Fresh new layout, Dy-lahn.

      • Steve2081

        Yeah I like the white background.

    • DingoBlue

      So far I like the cleaner look as well.

      Side note, by my count we have 11 days until the first (exhibition) game and have only gotten through 3 player previews :). Can’t wait for basketball season to get underway!

  • Also, add 2015 PG AJ Harris to the visitor list this weekend.

  • Bensant

    I’ll probably get hammered for this, but based strictly on his video on here, I’m not that impressed. His shot seems to be kinda herky-jerky. Seems to shoot from the chest and didn’t appear to hit a high percentage (likewise with his free throws). Compared to a few of our other guard targets, he would be lower on my list.

  • Jack

    This kid can play. I watched him play Ann Arbor huron at the Michigan team camp this summer and him and Yontae Jackson were going at it. As I recall he scored 38 and Yontae Jackson scored 29. Ultimately the 6-6 Kennard (Small Forward) proved to be to big and too much to handle for the 6-2 Jackson (Shooting guard). Along with scoring 38 points, Kennard dished out over 8 assist. He has unlimited potential and I’d enjoy seeing him in a maize and blue jersey