Wednesday Bullets: Beilein checks in on Bates-Diop, off-season updates, Cameron off the board

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • jblair52

    Beilein’s been going head-to-head with some big boys lately. Bates-Diop and Towns both are going to have nearly every big name program at their backdoor.

    As for 2013 rankings – why would Marquette be ranked ahead of us? Our #1 and #2 are ranked higher than their #1. Both have 3 guys in the class.

    • sodag

      i agree that makes no sense to me about marquette. regardless, great class for michigan. probably will be top 10-15 when all is said and done (teams like kentucky are yet to fill their classes).

  • DoubES

    I was wondering how we were going to accommodate the 3 or 4 capable bigs we have with the typical one post player lineup, so I love the quotes from Beilein in the MLive article about tweaking the offense to use two. Beilein is for sure the type of coach that is capable of doing this kind of adapting. Should be an exciting season.

    • sane1

      What this tells me is that Beilein likes what he’s seen/heard on McGary so far. I also have a feeling that Bielfeldt works himself into the mix.

      • geoffclarke

        Agree. We’ll go 9-deep rather then the 7 or so the past couple years. And if we don’t go that deep, it just means the players at the top prove they can stay on the court more.

  • Quick Darshan

    Two post offense. Me like

  • Steve2081

    I’ve been saying the two post offense thing since Bielfeldt mentioned it in a local paper back in March or February and people kept telling me it would NEVER happen.

  • Northern Blue

    I would love to see a two post offence. I think Morgan and Mcgary would both statistically benefit from being the lone post, but its all about the team not individual stats. For once we might have to go small to match other teams rather than being undersized. a lineup of burke hardaway robinson mcgary and morgan is a nice and big line up. This team is certainly going to be a lot different than last years. If defence and rebounding is pounded into these guys heads, this team could be dominant.

  • Steve2081

    I assume we still have interest in Miroslav Jaksic? A video from Prep Hoops TV was just posted on Twitter.

  • p-nickel

    With Cameron off the board are we done for 2013?