Notebook: Michigan watches Zimmerman, other notes

Dylan Burkhardt

imageWe talked with class of 2015 five star big man Stephen Zimmerman about his recruitment last week. This week, Michigan assistant coach LaVall Jordan made the trip west to watch Zimmerman workout.

Zimmerman was recently named the co-MVP of the Fullcourt Press Freshman-Sophomore Camp. He was also tabbed a stand out by ESPN:

The left-handed Zimmerman is extremely skilled and his IQ for the game is impressive. He can nail 3s, jump hooks and his passing is at a high-level. He needs strength, but his upside is off the charts.

Zimmerman has a laundry list of early suitors, and offers, but the Wolverines continue to make a dent in his recruitment. The big man, now healthy, looks poised from a strong summer.

Scouting Evan Boudreaux

As we reported earlier this morning, Evan Boudreaux is planning to visit Michigan for the Illinois game. Boudreaux is a new name on Michigan’s ever growing class of 2015 recruiting radar and the folks at Illinois Prep Bullseye have already had a long look at the talented youngster. Here’s an in-depth summer scouting report from the folks at Prep Bullseye:

Boudreaux has tremendous offensive versatility for a young big man.  He is a consistent scorer in the post, as he has good hands and does a good job of establishing post position and utilizing his strength.  But that is not all–Boudreaux has also shown that he is capable of facing up and knocking down shots out to 3-point land and that he can put the ball on the floor.  Although Boudreaux did not shoot the ball particularly well in the game we watched at Best Buy, he has good form and rotation and does not take bad shots.

Additional recruiting and preseason notes, links and tidbits after the jump. 

  • Steve2081

    We really need to start doing a Midnight Madness of our own.

    • We had one three years ago… then had our most disappointing season in a long time. Attendance was also mediocre at best and I just don’t know that Michigan can draw for an event like that.

      • Steve2081

        Well hopefully after we win the national title this year our fan base will be more willing to come out and support the team. :)

        I think our fanbase is still in the process of waking up even now. They definitely weren’t ready for it 3 years ago but they may be by next October.

      • gpsimms

        Obviously that’s not the reason we performed poorly three years ago. I think the main thing is Beilein just doesn’t like them. Personally, it is fine by me. I don’t remember exact quotes or anything, but Beilein has said after that experience that he’d rather use the hours for a real practice. (Of course you know this, I am just adding for others to see).

  • Steve2081

    As for Bradley. I’ve already seen Michigan lose there once. But I think we’ll be fine this time around since we have PG who can dribble with both hands. I don’t see it happening again.

  • gpsimms

    That’s definitely the first opinion I’ve ever seen that Beilein’s in game coaching ability is holding his monster recruits back. Weird.

    • Steve2081

      Kind of weird since we really haven’t had a monster recruit play for us yet and have had 2 freshmen completely blow their high school rankings out of the water.

      • gpsimms

        Well, I mean, the fact that nearly every Beilein recruit at UM blows up late/overachieves relative to expectations means he is an an excellent recruiter/talen evaluator.

        It’s just really funny because conventional wisdom when we hired Beilein was that he was one of the top X&O coaching minds in the country, but unproven as a recruiter.

    • DoubES

      The author has actually retracted that statement, so he must have realized he was making a strange claim.

  • geoffclarke

    Like this quote from Beilein about Burke’s desire to improve: “But for a freshman who had such a good year, you’d think right now that he’s fighting for playing time.” Note to players who ARE fighting for playing time: if you’re not working as hard as Burke, then maybe you might not get the time.